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This will be a very dull addition to the CB family because I haven’t watched anything for a week. Like, I tried to watch something, ended up disliking it. Luckily I did read a bit which felt good and that’s the most important thing! Oh and, I’m going to ignore work-talk this week, because it’s stressful enough with my new task that I already want to hide under a rock and cry. It’s really hard to enjoy something if you haven’t been given the right resources to do your work properly. Anyway, no work stuff!


Last week was busy, this week is less busy but still quite packed but that doesn’t mean I won’t squeeze in some me/us time with my flatmate. In other words, we’re both going to get our ears pierced, she’s getting her tattoo retouched and I’m getting a new, very tiny, tattoo. It feels weird to say that me/us-time is equal to pain because both of these things are going to hurt (the tattoo for me not so much I reckon), but that’s just how it is these days.

My scar is healing well. It doesn’t look nice, probably, but to me it looks alright. I get to rub expensive scar-cream on it, so I hope it won’t be extremely visible but I wouldn’t mind if it was. My stats are normal too! The doctor actually sounded super surprised when she read my results last week. It usually takes a few months to get your medication right and so on, but I guess for once, my body was like, nope, I like this, let’s not torture Getter with a long ass process of getting the hormone levels correct. Thanks, body, you’re finally working with me on this one, huh?


Like I said, I haven’t watched anything since I watched Atomic Blonde and I think that’s a good thing since I’m so behind with writing reviews. I used to write them easily, and now, I’m just so stuck. I’ll try to finish Dunkirk’s review today, so I can get that up this week. Then I also have so many other reviews I need to start – so it’s a good thing I haven’t seen anything new, I wouldn’t be able to review it anyway.

Part of me wants to watch Wind River because I loved my experience watching Sicario in a cinema, so I think I’ll venture to see that one. Maybe this week (probably not) but who knows. I do have Thursday off, so I mean, I could make it like a solo adventure to the cinema because I haven’t done that in ages!


Last week a very anticipated trailer was released and it looked very eerie and stunning at the same time. Mother!, which written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, has been this one big secret. The cast is filled with big names such as Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer, and it stars Jennifer Lawrence. I have no doubt that the movie will be well acted, and fascinatingly crafted. I hope the story and the mystery and the shock factor will be worth the wait (as it will premier here in Estonia god knows when!). If all else fails, I’ll be able to see it during November, because we have a film festival here and I’ m pretty sure they’ll show it there if Mother! won’t be in theaters by then.


Behold, a completely empty slot for that I haven’t watched anything yet again. I did try to watch Rick and Morty but found it too.. too much for my taste. Like, I can’t pinpoint the exact reason but I was simply not laughing which should have been the point. I guess I just don’t get that type of humour.

Shadowhunters is going to finish its second season today so I won’t have anything to watch anymore. I’ve not watched Younger nor Nashville, both shows which I loved, before both shows took a new turn. It’s like I’m mad at the shows for making choices against what I want and now ignoring them. Does anyone else do that? I’ve done it a lot, but especially more these past few years.

I need to start searching and getting familiar with upcoming shows because I need something to watch. I have a completely empty schedule when it comes to shows, except maybe a few like Lucifer and Timeless, which I will continue watching. And that’s everything? I’m definitely forgetting something but that’s my brain these days, forgetting things that it’s not supposed to.


As I said, I’ve been reading more than watching things and I’ve now finished Lady Midnight, the first book in The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. I loved it! It was exactly the kind of book I needed to read this month, and I’ve already picked up the second book Lord of Shadows. Now, I’ll probably be crushed by the time I finish this one because I have to wait until 2019 to get the third book! That seems like a lot of time to wait for a book… I don’t know how I will survive it.

As far as my reading challenge is concerned, there’s no problem what so ever with it. I’m on my 50th book at the moment, and I need to finish 20 more (23 to sort of tie it over with the DNF’s, which I like to do). If all else fails, and I do fall into a big ass reading slump, I’ll go on and get back to the adult romance novels because those are the easiest to digest. Easiest and fastest.

Music wise, you should know that when I get sucked into an album, I usually listen to it non stop until I find another one, so no, I haven’t stopped listening to Flower Boy yet. But I did stumble onto Havana by Camila Cabello, which brings me back unexpected memories of a Cuban club in Sweden…


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  • I’m jealous your theater has Wind River. Mine doesn’t and I want to see it so badly.

    I’m glad your medication is working and you didn’t have to try 1000 different combinations.

    Thanks for the link!

  • So glad to read your medication is working! I think I may see Atomic Blonde again this weekend. In spite of script issues there is just something so empowering about watching everything when it comes to Theron’s character. And the film’s music is just so amazing

    • Me too! Happy to be healthier, even though I now need to get my eyes all sorted out. Atomic Blonde did get under my skin, I do wish the supportive characters had more to do. But it’s not the worst weak plot from this year, so I would definitely watch it again someday.

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