cb69Warning, this week’s Commercial Break will include crazy rants about this week, some as crazy but more enthusiastic rants about a movie I saw last week, and if you make it past that point, I will also go crazy over a few other things that I have been watching recently. Plus, I will try to end the post with an insane list of awesome links to awesome bloggers like I usually do – so actually this Commercial Break is exactly like all of the other ones before it except this one has the pleasure to be number 69.


Heads up everyone, I don’t think I will survive this week. First of all, I only have one day off from work this week – the benefits of taking the long weekend off. Then I have a doctor’s appointment right before a 12 hour shift – I will definitely be a zombie by the end of that day (which is Tuesday). Then I will get my recent tattoo filled on my only day off (Wednesday). And then I’ll just work from Thursday until Monday.. if I make it to next week’s Tuesday alive, I’ll consider this, so far, as my greatest achievement of 2017.

Also, it’s been another two weeks since my general update and my stress levels have been giving me a ride of my life. There are so many things happening, including my mom’s car leaking oil right when I made it to my Friday evening destination – like, I don’t need shit like that happening to me! I have enough to deal with but no, I had to spend my Saturday morning with tow-trucks and waiting for the news. The car is fine now but for one night/morning I got to spend worrying because apparently I’m not allowed to enjoy a weekend off visiting my best friend, no, I get to spend a huge amount of money over a 5€ car part. Just brilliant! That event almost ruined my cinematic experience on Friday night but just almost because I don’t think anything could have ruined the MAGIC of Logan!


For those of you who are new, hello, I don’t really like the X-Men and I’m more of a Marvel fan. For instance, I love the hell out of Civil War and yet I hate X-Men: Apocalypse because it was so stupid. That’s my opinion and we might not agree but I wanted to explain where I’m coming from. Because despite not being a fan I have always given the X-Men a chance and never in my life would I have expected that the benefit of the doubt would repay me in such a manner as it did with Logan! Because where the hell did that come from?! The script was great, the action was pure, raw and bloody! Hugh Jackman blew me away, Patrick Stewart gave his everything, combined, they held nothing back and delivered the best X-Men movie ever! And dare I say, an award winning X-Men movie!? Because I’m serious, this is getting nominated in one way or another. First of all, I would gladly see Patrick Stewart get nominated for this but most importantly I’ll be damned if Hugh Jackman does not receive the recognition he deserves for this brilliant performance!

Everything else I’ve seen before Logan seems to be less memorable now, even though John Wick Chapter 2 was great, Logan had the surprise factor. It surprised me because I didn’t expect it to be so focused and tight, straight forward and it definitely benefitted from the fact that it was R-rated. But I need to stop gushing over Logan because this is not its review! So stay tuned for a really long review on Logan because I have a lot of things to say about it!


As of lately I haven’t really done any TV posts even though I have promised.. it’s just that every week I try to catch up with these new shows and I haven’t really. But I do watch Riverdale and I think it’s pretty good! At first I was hesitant, it seemed a little out of this world, but now I understand that its what makes it stand out. It is a little different, the characters do speak a little too show-like and yes, the drama does borderline soap operas. But I enjoy it, I even think Cole Sprouse is doing a great job. The only problem I do have is with the grown up characters because I think they are just all too much.

Another show that I have watched is the HBO mini-series Big Little Lies which is interesting! Man, I love the women in it, all seem to have their own strengths and the characters seem intriguing. I’m curious to know who dies and who is the killer. As of this point, everyone is very sketchy and suspicious. Oh, and even though I like Skarsgard, I dislike his character and there seems to be a very weird dynamic going on with his relationship with Kidman’s character. Like, she doesn’t strike me as a woman who would allow such things and yet… Anyway, I’m curious.

Last but not least, what the hell Nashville!!? Why the hell would you do that!? Well, I know why, but still, I’m shocked. I actually sat down and wrote a whole post about it but I doubt anyone reading my blog will be interested in my rants about Nashville. But seriously, why the hell would they do that and why would they push aside Will for multiple episodes just to have him come back and then have his story line rushed again. For the love of god, I’m so mad at the show at this point.. yet I still watch it.


Not going to lie, my reading game has been a little weak as of late but I’ve gotten a bit further with The Wise Man’s Fear which is a good thing! It’s at this point where it’s probably the only book I’ll finish this month because usually I read after work but now I can’t really. And reading first thing in the morning is also not possible since my eye sight is at its worse during those times. So yeah, I’m struggling but I will finish this great book!

