cb64Last weekend was a blur of work and materialistic drama. And in case you’re wondering what materialistic drama is or feels like, drop your phone into the toilet and find out. But you can trust me when I say that it’s unnecessary because it feels like your life is about to go down the drain and the quick math in your head, is already telling you to stop spending money on useless shit in case you actually need to buy something important!


My phone is fine by the way! That’s probably something I never expected, and even that one thing that was not working properly miraculously fixed itself, and now it looks brand new – from the outside. I’m sure there is something inside that got water damage, and I can swear there is a lighter area on the screen which luckily isn’t that noticeable. So I count myself lucky, beyond lucky, because how many toilet stories have such happy endings? I have a feeling that not so many.

Plan for this week is to survive, which sounds melodramatic but I’m working 6 days this week – granted, during two days I have 8 hour long training about work safety, but I count it as work because I have to get up at 7! I don’t appreciate the early waking hours, so I already know my week will be torture.

Two weeks ago I set up a new Instagram account, Fangirl’s Hideout, dedicated to books! I’m hoping to get some TV shows and movies up there as well, once I figure out how to take photos, and trust me, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Especially when you live in a country where the sun does not shine! During winter at least, because it has been cloudy and moody and dark for weeks. Good time to start an Instagram account, well done me!


Oh boy oh boy, I saw Moonlight and it was great! I loved the simplicity of it, and the topic it took on was treated admirably. The only thing, something that is my own personal pet peeve, is the damn ending. Man, I hate those types of endings in a way, not that they’re bad but because they take something from you, and never really give it back. That’s how the ending of Moonlight felt. I’m sure it’ll make more sense in my review, once I get my head around it.

This year I’ve made a little rule for myself, which I’m sure I’ll break soon enough, but who knows. Long story short, no rewatch movies! Last year I saw under 100 movies, and so many of them were rewatches, which is making my watchlist an ever growing mountain, that I will never tackle if I keep rewatching movies. It sounds simple enough but will see. I’ve made a small exception possibility for it, which is rewatching a movie that will get a sequel or a remake this year. Wish me luck!


My TV game has slowed down a bit since the beginning of the year. I’m yet to watch the other two episodes of Sherlock, but I’m going to watch it tonight. I’ve yet to watch the second episode to Taboo, and well, then there are those shows I still need to finish watching. Plus, A Series of Unfortunate Events came out and I have all of that to watch! In conclusion, I’m swamped with things and I don’t have enough time.

In addition, there are a few shows I want to binge watch soon, like The OA and Twin Peaks! Seriously guys, I’ve been starting and not finishing with Twin Peaks ever since the news of the revival hit the mainstream – so it’s been quite a while. And it’s not like I didn’t like the first episode, I thought it was great! Priorities, that’s what I need to get sorted, and putting Twin Peaks as number 1!


Started my first fantasy read of the year which is Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight. So far I quite like it, but the world building element of the book is mainly in the footnotes, which is bothering the hell out of me. It feels like I’m reading a school project, and it isn’t a good thing. The plot itself is quite interesting though, so I will finish it.

Nothing new has stuck with me this week but I’m sure I’m going to stumble onto a new favourite album soon. Plus, I’m not going to lie, I’m sort of looking forward for the Fifty Shades of Darker soundtrack. Last time, the songs were the best part of the movie, and I’m sure it will be the same this time around as well. Two songs are out now and Zayn’s one is pretty darn good.


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  • I’m following you on Instagram now!
    What do you think of Taboo so far? The trailer didn’t really give much away.
    I’m going to jinx it I’m sure but I’ve never dropped my phone into water, but I’ve heard many stories of friends who have and they haven’t ended happily! Glad yours is okay!

    • Woo! You know, I’ve still only watched 1 episode of Taboo which I really liked. I will watch the other two sometime this week, and then I’ll be able to give a better comment. Also, sorry for replying so late! I don’t know what happened, I’m usually so good at answering everyone!

      And the phone is still good.. so I’m one lucky mofo!

      • Ahh don’t worry! I tend to disappear completely over weekends, time just gets away!
        I’m watching Peaky Blinders right now and I’ve just got to Season 2 so my Tom Hardy needs are being seen to currently…ha!

