For the lack of a better word, I am exhausted. Mostly because I worked a pretty long week so I could have an easier second half of the month. But also because I’m constantly thinking how I’m going to send this blog to 2017 and how I will continue with its year 7. The thing is, 7 is my favourite number, and I feel like year 7 for Mettel Ray should be special somehow. The problem is, I have been blogging for six consecutive years and the last couple of years have felt like the blog has been on a standstill. Which is a good thing in a way but I want more, and I think, in the wee hours of last night, I realised what more is, and constructed a game-plan! So, without getting your hopes up too much, stay tuned for 2017, I’m might shake things up…


It’s been almost 6 months since I woke up with swollen eyes and it has been now almost 3 months since I started taking medication for my hyperactive thyroid. It’s now safe to say I’ better. I think I even surprised my doctor by responding to the medication so well and so fast. I have also been going for my eye-treatment once a week, which is a pretty time consuming process of traveling 30 minutes back and worth, and then waiting at the hospital anywhere from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours. But most of it is done, I have two treatments left, and I feel a lot better because I’m going to start 2017 with a healthier body. Now if I could only manage to stop dropping bar stools on my toe, which is now all shades of purple – ouch.

This week I’m heading back home for couple of days which is nice because the last time I went home was in October?.. which is the longest time I’ve stayed away from my hometown. I definitely miss going back home but sometimes I feel like I have made my tiny apartment room a very cosy home I don’t necessarily want to leave. But Christmas feast by my mother is something one does not want to miss out on! Plus, I’m visiting my grandparents as well, which means food and presents, and more food. That’s pretty much one of the biggest reasons I’m going home, the food and not doing anything else except reading and eating all day. Dream weekend!


Do not expect anything from this segment this week because I worked the entire week and saw no movies. I’m itching to see La La Land and Rogue One but I’m not sure when or if that’s going to happen. I feel like both movies are not movies that one would enjoy alone, so I’m looking for some victims to drag along. Those two are the most likely movies to end up in my Best Movies of 2016 list as well (since Moonlight is still not screening in Estonia), but looking back at 2016, I missed so many great movies! I saw under a hundred movies this year and it feels like I mostly saw mediocre ones.

My lack of interest in watching movies at home these past few months has really tampered with my mood. Plus, I haven’t been able to write reviews in a long time, which is frustrating because I want to but every time I sit down, I just have this mental block. But as a promise to myself, I will publish at least one review this week, which is going to be Nocturnal Animals. The others, well, either they will slowly dry up in the drafts folder, or I will post them next year in a collective post review which I actually hate and don’t really want to do. But who knows.


Where I fail at movies, I’m sort of succeeding with TV shows, though far from perfect in that front as well. Still haven’t been able to catch up with Atlanta, Scream Queens and The Night Of.. which is frustrating. But I have been watching Nashville again because the fifth season 2 hour premier has aired and I discovered I had stopped somewhere in the middle of season 4. I wasn’t sure why but a few new episodes and I remembered – Maddie is so annoying! I can’t stand her character development which I know is part of growing up but it’s just so horrible to witness.

If not this year, then at the beginning of the next, I will post a list of upcoming shows on my blog as well. I already saw a great list over at Little White Lies, which has 30 shows listed which is so much! This year has truly launched TV shows into a new level, there are so many big names going to television now, and they are doing exceptional work. So I’m thrilled for TV shows in 2017, and excited to see what we will see and who will appear on our small television screens next year!


Still reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss which is completely normal because the book is huge. But I have been enjoying it immensely which is why I already bought the second book in the series which is even bigger… My god, I don’t know how I will completely my reading challenge in 2017 because I pumped it to 70 books and I’m still hesitant to include comic books as books read. Though, if I start reading poetry collections, I might be able to read big fantasy books all year around and still meet my challenge!? That’s a great plan because seriously, I have so many hunky high fantasy novels, such as Black Prism, The Words of RadianceThe Mistborn Trilogy waiting for my attention. Can’t wait!

This year has introduced me to listening to entire albums instead of singles here and there. I’ve collected quite a few now and the latest being Kid Cudi’s Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’. One thing I have to say about this album, and this year in music in general, is the fact that it has been pretty high in terms of standards! So many great new albums, so many new discoveries for me personally and I feel like I’m a little bit of more aware of the music scene thanks to 2016. Still can’t hold a single note myself but at least I know how to appreciate music more.


