cb66Another week of accomplishing almost none of the tasks I wanted to do. I have not reviewed movies I wanted to, instead I skipped ahead and wrote about Split – which I saw last week. I haven’t figured out how to mix up my posting schedule at all, and I’m literally just posting Commercial Breaks and Thursday Movie Picks now. Not that I mind, I think they are fun posts to do, but man, I wish I had that extra motivation to actually post things! Maybe this week…


The results of my MRI that I was supposed to get on Friday were delayed and I found out today instead. Main point, the damage is definitely there and solidified.. or something like that. It’s really hard to translate this to English because it’s bunch of doctor talk and I can hardly understand it in Estonian. Either way, eyes are still fucked, and now I’m waiting for another doctor’s appointment – a doctor, I Googled her already, who has a very bad track record with giving out  appointments and keeping to her appointments. Oh joy.

Other than that, I’m feeling a little less like myself each week. I know this sounds depressing and I guess it kind of is, but having this constant problem following me around, it’s hard to keep your head up. I thought I was handling it well, but after 7 months of this shit, I think it’s slowly catching up with me and honestly, I’m tired. I’m tired of looking at myself in the mirror, tired of waking up in the morning and having to lay there for up to 15 minutes before my double vision goes away. I’m tired of having to wait for doctor’s appointments, tired of waiting for everything to get better and it not getting any better but just gradually getting worse. It’s just.. it just sucks, you know.

On a more positive note, I finally get to go to the movie quiz next month! I talked about this months ago, and ever since I went to the first one, I have not been able to go due to work. Now, finally, I get to go and I feel like I’m going to do great because the topic is sci-fi! And yet, I feel like if I fail to at least know most of the questions, I’m going to beat myself up for it. Sci-fi is my thing, it’s the topic I feel most comfortable with and it’s the genre I’ve seen a lot! So bring it on quiz!


I finally saw The Edge of Seventeen and even though my expectations were oh so high, I was not disappointed. It was funny and smart! Most importantly, it was a lot smarter than all these other teen movies that have come out in recent years. But, it was not perfect. One of the biggest issues I had with the movie was the main character Nadine. While I enjoyed her for the most part, especially the sarcastic part of her, she felt a little too naive for my taste. Now, I know, teenagers can be so naive, but considering the fact that she was very intelligent and an old soul, the conflicts she raised felt too forced. That being said, it is still a very good movie, and if it weren’t for my “no re-watch movies in 2017” rule, I would watch it again.

Also watched 4th Man Out which was a very surprising indie movie of a man who comes out to his three best friends. The movie was actually quite funny and sweet, which I wasn’t expecting because it has a very low Metascore and it has a rotten rating as well. Guess those things don’t matter really, because even with its flaws, 4th Man Out has a very positive message of friendship and acceptance. And considering the amount of “coming out” movies that feature the negative side of it, it’s great to see a movie that aims to be just the opposite.

In January, I didn’t really have great luck with the movies at the cinema, and I doubt February will be any better. Though, I have high hopes for John Wick 2 and A Cure for Wellness, which are the only two titles I want to see on the big screen. Sure, there is the Lego movie and Fifty Shades of Darker, but I’m not sure I will see those. Oh, and yes, I think about seeing Fifty Shades of Darker just so I could write a trash review of it! Those reviews are my favourite to write and the Fifty franchise is the perfect victim to my criticism.


Behold, here is a segment I use to repeat myself week after week – I haven’t seen much, and even though I was supposed to watch Twin Peaks, I only watched an episode. Which I’ve already seen three times, because every time I start watching Twin Peaks, I start from the beginning. I think I need to change my strategy. And I didn’t even try to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events! What I did do was watch half of season 1 of The OA and I LOVE IT!!!! There is something special about it, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

On other TV news, I just realised I never discussed Will & Grace being revived, which I should be excited about but ever since the Gilmore Girls horror show, I’m not thrilled about anything that is revived. Ever. So I’ll just have to wait and see. Also, I have to remind myself if I’ve seen every Will & Grace episode – which I think I haven’t, but I don’t want to know that because I wouldn’t have time to watch the show anyway.


Still reading The Wise Man’s Fear but I did quick read one the last book of the Spencer Cohen series – a gay-adult-romance book. Yes, I’ve been sucked into the world of adult-romance novels and I can’t get out. But with that last book I took my monthly record of books read to 11! Talk about a good start to the year. That being said, I really need to finish The Wise Man’s Fear because I’m 1/3 in and I know there is a lot of awesomeness yet to come.

New album love is a collaboration between Knxwledge and Anderson Paak called Yes Lawd! and it’s awesome! From way back when I stumbled on the song called Suede from said album, and only now I listened to the entire album. Worth the wait.


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  • I’m glad I’m not alone with Twin Peaks. I’ve watched the pilot episode of Twin Peaks three times now. I can’t get past it. One of my goals is to watch the whole series before the revival, but if I can’t get past the pilot episode, it’s not looking like I’ll catch up in time.

    • I have the exact same goal and I don’t know when that will ever happen considering the speed I’m going through it.. I’ve yet to watch the second episode! Like, that’s how slow this is going!!

  • I liked The OA. It got really weird, but I’ll definitely be watching season two.
    I see The Edge of Seventeen comes out on Netflix next month, I’ll give it a watch then.
    Thanks for the link!

  • 🙁 Goodness, this thing with your eyes is getting crazy, I am so sorry. I would be so flat about it, I won’t lie. I hope that you have an answer about what is wrong soon, as well as how to go about sorting it out.

    • Yeah… I know what’s wrong, I just don’t have any idea what the treatment is going to be. I’ll find out something tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment then. Thank you for the comment!

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