  • But see, all the useless shit I buy seems pretty useful when I buy it. Man, I’ve dropped my phone in the bath a few years ago, it’s the worst. But, I learned that lesson, and never answered the phone whilst having a bath ever again!

    I’m so behind on movie watching I’m not even doing the Best of The Year lists this time (I guess it’s a film-resolution for this year). I’ve watched Sherlock, pretty meh I’m afraid. I still have to check out Taboo, is it good?

    Oh yay I’ll also be binging Twin Peaks in time for the revival, so now I know who I’ll be tweeting to ! 😉

    • Haha! My lesson is that always pat your pockets before you start taking off your pants! All of us have different lessons!

      I liked the first episode of Taboo, I will watch the other two soon so I’ll be able to give a better comment after those.

      And indeed, I need to watch the original because I really need to see the revival. Plus, I’ve only heard good things and its crime and investigative and I don’t know why I have pushed myself enough to finish it!

  • The ending of Moonlight hit me hard too, but it made me think a lot. I feel that the main character never really grew passed his experience as a teenager, and that’s terribly sad. It was heartbreaking. The whole film is heartbreaking, yet so powerful and so important. I hope it blows La La Land out of the water come Oscars.

    • It was just.. I haven’t been able to collect my thoughts about it yet, but it feels like unfinished. And with such a movie I feel like they should’ve given us a final answer. Haven’t seen La La Land yet.. and considering all the hate, don’t know if I should, I’m too scared. 😀

  • Good luck with the no rewatch rule. It’s so easy to go back to our old favorites, or just bump into them while flipping channels and get stuck watching them. Either way, it should be a productive year, movie wise, since you’re putting your mind to it. Glad your materialistic drama worked out for the best.

    Forgive me if this is a double post, but I’ve been having trouble commenting on WordPress sites, lately.

    • It is! It’s a comfort zone, even if the movie isn’t great, you know what you will get out of it and it’s much easier to turn to those types of movies instead of trying something new.

      And apologies for answering so late to this, I missed almost every comment here and I don’t know how that happened!? I’m usually so good with commenting back, I’m a little ashamed honestly.

  • Glad your phone is ok! I’m also catching up with Sherlock, but will be finishing A Series of Unfortunate Events first – I can’t stop watching it. Good luck on the no rewatch rule – I think it’s a great motivation to watch a lot more new movies out there.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Me too! I give it a thank you stroke every now and then, for being such a brave little boy! 😀

      I haven’t watched Sherlock yet.. nothing is pulling me towards it at the moment.. like, I know it is bad, so I keep away from it.

      So far the rewatch thing has made me not watch new movies, just not watch movies. Which I think is good for other things but we’ll see what happens. It’s only the first month.

  • Yay! I’m glad you saw Moonlight. While I loved the film, I hated the ending too. I wasn’t ready to leave, I wanted more.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Exactly!! It was like.. unfinished or something. I just, it bothered me and I guess it still does, since I haven’t really sat down to write a review about it.

      You’re welcome!

  • Thanks for linking my review! <3
    I have the same existential dread with toilets. I've lost so many sunglasses. They're not as expensive as a phone, but then it's like how can I pick 'em out of there? should I wash it off and keep wearing them or get new ones?…lol YUCK.
    It can be so hard to take Instagrams without natural light. My house has a lot of windows but it's like the sun doesn't shine through them in the right ways even in Florida. I try to use a LED overhead light which works a lot of the time but can reflect so harshly. I know exactly what you're going through. 🙂

    • You are welcome!!

      Sunglasses? Oh boy, haven’t lost those. I would gladly drop a pair of those instead of my phone though! And I guess I didn’t think of it at all, since it was just water, in something that deals with shitty stuff.. hahaha… but yes, I didn’t have time to think, I just dove after my phone like a mad woman!! 😀

      Oh man, all my lights are too yellow so the wash of yellow undertones is my biggest enemy. And well, there is not much natural light here in Estonia at the moment, so everything feels grey. Ugh, I just can’t win with this. I just have to push through! 😀

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