cb65Last week was mental. I had so many things to do and instead of resting today, I had a nail appointment and I took an extra shift for tonight. Granted, this extra shift tonight means free evening on Thursday so, I’m not really complaining! Haven’t seen any movies, not many shows, but I have read bunch of guilty pleasure books so at least I can say that last week  wasn’t a total waste of my time.


On Friday I had an MRI. Now, if you haven’t gone into a machine with big ass magnets, let me just tell you that it is not fun. Your whole body feels weird, you almost feel like you are literally being abducted by aliens, and all you want is that 30 minutes to be over as soon as possible. I’ll get my results this Friday, and from there, I will know what the next course of treatment for my eyes is. I’ve heard the word radiation couple of times now so.. I’m trying not to think it too much.

Other than that, everything has been the same. I’m trying to spend less money on unnecessary things, which is an interesting experiment. Also I’m getting a bit desperate at finding time to write reviews these days. I think that is also the reason I’m hesitant to watch more movies, because that would mean I’m very behind with my reviews. At this point, I’m not even sure these reviews will be relevant, but hey, I want to write about them… I just can’t seem to sit down long enough to do so.


As I said, I haven’t watched any movies but I’m going to the cinema on Wednesday to see Split. I’ve heard… things. But I don’t want to spoil myself with anything, and therefore I’ve tried to ignore almost everything about it. I think I’ve only seen the trailer, and that is enough for now.

Still fuming about the whole The Edge of Seventeen thing. I mean, they are showing it in Finland, how hard is it to show it in Estonia? What do I have to do to get it into the cinemas!? Can I bribe somebody? Should I start yelling!? Just, why me, why!

I’ll try to focus enough tomorrow to scribble down a list of my most anticipated 2017 movie releases. I’ve been meaning to, and I know I’ve been meaning to post a lot of things, but man, this month has come and gone like that. I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep track of Thursday Movie Picks! But then again, that series is such a great way to put out content that I’m always so glad when I’m able to post on Thursdays.


The only show I seem to be on track with, out of the new ones I mean, is Emerald City. Now, I have not seen The Wizard of Oz, yes shame on me, but I do know the overly shared plot, so I’m not completely unaware. Back to Emerald City.. I like it. Like, I actually think it’s being pretty brave and innovative, but then again, I don’t know how people who love the source material are feeling about it. How do you feel about it?

Everything else I have watched are shows that have come back. Sometime last week I even realised I was 5 episodes behind with Modern Family, so I watched those. I caught up with Nashville today, because it’s back and I love it! I honestly think it’s the perfect type of show to me.. and even the country music aspect doesn’t bother me. If anything, I do think Juliette’s character is being treated a bit unfairly because for the love of god, stop whining! The whole show is trying to birth drama out of these situations but sometimes the drama is just unnecessary!

Tomorrow though, and I hope I keep to my promise, I’ll watch The Series of Unfortunate Events! Or I mean, I will watch a few episodes at least. Because I do want to read, clean and then I have to go to get my hair cut, but other than that, I’m free as a bird! Oh no, except that I also need to write three posts. Well, I can fit that all in one day, I’m sure I can.


Adult romance genre is my new enemy. So please, help me stop, because if I continue with this rate, I’ll have read 70 books by summer and all of them have been new adult romance novels! But honestly, I’m not sorry I’ve read 8 books that are quick and short, I’m just a little.. I feel like I’m cheating a bit compared to last couple of years. That being said, I finished Nevernight and after the half way point in the book, it got so good! There is just this one things that I hope will be a twist in the future, other wise I’m going to be very very disappointed! I’m now reading the follow up to The Name of the Wind, my favourite book from last year, The Wise Man’s Fear which is almost 1000 pages so I wouldn’t feel too guilty about my guilty pleasure reads. Loving it so far!

Going back in time, I’ve been listening to Kid Cudi’s Man On the Moon album and for now, Solo Dolo is stuck in my head. Ed Sheeran’s single Castle On The Hill has a music video now and it’s so beautiful. I can’t wait for the video for the Shape Of You!


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  • Oh man! I feel like Split is the type of movie that you have to go in without reading up on it at all! I’m so scared of accidentally reading or seeing a spoiler! I’m hoping to also see it sometime this week! I’m excited to see what we both think of it!

    • Same. I see something Split related, I peek at the score and then just leave that page immediately. I think I’m going to like it though, I have a feeling it is going to blow my mind in a good way.

  • Crikey, I forgot how long The Wise Man’s Fear is! I’ve forced myself to read a longer book so I stop burning through my list so quickly 🙂
    I can’t wait to see Split! I’m trying not to read anything about it either, it only takes one glance at a spoiler to ruin a movie like that.

    • It is long but it doesn’t feel that long.. I mean, The Name of the Wind went past so quickly, even though I did read it for a week or more. But I don’t know if I can hang on and wait for the third one now.. I feel like the waiting will be torture….
      Indeed! Seeing a spoiler for something twisty is always the worst, because the movie looses so much of its magic that it can create when you’re watching it for the first time.

  • I adored Split! I am glad I went in without knowing anything about it, but I do need to see it again now. It’s one of those movies you can’t completely appreciate the first time through.

  • I hope your eyes are fine! I remember you writing something about that before, thought that was all taken care of :/ I’m sure it’s nothing serious! I recently caught up with Modern Family too, people whine that the show is not funny anymore but I still find it very entertaining

    • Well, it’s an infection and the first treatment didn’t work but there are other alternatives.
      I like Modern Family. I miss something but I think it’s still funny though.

  • I hope your eyes get better! It’s best to watch Split not knowing much or anything at all (although I did look at the rotten tomato rating and it seemed favorable). I liked it, and it was entertaining. I’m just staring at my copy of The Wise Man’s Fear; I haven’t read much as I would like to but I’ve liked what I’ve read so far.

  • I hate MRI’s. I have to get one once a year and it’s so annoying. They used to pipe music in there and now they don’t even do that. lol First world problems, I know.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Ugh, I hope they don’t send me back but I have no idea what is happening. I will get the results on Monday now, instead of today, and this waiting is just horrible. I’d rather know that sit here and wait..

  • Calling this “Commercial Break” is so smart! I actually smiled when I saw it!
    Anyways, I haven’t heard anything about Emerald City. Would definitely check it out. Hello, Google, my best friend.
    Also, I actually didn’t particularly like Castle On The Hill but somehow affection crept into my heart after watching the music video. Rather emotional!

    • Thank you so much! It took me a while to come up with that one. 😀
      Have you watched Emerald City already? I know my answer comes so late but I somehow had missed this comment way back in January and now that I saw it here I thought it was so rude of me for not answering.. I always answer comments but yeah, I guess not every time. 🙁
      I think Castle On The Hill grows on you in time, I’ve come to enjoy it more and more over time.

  • Thank you for linking my review! <3
    Keeping you in my thoughts, and hope the infection gets cleared up somehow! I've been meaning to watch Emerald City and the different way they're doing the story. Will have to check it out. 🙂

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