From The Internet comes its lead singer Syd who has just released her first solo album Fin. From it I’m listening to Over featuring 6LACK a lot these days.. and All About Me is also damn good!


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  • I’m both a MCU and an X-Men fan and agree with you about Apocalypse. I was so angry because it was straight up stupid. But I’m glad Logan was as good as it was. I finally have hope for future X-Men films. I really hope Jackman and Stewart get some sort of recognition for it too, they were phenomenal.

  • I’m really hoping you survive the week! Make sure you have plenty of sugar before your tattoo…needles and exhaustion do not mix well!
    I’ve never been an X-Men fan either, but I’m still seeing Logan tomorrow…it sounds so good!
    Thank you for the link 🙂

  • Yikes….shitty week, huh? But at least YOU got to see Logan (due to runtime, me and the wife caught Get Out instead).

    I actually read Big Little Lies and am curious as Hell about the show, but I can’t bring myself to watch anything on TV. Watching TV for me, loosely translates to me waking up in a pool of drool wondering where I am and how long I’ve been there. I commend you for watching anything, let alone more than one damn show at a time.

    I love this post. (and uh, thanks for the linkage)

    • But wasn’t Get Out great though? I mean.. I’ve heard only great things so I imagine, in its own genre, it’s a damn good movie on its own? So you didn’t really sacrifice a lot.. I mean, you could have seen Fifty Shades Darker again.. and due to some horrid reason, you couldn’t get out and had to sit through it again… the horror.

      I sometimes feel like I don’t watch enough things but once I do, I also multi task. Like, I can’t really sit down and watch only one thing, I have to do something meanwhile, scroll through tumblr or something.

      Thank you so much! And you’re welcome!

  • Feeling pretty much the same about Riverdale! Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are doing fantastic in their roles but I think I also have a little issue with Archie’s character being a little lackluster but I think it might have the TVD effect where it’ll develop well enough by the end of the season. A lot of potential in the show to amount something great. 🙂

    • Agreed, I feel like some of the characters are so boring compared to others. And it’s weird, even though there’s a lot of thing happening to Archie, he’s not the one interesting me and making me tune in for Riverdale. Hopefully the end of the season will end with a cliffhanger that will leave us begging for more.

  • Logan was so good! It doesn’t make up for the shit the X-Men franchise has turned into, but it’s close.

    I love Big Little Lies, I hate Skarsgard’s character though. I love to perv on him so I was looking forward to his character, then he ends up being a douche.

    I hope your work week goes by fast! Thanks for the link!

    • Yeah, it almost makes up for the horrid mistakes the franchise has made.. almost. But imagine a whole franchise with those types of movies.. my god, that would be epic.

      Indeed, it’s a shame really that his character is so awful.. I’m curious to see where his development is heading though.

      I hope so too… it’s half way over but I also have Monday with a 13hour shift so.. a little longer than just a week. But.. I have a cold now! 😀 Like, seriously, karma hates me or something. 😀

    • Loved it.. there are some things that I’ve started to bother me afterwards.. like I saw this article thing about a certain thing but I will mention it in my review and it’s sort of a spoiler thing.. not really but I wouldn’t have wanted to know this before seeing the movie

  • Imdb näitab ikka väga valesti Big Little Lies’i osas, et millal osad välja tulevad. Alles paari päeva pärast peaks esimene osa välja tulema 😀 Samas kui tõmbama proovin hakata, siis näitab, et kolm osa on juba väljas. Igatahes tekitasid huvi selle sarja osas 🙂

  • Thanks so much for linking my review! <3
    I'm so happy to find someone else who is not a big fan of X-Men. I always try to give it a go, and X-Men First Class might be my favorite…but a lot of the movies never seem to pan out. Logan sounds incredible so I may try to give it a shot when I'm not rushing to see Beauty and the Beast. lol
    Big Little Lies is such a wild show. I look forward to the new episode every week, even more so than The Walking Dead. *send for help*

    • You’re welcome!
      Logan is by far my favourite,.. I’ve now seen it twice, that’s more than any other X-Men movie. 😀
      And I’m seeing Beauty and the Beast on Saturday because why the hell now.
      Well, I have the last episode to watch tomorrow but only after I’m done with everything else I was supposed to do today and didn’t.. saw two movies instead, shame on me!

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