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  • Another great Commercial Break! I reallllly want to go see La La Land! I had the opportunity to see it at TIFF but I didn’t end up going and now I really regret it! I saw Star Wars on the opening day which was completely unplanned. My manager at work actually asked if I wanted to skip work to see it with her and I definitely could not turn down that opportunity! I’m so glad you posted that Little White Lies TV Show list link! I love Little White Lies and I had no idea they did that! Not like I need to add even more shows to my list though haha! Great post and I hope you have a lovely Holiday! 😀 <3

    • I think my film festival didn’t show La La Land but I’m not 100% certain, but I hope they didn’t because then I don’t have to regret not seeing it sooner! I would love to get a day off from work to go to movies but unfortunately, if I’m scheduled to work, I gotta work. 🙁

      Oh yeah, that list is gold, I’m already kicking myself for reading it because it will be the end of my social life completely if I end up watching all the shows that peaked my interest from that list.

      And lovely Holiday wishes to you too!! Hopefully you have snow there in Canada as well because it looks like here in Estonia, it’s going to be another snowless Christmas.

      • LOL yeah I just wrote down 13 of the 30 that I think I’m going to try watching which is just nuts haha! Thank you! We definitely got dumped on here in Toronto! We have about 20 cm of snow in total that fell during three nights recently! We usually have a pretty snowless Christmas as it doesn’t snow as much in Toronto as it does in the rest of Canada as we’re pretty south compared to everyone else, but this year it looks like we’re going to have our fair share of snow! 😀 I hope you get at least a light dusting by Christmas!

        • I still have to sort out my list, I know I can’t afford to watch all the ones that caught my attention. Plus the ones I’m already watching.

          Man, you’re so lucky!! Build a snowman for me and couple of snow angels as well! The last time we had any snow during Christmas was maybe three years ago? But then again, I’m in the capital, which is by the sea, and we rarely have proper snow here.. in my hometown, there’s like more chances of snow, but it still looks pretty unsnowy this year there as well.

          • Right!? I feel like I’ll just have to binge half of these shows at a later date 😛 I will do my best to build you a snowman haha! Oh man, snow angels! I haven’t made one of those in a long time 😛 It seems like it’s kind of like British Columbia for you! British Columbia is on the west coast of Canada and right beside the ocean, they get a little bit of snow, but mostly rain 😛

  • Sorry to hear about your thyroid problem!! I was actually diagnosed with a hypothyroid five years ago, but it took forever to figure out that that was the problem. I was sleeping all the time and thought I had an iron deficiency, so I did all kinds of blood work. It’s a real pain.

    I’m itching to see Rogue One too…I’m either seeing it tonight or tomorrow. I’m surprised with the positive out-pour it’s been receiving as I wasn’t expecting that at all. Cannot wait!

    • I know right!? I think my problems started way before my eyes became swollen in July, and then I was diagnosed at the end of September.. for such a common disease, it sure took long to diagnose. I wonder if you would have seen my Commercial Breaks in the beginning of the summer, if you might have recognised the symptom? Though I think not everyone has swollen eyes.

      I’m going to see something tomorrow, but I don’t know which one yet for sure. But I’m just gonna go to the cinema and pick the next screening so it’s going to be either Rogue One or La La Land.

        • It’s actually a symptom apparently. It’s how I googled my way to the diagnosis because I suggested this test to my doctor and then they did the right tests, finally, and who knows if they would have gotten the right diagnosis without my help.

  • Here’s to a healthier 2017! Enjoy your Christmas break w/ your family. I just reviewed ROGUE ONE, really enjoyed that one. La La Land is good, though I feel that it’s a tad overhyped. As for TV, this past weekend was frigid cold (temps was MINUS 20+ Fahrenheit and that’s the *high*) so I hibernated all Saturday and binged on MEDICI: Masters of Florence on Netflix 🙂

  • It’s so good to hear you’re responding to your medication well. I hope 2017 is a much healthier year. I can’t wait to see how you shake things up for your blog. Wish I could see La La Land and Rogue One with you – bet we’d have a blast!

    • Thank you so much! I saw Rogue One alone eventually and well… I think I have to think about the way I phrase my opinion about it without offending everyone… I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it as much as everyone else. 😢

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