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The last time I put down candid thoughts was when I celebrated Mettel Ray’s fourth birthday, now, a month later, I’m almost ready to celebrate the end of my Masters with the thesis defense taking place this Friday. A lot has happened in a month, so much that it’s hard to recall every moment of it, especially since the last scene of episode 8 on Game of Thrones is flashing before my eyes.

  • Lets get to the heart wrenching stuff first, shall we: Oberyn Martell, ladies and gentlemen… no more golden cloaks, no more flirty looks, no more of that sexy accent – I’m disappointed to say at least. But the thing is, if they had cast somebody less impressive, like with the first Daario for instance, the impact would have been different. That’s why, as much as it pains me not to see Pedro Pascal on Game of Thrones anymore, I’m so glad we had him for a little while. *wipes away the tears*
  • Whilst being on the subject of Thrones, I want to talk about the previous episode as well as the slightly weird and definitely not healthy obsession I have towards Littlefinger. I’m sorry, okay, I like the psychopathic type of guys and there’s something so creepy about Littlefinger that I can not not like him. Him pushing aunty Lysa into the moondoor was my favorite moment in the season so far. Yes, sorry, I know, lots of great moments better than that, yes, I know, lots more to come but for me, personally, it was the best.
  • I’m finding the whole Sansa story line rather compelling this season, she is growing on me, unlike Daenerys who I have been uninterested since the last season begun. Part of the reason is probably because Sansa is finally starting to play the game of thrones and I have no idea what Dany is doing!
  • By the looks of it, in the show, Sansa sort of likes Littlefinger.. and I know Littlefinger likes her, so I’m excited to see how they play well together. And as I’m thrilled for her now on the show, I’m more keen on reading her chapters in the Ice and Fire series.. third book 1/3 read and I’m so going to get to the fourth one this summer!
  • Without making this into a Game of Thrones post, which could be very easily done due to the range of story lines this show has, I’m going to stop now because I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to it after the season ends. Which, based on Sati, is epic – in other words, it is going to be freaking epic because the girl knows her Game of Thrones!
  • It would be stupid of me not to mention my other obsession this month, which is Rookie Blue. Man, I love that show! It’s another Canadian hit for me and I find myself being invested way too much when it comes to the relationships on the show. Then again, it’s usually like that with most shows I love and I tend to love many of them. I even get too bumped up watching Master Chef US sometimes. AND So You Think You Can Dance!
  • Can’t recall any amazing movies I have seen lately, all have been rather mediocre and due to the dead silent theater during Neighbors, I couldn’t even enjoy that movie as much as I would have wanted. It seems that I won’t be able to catch anything in the cinemas this month due to work either, though there is a lot I want to see, new X-Men, Godzilla, Maleficent.
  • Speaking of work, things are mental… I’ve managed to gain so much additional responsibilities for this month that I’m about to burst with excitement and fear at the same time. The thing with new tasks – they are thrilling but since I’m a person who doesn’t like to be unprepared, I’m a bit nervous of it all.
  • Yes, I like my work, I like a lot of aspects of it but at the same time I itch for something more. I’m a person who likes to create and of late, I’ve had ideas of things I could be doing instead of working my ass off for others and not particularly me, myself and I. There are various roads I could explore, writing comes to mind and creating new stuff, but again, I’m scared and well, creativity often does not pay the bills.
  • This seems like a good time to put one of my ideas out there and I’m also looking for honest opinions. The thing is, I’m an avid YouTube watcher, I’m subscribed to dozens and dozens of channels which are mostly either books or beauty related. Now, the movie/TV-show angle is somewhat lacking and well, I’m not even going to talk about the amount of Estonian YouTubers because there’s not much to talk about.
  • So here comes the essential question for you guys – would you be interested in watching movie and TV-show related YouTube videos in Estonian with English subtitles? Now, don’t assume anything at this point, it’s just an idea but the thing is, I’ve been so caught up in English that I’ve forgotten my own language and producing movie related content on web in Estonian seems to be a good thing. Especially since it hasn’t been done yet. Then again, having English subtitles would widen the audience if there would be people interested…
  • Anyway, that’s my plan. It does require a lot of commitment, especially in the beginning but it also needs viewers, so let me know what you guys think. Project “expand to YouTube” or not?! Or is this just something that movie bloggers should never do? By the way, this won’t mean I’d change Mettel Ray into Estonian, no, that’s not something I want to do.
  • By the way, have any of you guys ever watched Casey Neistat’s videos? The guy is great at creating short and meaningful content with creative and playful elements. I spent hours on his channel and watched almost all of his videos which messed up my sleeping schedule but I’m not sorry.
  • Alright, enough about YouTube, I’ve seemed to have only talked about two things by now and it’s a pretty long post already so, I’ll stop now, sorry if you didn’t find it appealing but here’s some links to ease your pain.


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This is it, the commercial break is over.. the movie is back on in 3, 2, 1 …


  • Ooh! I had that Youtube thought earlier this year, but eventually decided I’d rather dedicate my time to the blog and my humble fiction writing attempts. If you go for it, that would be awesome though! If you can manage it, of course, because keeping up a steady stream of videos eats up so many hours every week, and videos are kinda all in or nothing because nobody wants to watch a channel where there is a new video every three weeks, if lucky. I speak from experience, I’m sure you’ve felt it too.

    Thanks for the link!

    • I’ll try to keep all of that in mind. And I know all those little mistakes that could happen and potentially be harmful in the end but I wanna give it a try still.

      You’re welcome!

  • I think that Youtube thing sounds like a great idea. Plus, I’ve never actually heard any Estonian, and that would be an interesting thing to listen to.

    I like Sansa’s story line as well, mostly because I always saw book Sansa as being a major player when she grew up, this Sansa seems to be well on her way. I just hope they don’t make her seduce Littlefinger in any way. Book Sansa isn’t like that at all.

    • I’ll try to manage my time and money so I could try it out but who knows…. I have to work and well, work takes a lot of time away from me.

      I would want the book Sansa to be badass as well, I feel like the show is takign her towards that direction and if Turner would have a bit more umph in her, she would be amazing!

  • Sansa has grown on me for sure. I’ve always been sympathetic through many of her dumb decisions because she is so young, but now I actually find her interesting which is new for me. If they had done a little more on the show with her and The Hound like from the Game of Thrones book, I’d have enjoyed that.

    I don’t watch many YouTube channels but if you started one I’d definitely check it out!

    • Sansa and The Hound was interesing indeed, I’m assuming the same kind of interesing Arya and The Hound will be in the books. Haven’t gotten that far yet but man, I want to.

      That’s a nice thing to say!

  • I think the YouTube idea sounds good, though it does sound like it entails a lot of work. Still, it sounds fun. Thanks for the link, and good luck on your thesis defense! 🙂

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