Sometimes I sit behind my computer knowing I have to type up a post and spend a lot of time doing everything but writing. I feel like today has been one of those days but since this upcoming week will be mental, I know I have to get everything drafted and scheduled. It’s Saturday evening, I just finished watching Someone Like You… and I’m wondering where I should begin.


Last week I wrote “I’m exhausted to bits from all of this” and I hoped it will be over soon.. well, I guess it can be over soon-ish, but not before they remove a vital organ from my body. For those who are just tuning in and have no idea what I’m talking about let me fill you in. Last year, in the beginning of July, I woke up and my eyes were swollen. Not only lids but eyeballs and all. Three months later I was finally diagnosed (they spent a lot of time looking for allergies which were not there) with hyperthyroidism – my thyroid was producing too many hormones. Forward almost 6 months and through a mutual agreement, since my eyes are not responding to treatments, I’ll be getting my thyroid completely removed as soon as possible. I’ll be meeting my surgeon tomorrow to discuss further details.

If anyone would have told me last year this time that I will spend almost a year struggling with health issues and would have an operation, I would have thought it impossible. It’s not like I’ve been living in a bubble or anything, I know bad things can happen to anyone, but I just never thought it would happen to me or at such a young age. And even after all of it has happened, after months of various treatments, including radiation!, I never thought I would have something removed from my body. But life throws us various challenges and I guess I was meant to have this one. So I’m still hopeful and optimistic that everything will be fine.. I’ll be missing a vital organ but because of its absence, my eyes can have a better chance to get back to normal and that’s all I want at this point.


But enough of me and my health problems, let’s talk movies! I’ve been quite bad at watching movies at home but I did get to the cinema on Friday to see Get Out. It was fantastic! Just as great as I imagined and I went all out and bought the most expensive seating available – my feet up and under a blanket I felt like I was watching a movie at home! No, it was better than home, because I don’t have such a comfortable chair for lounging. Anyway, the movie was terrific and I can’t wait to write a massive review for it because I can already sense that I’ll ramble like crazy!

Then on Saturday I rewatched (breaking my rule for this year but it was bound to happen at some point) Someone Like You… with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman. Hugh looked so young!, my god, but he is still as handsome as ever! It’s not the best movie out there, mostly because there’s not enough Hugh in it!, but it has it’s moments. For some reason the dumpling scene is the one that stands out for me, there’s just something there… a half naked Hugh Jackman, that’s the something!


Nothing. I have watched nothing. I think I haven’t even caught up with Riverdale at this point which is saying something. There are a bunch of new shows I need to check out but who knows when I’ll get the chance to see all of them. And every week I mention a show I want or would like to watch which I haven’t gotten to. Most urgent is Twin Peaks which is getting a revival soon and I haven’t gotten past its third or fourth episode. It’s frustrating how little I can focus on shows these days.

I’m curious to check out a sci-fi show called Oasis that stars Richard Madden as a chaplain who goes to a journey through space. It sounds weird and interesting, but who knows if it will get picked up for a full season. But Richard is handsome so I’ll probably watch the pilot anyway.


I’ve gone off the rails again but not towards adult romances but YA adult romance books. I can’t help it, I think I’ve lost my cravings for fantasy a bit but at least I’m not in a reading slump. I did finish a few books, put one down and started rereading one of my favourite YA novels To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before for the third time. When in doubt, pick up a novel you adore and you’ll have a great time. After that though, I’ll be picking up the first book of the Mistborn series! I think.

After this week I rediscovered one of these songs that works on repeat mode for hours, because it’s so smooth and liquid-like – Russ’s Losing Control, it is such a great track.


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  • Yikes, good luck with your surgery! That’s always scary to go under operations, but I’m sure you’ll do well. 🙂

    Get Out is so good. I can’t wait to watch it again.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Thank you! It’s a bit scary indeed, it’s not like I ever prepared for it mentally.. I always thought I’ll be fine at some point but I guess you have to be prepared for anything.

      I need to see it again as well!

      You’re welcome!

  • Oh my God! I’m sure everything will go well! :* I didn’t know it’s actually possible to remove thyroid but it seems like it’s not that uncommon and they can manage stuff with medications so I’m sure everything will be fine.

    ‘For some reason’ because Hugh was shirtless. Yes. For some reason:D

    • I was aware they did it, because I researched my condition way back when to see the options and I just hoped it wouldn’t get to that far. But living without a thyroid is pretty much the same as living with an underactive thyroid – you simply take pills for the rest of your life – so it’s all possible through modern medication! Thank you for the good wishes!

      Well who knew that scene will be in my brain for the rest of my life even though I remembered little about the rest of the movie.. and it was the only scene he was half naked.. .minus the one where he was completely naked and we got to see his ass for a second. Bliss. 😀

  • Ahhhhh….surgery? Dammit. I hope everything goes well. Or has gone well…if you’re reading this after the fact.

    As for the bloggy-type stuff, I hear you. I have actually written more March posts than ever, but it’s only because my job sucks and I’m finding time to write at work, you know, instead of grading papers and such. But outside of reading and writing at school…I’m a shell of a TV watcher/reader of books. I just can’t muster up the interest…or the time!

    Thank you so much for the link. Sorry I was such a dick and never acknowledged it…but I’m basically the worst.

    • Still waiting for the time and I don’t even know how long I have to wait, it’s a bit annoying.

      Some weeks I’m fine with writing and now I’m struggling again but it’s probably because I wanted a long weekend off this week so I worked 7 days in a row..and I had no energy to write and I don’t have the luxury of writing things at work, so I’m a little jealous.. but not jealous of grading papers and kids.

      No you’re not.. you’re good!

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your surgery. I’ll be sending you all the positive vibes in the world for you. *hugs* If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. 😀

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