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I interrupt this hibernation to do some posting because what kind of a blogger am I, if I don’t take the time off from necessary life-stuff to celebrate an important day!? Today, on May 1st 2010, I posted my first post on Mettel Ray and now, 4 years later, I’m sitting here as a proud mama, looking at my little blog and grinning like an idiot because crossing this milestone feels so damn good!

  • Many blogs never make it this far, they start off strong with enthusiastic bloggers behind them and then they are forgotten as if the author behind them disappeared. But many passionate bloggers, like me, keep holding on with all ten fingers even if life gets difficult, and before you know it, it’s been four years and you’re able to type: happy 4th birthday! on your blog – it feels rewarding.
  • I still remember the first two years, the quiet years as I call them because I was simply writing for myself and not well I might add.  Then, as I expanded my own horizons and started to follow movie blogs right and left, my viewership grew and slowly it has become somewhat impressive. But, when ever I look back at the four years of movie writing, instead of living in the past, I feel the most proud in the present moment.
  • Currently, I’m the proudest I’ve been in a while. Not only is my blog turning 4 but it’s celebrating its birthday with an outlook that is the closest to the one I’ve imagined for years. Though I promised that I wouldn’t tweak with the visuals in 2014, I wasn’t expecting WordPress to launch a new free theme that I just couldn’t resist – though I tried, I really tried!
  • And a new theme means a new header image, obviously, so out with the Drinking Buddies and in with The Grand Budapest Hotel. I love that it means something to me, I like how it looks and I hope I can keep it for a while.
  • With the new outlook, there will be some changes in May regarding the pages, the content of pages and the post image layouts. Not going to lie, in the past 4 years, a lot has changed but I hope to see myself settling down on that front soon enough.
  • But some things never change, my passion for movies and TV-shows has been this strong since I can remember. And since starting the blog, since being apart of the community of movie bloggers, I feel like that passion has become more resolute and I hope that never changes.
  • Now, enough of gushing over the blog, it’s still a Commercial Break post which means I can ramble about the things I’ve watched during my hibernation and there has been a lot of hours of entertainment.
  • The word entertainment might be farfetched though because the following list is full of movie disappointments: Transcendence, didn’t like it, That Awkward Moment, naked Zac Efron wasn’t as rewarding as I thought, Vampire Academy, a complete mess, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield and Stone are cute but the movie wasn’t, The Other Woman, so bad that I might cry. I told you, disappointing stuff.


  • Among these average and less than average movies, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier actually might become the best I’ve seen lately. My first thought was average but having suffered through all of the other movies I mentioned, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan might get a rating upgrade.
  • That reminds me, Sebastian Stan! Not going to lie, he’s my newest screen crush, and it just happens that Sebastian is actually my favorite boy-name for some reason. I’m not sure why and how, but I just like that name a lot. Sebastian. Sebastian. Sebastian. See, it’s like it never looses its power!
  • Another thing I’ve been enjoying lately is Roswell. You guys remember Roswell, the 90’s alien show with heart and real teen problems mixed with alien problems?! Well, I remembered of it, I could even recall some plot lines but watching it again brings up so many nostalgic feelings.
  • Talking about feelings, I have a feeling MTV’s newest teen show might be able to entertain me for a season or two. After I stopped watching Awkward., I had a hole where teen-angst-comedy shows used to be and now Faking It might fill that void. (Pilot review planned for May).
  • The Leftovers will be most likely filling a void as well because it seems weird and mysterious and complicated based on the trailer and I can’t say I’m currently watching anything like that. I wasn’t a fan of Lost but I might like this one. Plus, despite the hate, I like Justin Theroux – I don’t know why but I just do and it would be nice to see him in a challenging role.
  • While all that has been going on, I have so many posts planned and I have no idea how in the hell I’ll be able to schedule them all while I keep watching new movies and getting new ideas. This hibernation is really messing up my life right now… though it has been helpful!
  • I’ve finished my theory, my methodology is ready and the analysis is well on its way. It looks good guys, my supervisor said the words “really great” so I think I’ll do fine.. if I could now only finish the thing! Just 40% to go, or a bit less, or I’m not sure now, I just have to finish and I have less than a week or so.
  • But enough of thesis talk, I must get to thesis writing instead so I farewell you guys and promise to be back soon, stronger than ever because Mettel Ray is 4 now and that means she’s all grown up and ready for the grown up things, whatever those might be!


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This is it, the commercial break is over.. the hibernation is back on in 3, 2, 1 …


  • Congratulations for reaching that milestone. In those four years a lot of bloggers disappeared indeed. I never look at how long I’ve been blogging, so I just did and found out I have also passed that four year mark in March. The strong survive 😉
    Like the new theme!

  • Wow, four years! Congratulations! And here’s to four more years of amazing blogging.

    I loved Roswell back in the day! What a classic. It was so melodramatic, but that’s what you get when you’re in love with an alien I suppose.

    • Four more and then another four.. I’ll be old then.. oh my. 😀

      Now, I’ll be completely honest, I think Roswell still embodies the good old TV-times, the simple times, the times were everything wasn’t as messy and plots weren’t all over the place *cough-Vampire Diaries-cough*.

  • Congratulations! I hope to see this blog’s fifth and sixth and hell, tenth birthday too! Really love your theme, too, I think it goes great with your posts. 😉

  • Congratz in the big four. Glad you could hang on that long. I’ll be even more glad when this damn hibernation is over. I know, I know, life first. Right?

  • Gosh! Awkward HAS veered so far left or right of actually good writing, and characterisation? I just can’t *quite* give up yet. I love Matty too much. (He is literally the only character that still has SOME depth atm)

    ROSWELL. Oh gosh I need to do a rewatch. Max and Liz. FIRST OTP.

    And well done on your blog achievements! I’m in a bit of a directionless phase at the moment.. but still trying to find the flow! 🙂

    • Awkward went so bad so fast, second season already fell into this bit of awfulness.. try out Faking It, two episodes left but it has some great characters and you’ll maybe get a new Matty out of it. 😀

      Roswell – Michael and Maria is strong in this one!

      And regards to the blog phases.. we’ve all been there, it’s quite typical.. just take down notes, try to write posts you love to write/read yourself and I don’t know.. keep at it, you know! 😀

  • Wow, 4 years! Congratulations! But more importantly – awesome that your thesis work is going well! I’m not sure what Leftovers is – they always play the trailer before GoT but I never pay attention. I may give it a shot, though, the only HBO misfire so far is Girls and their shows are always good.

    • Thanks! I’m really pushing my limit though, deadline’s close and I’ve got some serious writing to do.. but at least the theory is done, that’s always the most difficult part.

      Leftovers seems like Lost without the island.. and the polar bear I hope.. and maybe more answers than questions. Who knows.. looks promising and I mean.. it’s HBO!

  • Happy birthday! Four years is incredible! Heck, my website has only turned two and I thought that was good – but four years? That’s awesome.
    You should be really proud of you blog, its creative filled with a beautiful layout and great content.

    Congrats! 😀

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