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Seven is my favourite number. Not sure if it has any relation to the magical number seven featured in fairytales but I’ve always had a weird connection with this number. I like it, and not because it might feel magical, I just.. it’s a special number for me. So when I saw that this week’s Commercial Break was going to be a double seven – I freaked out, because there’s nothing special about these past few weeks. So I did what I could, I added pretty pictures to make things more special.


Not going to lie, nothing much has happened. I’ve been working or going to the cinema or binge watching shows – which I guess is a new development since I haven’t binge watched shows in a while. Though these shows are both cancelled, ended on cliff hangers, and now I regret everything.

No health news to report because I’m still sitting and waiting for that operation. Had a doctor’s appointment today, and one next Monday, after which I will call my doctor again and demand answers. It’s been pretty much three months, and the inevitable date of my doom, 6th of July, is coming closer. As far as I know, the eye problems usually last and become harder to cure after a one year mark so… I’m doing great, not stressed at all, nope.

Work is the same and it’s not something I like to discuss. It’s not good, in case you’re wondering. There’s always good stressful and bad stressful, in my eyes, and I’ve had bad stressful, so I guess it’s not as bad as it could be.. yet, it’s not great either. I think I feel more pressure in my own personal life than work life to be honest. But all’s good, my vacation starts on the 26th, and then I’m just going to lay low and read for two weeks.


Those who follow me on Twitter probably know that I saw Wonder Woman and loved it! Was it as soul crushing as Logan, not so much, but was it emotional, yes it was! On many levels it was more emotional for me because I had my doubts about Chris Pine when I heard he was cast, but boy, did he prove me wrong. Like, wow.. And it was also the first time I saw Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (I skipped Batman VS. Superman), and as far as character introductions go, this was almost perfection. Review will be up sometime this week.

Since my last Commercial Break, which was three weeks ago, I also watched Passangers – it was very bad, and Assassin’s Creed – also very bad. And then I watched the newest Pirates of the Caribbean – extremely bad but pretty. So I mean, I’m doing great! Not at all frustrated by all these shitty movies. Though today I’ll be seeing Once Upon a Time in Venice which is a Bruce Willis comedy that seems like a complete rip off from John Wick. But I’m in it for the laughs so it better deliver.


Well, there’s not much news except that the Black Panther teaser came out and it was pretty bad ass. It definitely looks like the most interesting Marvel set up next to Guardians of the Galaxy but one’s in space, so it’s pretty hard to outshine that one. Oh and Murder on the Orient Express also came out but something was off and it was that stupid song in the end, it ruined the entire thing in two seconds. Who ever made that choice should be fired, honestly, it was really bad.


As mentioned above, I watched shows these past two weeks and one was The Catch, which was cancelled after 2 seasons and it’s an understandable decision. The show wasn’t strong enough, and it wasn’t thrilling enough either. Though there were a few characters I would love to see a spin off and of course they aren’t the main characters, because the main two characters were boring as fuck. But it was fun, and funny, and just okay.

The second show I watched was Class, which was (I say was because it seems the show won’t get a second season but I might be wrong) Doctor Who’s spin off taking place in a high-school that has various supernatural problems. The cast was fresh and new, interesting and diverse, plus, the writing by Patrick Ness was brilliant. The season ended on such a hilarious cliffhanger though, hilarious and scary, that I would be glad to see what will happen next. But Ness has already mentioned he won’t be writing this show again which makes the second season even less possible. Shame, it was pretty decent and Ness’s wittiness was what made this show special.

For now I’m behind even with Masterchef Australia, still haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why nor finished Big Little Lies. Haven’t caught up with Twin Peaks, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Oh, but I will never forget that I have to watch Sense8‘s second AND LAST season. Oh man, I don’t want to watch it because after that it will be over and I’m devastated. This and the Baby Daddy cancellation are crushing me right now.


So surprise surprise, I’ve hit a bit of a reading slump this month and finished my first book of the month yesterday, while I have two others that I’ve started and not yet finished. So the book that I finally finished was Geekerella and it was sweet, not the best thing out there, but sweet. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a Cinderella retelling with a geeky girl as the lead. Part of me wanted to love it but there was just something missing, and the story was maybe too much like Cinderella. I enjoy retellings, at least I think I do, but retelling a story means you’re writing a book that can be very predictable. So it’s important to surprise us with something and Geekerella didn’t surprise me at all.

This is such a random find for me but I liked the vibe of the song, and after I stumbled on it, I listened to other songs by him and turns out I like most of them. So check out Goldlink’s Meditation and Rough Soul. But the last one is definitely a favourite.


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  • So sorry you’re stressed out at work. Just think it’s vacation time soon! So glad you loved WW, really looking forward to your review!! You should totally see BvS just for Gal or perhaps there is some edit of just her scenes on youtube or somewhere…she was so cool there and it’s still some time until we see her again in JL.

    Thanks for double link!

    • Work stress is the worst. And I’m counting the days until that sweet vacation, I have 6 days of work from tomorrow until that vacation, so not much left!

      I don’t know when I’ll watch BvS but I guess I should watch it some time soon.. just for Gal. But I won’t watch it before I write the review. 😀

      You’re welcome!

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