I skipped another week and took the time off, sort of, to get myself organised again… In other words, I wrote a post that includes 5 mini reviews for movies I saw in the beginning of the year, I started planning my May posts because Mettel Ray turn seven!, and I scheduled this week’s post in advanced. The feeling of pride is overwhelming at this point, I feel like I accomplished a lot and I didn’t even have to leave my room!


My antisocial tendencies aside, I think my eyes are somewhat improving for the better, but I did have to ring my doctor this morning because I’m fairly certain I have an eye infection or something. So I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to see if there’s something wrong or maybe it’s just a reaction to the radiation treatment. It’s like I can’t catch a break. But at this point I’m so used to doctors and going to appointments that it seems like part of my normal everyday life. What will I do with my time when I have no appointments to go to!?

In other news, I’m planning to buy a plant. I know, riveting stuff, exhilarating!, gossip sight worthy news, be sure to tell everyone you heard it here first! But indeed, I’m on a search of a plant that will suit my personality – so nothing too needy and not prickly. There’s also the danger of it dying, which is what all the other plants in my apartment have done – granted, the responsible individual has been my flatmate but what if her presence is dangerous even to my plant?! Though I guess I’m willing to take that chance.

Still no call in regards to my surgery so I guess I’m still in the waiting list, which annoys the hell out of me because I just want to get this done with. I do have a few doctor’s appointments scheduled for the 28th as well, check ups and stuff, and I hope to know the date of my surgery by then. Fingers crossed.


Like I mentioned, I saw quite a lot of movies these past weekend and I saw Chips at the beginning of the month as well. Chips was, alright, I actually laughed out loud quite a few times and though the movie itself was ridiculous and some of the jokes fell flat, there was joyfulness there. So it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

What ended up being much worse than I anticipated was Ghost in the Shell. My god. There are so many problems I had with it, not to mention Scarlett Johansson’s inability to emote any emotion, but the end twist! That was the final straw for me. The visuals were alright, Michael Pitt’s villain looked fantastic,  Pilou Asbaek actually made me care for him, but the overall result was messy and dare I say, lacked an emotional impact such a topic matter should have.

Then I saw two movies that both had some moments but didn’t manage to blow me away or anything: Why Him? and The Space Between Us. First of all, in Why Him?, James Franco’s character was ridiculous and I think he took it too far despite of having a few okay moments. It was another one of those meet-my-dad comedies which I never fully enjoy. The Space Between Us was surprisingly alright for me. It had that fish out of water element to it which lightened the movie. But the casting was all wrong, I have nothing against Asa Butterfield but I find Britt Robertson annoying as hell! She has the same character in every single movie and there was no chemistry between the two.

Finally, because I had seen mediocre movies all weekend, I needed something to brighten up my Saturday – and behold, Zootopia was that ray of sunshine! It was hilarious! It was funny, thoughtful and full of great life lessons. And when I usually find Ginnifer Goodwin annoying as hell, she was perfect as Judy Hopps. The other voice works were just as great, but I kind of wish there was more Idris Elba because I could listen to him all day long! All in all, best animation I’ve seen so far from the 2016 releases.


I should skip this because I really haven’t watched anything. Caught up with Riverdale though, and I’m on track with Baby Daddy, but other than that, not much to report. I will see 13 Reasons Why soon though, I’ve already seen 2 episodes but I’ll continue watching with my flatmate. She’s seen all 13 episodes but she wants to see it again. And well, then I have to binge watch Big Little Lies before I stumble on any spoilers that might ruin it for me!


I’ve read almost all the Anna and the French Kiss series, I’m on the last one and so far it’s the best one. But I haven’t gotten far enough to know what the main conflict will be and those have been the biggest disappointments in the series so far. I also read My Lady Jane which was wonderful! It did come to my attention that the narration was a bit strange for me, and turns out I don’t like sort of narration – which is no surprise as I’m not a fan of voice-over-narrations in movies either! But I did think it would make a great quirky fantasy movie – Stardust meets The Princess Bride!

Music wise I’ve been listening to Russ nonstop. There are so many songs I replay daily but Goodbye is by far my current favourite.


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  • I hope you have the surgery soon! I’m sure the waiting is worse than the actual thing. I still haven’t seen Big Little Lies either…I know it’s great but it doesn’t have Hugh in it 🙂

  • Britt Robertson, bless her is almost movie/TV poison at this point. I quite liked her in Cherry way back when but it seems like everything she touches now bombs.

    I binged 13 Reasons Why this weekend. I liked it a lot but it drags like nobody’s business. omg.

    Thanks for the link!

    • I know! She is just horribly boring.. and bland. But that’s quite a common thing for me when it comes to young actresses. I’ve seen only 2 ep so far and it hasn’t started to drag yet.

  • I’m on the hunt for a plant, too! Let us know what you decide on, because I think you and I have the same requirements, ha!
    I can highly recommend Big Little Lies! Don’t focus too much on the mystery element and just get engrossed in the characters, I had so much fun with that show 🙂

    • I will try! It’s snowing here in Estonia at this very moment so I don’t think transporting a plant from the store to home is an option. I did buy cactus and palm leave pillows…. I think that was the first step towards a greener room.

      I will soon marathon Big Little Lies, like possibly today.. Maybe.

  • I hope you instagram your plant if you get the chance – I’d love to see what it looks like! 😀 Big Little Lies is one of my favorites of the year. I’m still getting my series review post ready and trying not to spoil too much.

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