Last week was rather productive. I managed to post five posts!, I read four books and I worked 6 days total – I’m surprised I survived but I won’t celebrate yet, I have a similar work week ahead of me. Part of me wonders if I’m even able to move after this month is over, not to mention the fact that my brain needs a reboot of some sort in the upcoming months. I’m hoping my sick leave will give me that two weeks of rest my mind needs…. but when will that happen? Who knows!?


Estonian doctor’s are preparing for a strike for obvious reasons and it will start on May 15th and might last longer than a month. If I won’t have my operation before that, who knows what will happen, so I’m now staring at my phone and waiting for that important phone call every day. Please, let me have this operation before the strike begins. Please!

Otherwise, my health is improving, and I actually can say, after 9,5 months, that my eyes are looking better! Finally! They are of course still swollen and I assume some of the damage could be permanent (like having double vision to my right) but generally speaking, I’m much better off than I was a month ago. Also, I’m waiting patiently when I’m finally able to use make-up again because I’ve been make-up free (except for the eyebrows, they need to be filled in for me to feel at least half human) for a month now… it’s been weird.

Random snippet of the day: I’m getting my plant next Monday. It’s some sort of green leafed creature that doesn’t need a lot of sun and water yet it grows like a monster – exactly what I need. But I also bought new pillows, green ones, palm tree leave and cacti printed ones – I feel like my bed is 30% more comfortable now because I’m literally sleeping in a pillow-pile. It also helps to feel less lonely, haha.


Things have been less than eventful in terms of movies and TV shows so I decided to combine them for now.. I feel no shame because I’ve been reading and for now, since I’m clearly on a roll here, I’ll stick to reading. But I do want to watch a Hugh Jackman movie this week, which was recommended to me by the one and only Margaret over at Cinematic Corner – so I’ll probably watch Paperback Hero this week. Other than that, I actually don’t have any other movie plans. TV show wise, maybe Big Little Lies at some point but I feel like I don’t have the energy this week. Maybe next weekend?

But how exciting was that Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer?! I’m honestly so stoked for that movie right now, and it’s the first time I’m excited to see a Thor movie. Like, sure, I’ve seen all the others and I would have watched this one anyway, but now I’m thrilled for it! That’s awesome for Thor because he deserves some of my Marvel enthusiasm.. so far he has not gotten a lot but honestly, now I’m considering giving him much more of my attention. Not gonna lie, his haircut plays a role in this situation as well. Like, he was okay-Thor before but now he’s hawt-Thor!

They are now making a Throne of Glass television series and my only concern, well, there are actually a few others but not going to get into those right now, is that it’s going to be on Hulu. I would have loved to see it on Netflix because it would be about time for Netflix to produce something that caters for a younger audience. Sure, there is 13 Reasons Why, but that has quite a dark topic but I would be glad to see something like Shadowhunters done on a Game of Thrones level. YA book world is huge, and there’s not a lot of teenage oriented shows/movies out there at the moment. Like, when I was a teenager we had so many teen flicks coming out every year, now there’s nothing.. but I think it’s about to change considering Throne of Glass is not the only book series being brought to TV. There’s also going to be The Raven Cycle TV show and I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited for all of this!


Like I said, I read four books last week. First I finished Isla and the Happily Ever After which was alright. Then I finished Caraval which was also alright but not the best. Then I reread The Duff because I wanted something funny, easy and it was exactly like I remembered. Which brings me to my favourite read of the month, Dark Matter, which was so so good! It is a sci-fi book with a very interesting message and I’ve been walking around wondering about individuality and personality for a while now. It’s definitely an one of a kind read.

Last week was also the biggest music event of the year, and I’m not talking about Coachella, I’m talking about the fact that Kendrick Lamar’s new album Damn. was released. I’ve listened to it multiple times by now and few of my favourite songs are Lust., Humble. and Duckworth. But the entire album is strong, from start to finish. I like how it connects its songs, its message and the beginning to the end – it feels like one story, told through multiple songs, and the last song on the album brings it all back to the beginning. Brilliant.


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  • Yaaaaass watch Paperback Hero! It…has a beautiful visual side.I saw Big Little Lies on Saturday and I thought it was overhyped. Still worth seeing but really nothing special.

    Glad to read your eyes are at least a little better! And thank you for the link and comment!

    • I will try to squeeze it in somewhere but I think with such a long weekend at work, I might end up seeing it next Monday instead. But it’s definitely my next movie I’ll watch! I just want to see what happens with Big Little Lies, and I’m willing to watch it to find out.

      Yeah, some improvement is better than no improvement! And thank you for dropping by here as well! 🙂

  • Yikes, I hope you get your operation before that strike too. I also hope they get a raise so they don’t have to strike in the first place.

    I’m SO pumped for that Ragnarok trailer. It looks amazing.

    Thanks for the link!

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