cb68Last week was… it was mentally exhausting and it didn’t help that I worked six days out of the possible seven. I’m surprised I survived. I’m surprised that I managed to finish two books.. even though they were again adult romance novels which have become favourites as well as enemies this year. Honestly people, I need to pick up fantasy and I need to finish The Wise Man’s Fear! But before I get back to reading, here is a quick summary of the last two weeks.


Are you tired of my health problems already? Because I am. There is just so much one can take before they want to give up, and having seen no improvement in regards to my eyes, I’m starting to lose the optimism. Still seeing double, eyes seem less mobile than before and at my last doctor’s appointment, I heard the word surgery. Fun. Fucking. Tastic.

That being said, my new tattoo is healing very nicely and it looks amazing! If I add another piece to my arm, it will almost look like a sleeve already but there’s a long way to go. Plus, I think I might be adding a really small tattoo to my other arm because why the hell not!? That would bring my tattoo count to seven and the idea for the seventh tattoo is something really special for me, so it seems like I’ve already made up my mind.

Birthday came and went, and instead of throwing a party, I just hang out with my best friend / flatmate. She made the day fun, we saw two movies back to back (just wait for it) and what was an enjoyable Sunday was followed by a pretty bad Monday and an even worse week. Not that anything specifically bad happened.. There’s just a lot of things going on at work right now and my brain is literally processing too much information at once – add to it my own stupid problems and BOOM – you have a really not so happy me surviving one day at the time.


So with so much work to be done last week, I didn’t see anything but on my birthday, the Sunday before, I saw Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick Chapter 2. First of all, yes, that was the order of how I saw them (thankfully) and yes, I thought that Fifty Shades Darker would be a great movie to see on my birthday. That’s because I’m not a big fan of my birthday which means I like to torture myself every now and then. Turns out, Fifty Shades Darker is a perfect torture movie that has no actual torture or BDSM happening at all. More on that in my soon-to-be-hate-written review.

John Wick Chapter 2 was awesome though! Seriously, seriously awesome because it was exactly what I expected. Action packed, fast paced and filled with great stunt work, cinematography and visual appeal. It was stunning! I tweeted that it looked like a computer game based movie every computer based movie wishes it would look like. It was that special, and that unique to its own world. Honestly, I liked Chapter 2 more than the first one, not gonna lie. Partly because those mirror-room-scenes were s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g!

Today me and the roomie are going to watch Hell or High Water and hopefully it will be as good as I think it would be. I also would like to see A Cure for Wellness this week but I’m pretty sure I can’t because it won’t have any daily screenings and I’m working either long days or in the evening. And on Friday I’m going back to my hometown to rewind a bit and see the family because I haven’t seen them this year! But one movie a week seems alright.. though I do think I should watch La La Land this week too but I don’t really want to.


Two weeks ago I promised to watch Deadwood but I haven’t been able to sit down long enough to do so. What I did was catch up with Timeless instead. I like it enough to watch it while scrolling through Tumblr. I like it enough to actually ship the two lead characters even though one of them is desperately trying to bring back his dead wife. And that’s about it. I’m pretty much caught up with everything I want to be, including Nashville, which is getting on my nerves. Not because it’s bad but because it’s been focusing on everything else except Will and I love Will and Chris Carmack so please, please, stop focusing on the women so much. Half the appeal of this show are the supportive male characters and for three weeks it has been female drama central – I’m a little bit tired of it.

Atlanta just took two Writer’s Guild Awards, one for Comedy Show and the other for New Show winning over shows like Veep, Westworld and Stranger Things. Which reminds me, I really need to finish watching Atlanta. Like, soon.. but then again I have so many other things I need to watch and it’s like, once I fall behind, I’m done, I’m behind and it’s a never ending race to catch up to something that doesn’t exist.

Still haven’t made process with my TV schedule winter/spring list but I mean, I should know by now that none of my plans work out anyway. There’s just so much to do and for some reason I’m doing all the wrong things. But I will figure something out, I promise! I shall not leave you guys hanging!


