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Another week has passed and I’m still reading Stephen King’s It – it’s my own personal horror story and I can’t seem to get out of it. It’s not that the book is bad, I enjoy it a lot, but I’m simply not sitting down to read these days. And I’m just frustrated by the fact that soon it will be a month of no work, and I’ve read almost one book total. I read more while I work 60 hours a week which is quite ironic but then again, my life is full of irony.


After my trip to the emergency room last Monday I’m feeling a lot better. I didn’t book a doctor’s appointment but my doctor still wanted to see me today, so I went and of course I have to give blood again. Plus my pulse and blood pressure are a bit on the low side, which might be because my doze for the hormones is too low at the moment but my actual doctor’s appointment is in August so I’ll find out then. In short, I’m not going running any time soon!

Health things aside, life has been slow but I did visit one of my oldest best friends and we did some shopping. Well, I did most of it by purchasing three new books and a ridiculously expensive eye shadow palette. I feel just a tiny bit guilty, but I’m mostly thinking of the fact that I’ve spent so little on make up this year that it’s alright to splurge once. Besides, I felt like I needed to treat myself a little. Oh and I got a Marvel comics alarm clock, which looks super cool but the ticking is going to annoy the fuck out of me!


With so little reading getting done, I’m making it up by seeing a lot of movies. Me and my mom went to see Rough Night last week and I actually liked it. The whole “killing a guy” plot still aggravates me but the characters were actually decent! I know, I’m more surprised than any of you, I really expected to dislike it. Then, on Saturday, I also went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming and liked it a lot! I didn’t love it, like I loved The Winter Soldier (still my all time favourite Marvel movie), but I liked it a lot. There were a lot of things that stood out, it had a lot of depth to it and Tom Holland was amazing! On Sunday I finally watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which was alright. And though Eddie Redmayne was well cast, and he fit the character, for the life of me, I can’t stand the guy.

Meanwhile I also rewatched The Way Way Back (my fourth rewatch this year) and after a little Sam Rockwell fix needed more so I watched The Winning Season as well. First one I liked a lot, the second one was average. Rockwell needs better roles though. He seems to be playing these a little off center, drunk, odd characters and while off center and odd is fine by me, I feel like he deserves better to play a high school basketball coach with a drinking problem.

This week is going to be movie filled as well because I’m seeing Dunkirk on Wednesday and The Beguiled on Thursday! I’m pretty sure I will love Dunkirk but me and Sofia Coppola don’t have the best track record. I generally think her movies tend to be too slow paced and boring because I didn’t even finish watching Somewhere. But I think staring at Colin Farrell will help me keep alert.


A Wrinkle in Time is going to be a movie I want to love but will end up disliking it instead. I know it, I just have that feeling of being utterly disappointed by it when the time comes. It has Chris Pine, who most likely won’t be even actually in it that much, and Oprah, who I don’t care for. It does have a very diverse cast, which is nice, but time travel in movies rarely works out so I’m not getting my hopes up for this one.


Masterchef Australia’s finals week is happening and I can’t believe it’s going to be over again. It feels like only yesterday when the new season started but now there are only 6 chefs left and none of them strike me as the winner. Either this season has been very mediocre or everyone just simply is as good as the person next to them. I’m still rooting for the two guys though, just because I tend to like men who can pull off savory as well as desserts, which both of them can!

I also watched Glow and sort of liked it, but I wasn’t blown away by it or anything. It had a few amazing moments and I liked the diversity of the characters, and the retro vibe, but I disliked the main character Ruth so much! From episode one, I did not like her, so it was hard to root for her. Luckily the show had a lot of supporting characters, and Ruth became less animated by the end of the season, but like I said, I wasn’t blown away by it.

And while everyone else talks about Game of Thrones, I’m just going to sit here and figure out when and with what episode I stopped watching the show. I think I saw Jon Snow come back from the dead and after that I might have seen one episode or maybe none of the episodes. It can be anything at this point. In other words, it’s safe to say I’ve stopped watching Game of Thrones.


Like I said, still reading It but most likely will actually finish it today. Then I’m onto an adult contemporary book, I know, shocking, and from there, who knows. I did purchase a historical fiction novel and a fantasy book, but I might just pick up something completely different.

Recently I accidentally stumbled on a Paramore’s cover of Drake’s Passionfruit and it’s fabulous. I also ended up liking their own song Hard Times from the same set they did for BBC Radio 1.


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  • Thank you so much for featuring my review!

    If I were reading IT, it would definitely take me at least a whole month to read haha! I really do want to read it before the movie comes out though!!!

    I’m actually so excited for A Wrinkle In Time! I read it way back when I was maybe 11 years old and I barely remember it, but I remember loving it! Time for a re-read I think!!!

    • I finished it yesterday and the end got weird.. but it was a nice read. I can’t believe it’s finally over!

      Haven’t read A Wrinkle in Time and I don’t think I will but I do like time travel, I just know it’s hard to do.

      And you are welcome! I’ll feature all your movie reviews, I know I will! 😉

      • Ah! I hope to start it soon! Or at least I hope to try haha!

        I honestly can barely remember A Wrinkle In Time…I forgot it had to do with tie travel but now it’s all coming back to me haha!

  • I am quite interested in A Wrinkle in Time. I recently read the book and I’d like to see how it translates. I read IT many, many years ago and remember it being rather tedious. I actually prefer Stephen King when he’s not writing horror.

    • I ended up not totally loving It actually, the final third of it became weird, like, I wasn’t liking it at all. And the whole forgetting thing was so depressing in the end that I didn’t really like that either. But he knows how to write, so I’m definitely picking up another one of his books soon. And we’ll see if I’m glad I picked up It first. PS: I’m curious about Under the Dome, have you read that one’?

  • Thank you for the link! You did a good thing stopping watching Thrones. I straight up hate-live tweeting the garbage the show has become now. I hated Rough Night. ScarJo has very little comedy talent and she let down pretty good supporting cast.

    Hey, we should all be treating ourselves and every day so good for you!

    • I keep up with the Thrones stuff only when I hear something BIG has happened but otherwise I don’t even have an interest towards it.
      ScarJo was alright, like, she wasn’t the best but I didn’t flat out hated her either.

      Yeah, Treat Yo Self is a motto everyone should live by every once in a while! 🙂

  • I’m sorry you didn’t GLOW. I like Ruth, but she’s not likeable, no 😂 I watched it with my older brother over three nights (which rarely happens because we’re never available at the same time, that’s why we haven’t seen the last two episodes, he’s out of town), and we have the same stupid sense of humour so we laughed our asses off. I appreciated the clever stabs at the 80s and society, but mostly I just found GLOW to be hilarious.

    • No worries, I just wrote a review for it as well so I might post it today actually.. Later in the evening though, because I’m changing my posting times I think. 😀
      It is funny and I loved Sam’s humour because that was my kind of jam, but other than that, Ruth was just… so annoying, plus, I have my personal beef to pick with her character. Again, I explain it more in my upcoming post. 😀

  • Sorry that you can’t go running right now, but it’s nice to hear that you’re okay after going to the emergency room! Hope your recovery continues to go well until your next appointment. 🙂

    I didn’t like Fantastic Beasts when I first saw it, but I still like putting it on as background noise. The next four movies aren’t exciting to me right now. A Wrinkle In Time looks like fun, but not quite sure if I’m on board with it all the way too.

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