Back again this week with a recap that’s a bit more eventful, finally! But most importantly, I want to thank you all who will and already have! participated in My Movie Alphabet vol 2, it’s going to be a much better month with that blogathon on the background! I will continuously link participants to my blogathon in my Commercial Breaks (got one for today) but there is going to be extra post in June/July. In other words, once I get my shit together, which is not this week and probably not next week either – I’m gradually falling behind with literally everything. And I can’t even blame school work or exams or anything like that, I’m just really bad at time management.


Every month at our work we choose the best employee of the previous month, and guess what, I got best employee of April! Yay! All that work paid off and I feel a little less guilty for my upcoming sick leave – and no, I still don’t know the time nor date for my operation. But I have noticed my eyebrows are loosing their usual eyebrowness, so yes, I’m now officially afraid of loosing my eyebrows.. a fear I didn’t know I was going to have because I was informed that the radiation I had wasn’t going to result in hair loss. Yet, when you point radiation at your eye area, apparently you could still have hair loss side-effects just not on your hair, but your eyelashes and eyebrows, even if the doctors tell you there’s none. Not wanting to sound shallow but I’m a bit tired from looking like I haven’t slept for a month, and now on top of that, being without eyebrows? Well, shit. I know there are things that could be far worse and I’m clearly glad that I don’t have anything life threatening happening with me, but still.. It doesn’t mean this thing isn’t making me tired and lately, crankier than usual, because I’m not literally waiting around for progress, which apparently is not happening – if you didn’t count the almost losing your eyebrows as progress.

This week is going to be work focused except Wednesday when we have a work related gathering which is when I will try to socialise a little. Even though I don’t feel like it. But considering the fact that I haven’t really felt like partying nor even going out for months, I’m surprised I’m thinking about going our to this week’s gathering. Maybe I’m so aware of my bad mood that I’m now literally trying to cheer myself up..


Last week I actually saw two movies and rewatched Spy because I felt like I needed some Jason Statham in my life again (that airplane baby scene is still on my mind). First I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and it was alright. I loved some elements of it, I disliked others a lot. There will be a spoiler review up some time this month and I’m going to rip it apart.. as apart as I would rip a mediocre movie.

The second movie I saw was equally as bad in a way and it was The Last Word. I liked some of its elements, there was actually a lot of good life lessons thrown into the mix and Shirley MacLaine was great. But I also had a lot of bad feeling towards the movie and I’ll get to them my review, because I feel quite inspired to write one for The Last Word.


Last time I inserted some trailer news into the mix and I figured I should do it again this week because there are again a few trailers I want to mention. First up, The Dark Tower, which I thought was actually quite interesting. For someone who reads a lot, I actually haven’t gotten to Stephen King yet, and I think part of it is fear of having to read all of his books and the man writes a lot! The Dark Tower sounds interesting so I’m thinking about reading it before seeing the movie – if I have time. One thing I must say, Matthew McConaughey’s voice seems to suit his character perfectly!

Then there’s the trailer for another Marvel/Netflix series, the one all the other shows were building up to, The Defenders. Now, I loved Daredevil’s second season, I liked Jessica Jones, and I haven’t watched Luke Cage nor Iron Fist… and the trailer for The Defenders doesn’t do it for me either. And considering all that time I don’t have, I’ll rather spend it watching The Punisher which will also come out this year – man, they are really making a lot of superhero shows this year. I wonder when the trend will die off…


Like I gushed last week, Masterchef Australia is back and I love it already! So much great food and so much positive competition – I can’t praise this show enough. Anyway, among my Masterchef Australia craze, I also managed to somewhat catch up/finish up with Riverdale which is still so weird but I can’t help it, I love Jughead and I’ll watch it for him.  Plus, I’m on track with Lucifer which is probably the only show I watched weekly this TV season.

The problem now is that I still haven’t seen 13 Reasons Why and Big Little Lies, plus, now I have the entire second season of Sense8 to watch. Why is this happening to me!? I literally have more shows to watch than I have shows I have watched. This has never happened to me. I feel ashamed. I also feel like there are too many shows out there at the moment. And I mean binge-watch shows like Sense8 and 13 Reasons Why because it seems Netflix has something coming out every month and I can’t catch up even if I wanted to.


Still nothing eventful happening in the book front either, I’m still rereading the ACOTAR series and waiting for the third book. Also waiting for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before third book and if I have those two books I can call May a successful month. But I do need to get to reading soon because I’m falling behind gradually and I haven’t had such a slow start to the month since what feels like forever.


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    • I have heard that many loved it and it’s fine.. I think my thoughts will rattle some of those people tho, will see when I post my review next week.

  • I still haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I was super excited to see it. . .and then I remembered I haven’t seen a Marvel film in the theater since Captain America: The First Avenger for a reason. Marvel films are SO inconsistent for me. I have the hardest time making myself watch them in the theater because I can’t turn them off if I get bored.

  • Thank you for the link! I have’t seen anything this week, been crazy busy. Losing eyebrows may not be this bad I think some chicks even shave those and pencil them in. But who has the kind of time to do that every single morning…

  • Congrats on employee of the month! I finally started reading Stephen King this year. I started with It, and now I’m reading Dolores Claibourne. I figured I’ve seen so many movies based on his work that I should start. He’s kind of a junk writer, but so fascinating.

  • Congrats on getting employee of the month! You earned it! I’m sorry to hear you’re losing your eyebrows. I hope the radiation is working and everything gets better soon. Looking forward to your Guardians Vol 2. review! 😀

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