Help me please.. I’m reading too much adult romance at the moment. I finished The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, liked it a lot, finished Kulti and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata, liked both a lot!, and then I finished Managed (VIP #2) by Kristen Callihan which I loved. That’s four romance novels in two weeks and I would like to say I hit my limit, considering how many fantasy books are waiting for me, but I’m afraid it won’t be it. I will try to steer away from this genre for a while though soI’m picking up Frostblood next.

Who would have guessed that me, who disliked Whip My Hair a lot way back when, would end up listening to Willow Smith and loving her vibe? I wouldn’t have thought it possible but here I am, enjoying her song Jimi pretty  much every chance I get. It’s so earthy and smooth, I love it. I also like Why Don’t You Cry and Female Energy, which is weird because I haven’t liked alternative sounding music in ages.. I guess I just needed to stumble on Willow.

Also, what the hell is this and please tell me that I’m meant to laugh at this because there’s no other reaction, this is hilarious!


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  • How far are you in The Wise Man’s Fear? I’m going nowhere with it and I am now in a reading slump.

    John Wick 2 was awesome although I didn’t like what they did to Ruby Rose’s character. She comes off such a badass and she has her great scene but it was not filmed to her advantage.

    I hope you do get better soon! Eye surgery must be scary I heard eyes have to be open (and I think you have to be awake) during surgery – I hope it doesn’t come down to that.

    Thanks for the link!

    • I’m half way done with it. I’ve loved every minute of it but I think I’m in a weird reading period of my life where I don’t want anything too serious. It’s been great though, no hard feelings towards it!

      I think Rose will be back… because John didn’t shoot her in the head which he always does even if his shot the guy like twice already. So I think they will continue on with her, in a way.

      Oh please not.. I hear “making room behind your eye” and I’m now thinking about doing that with my eyes open. Yikes. That would be not great!

    • I hope to see it this weekend sinceI didn’t get to see it on Monday. I’ve heard good and bad things about A Cure for Wellness.. I’m curious to find out where I will stand.

  • Sorry to hear your week has not been the best – hopefully those to come prove to be much brighter despite what may be going on at work.
    Cannot say I have watched any of the films (was there really no improvement with 50 Shades Darker?) or TV shows you have listed due to my current obsession with Asian dramas but I have seen a somewhat current web/TV drama that I think is quite intriguing – Riverdale. You seen that yet?

    • There was some improvement but just when I thought Ana couldn’t get any more naive, she did and that just ruined it all for me. She was so badly written in this, worse than in the first film.. my god.

      Riverdale has been awesome in my opinion! It’s fun, weird, a little dark – I’m liking it a lot.

  • So sorry to read about your eyes! I’m sure everything is going to be fine! Don’t worry about Deadwood I cannot get around to what I was supposed to watch either, still haven’t seen Accountant and most of Oscar nominated movies. And happy belated birthday!

    • Well, I try to not worry too much about anything lately. Just going from one appointment to the other and hoping somebody will tell me “there is improvement” or something. We’ll see if I get to Deadwood any time next month or the one after that.

      Hopefully you’ll get to see The Accountant soon now.. I’m not sure if it’s the sort of film worth the wait… but it’s worth a watch at least in my eyes.

  • Thanks so much for linking my rom-com post! <3 I wish I could be there to give you a hug. It's terrible about what's going on with your eyes. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. 🙂 I saw Fifty Shades Darker too. Oh goodness. It was just…BLAGH. Not that the first one wasn't, but seriously – Universal promoted it as a thriller???

    • Hahaha… thriller.. I can’t. It’s just.. everything about it is so wrong and yet there are women out there who are literally saying: “I loved Fifty Shades Darker! It’s so good!” …. I don’t understand what those women have instead of their brains because it isn’t a brain. 😀

      And you are welcome for the link! It was a very interesting read! 🙂

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