Some Game of Thrones spoilers ahead in case you live under a rock and haven’t seen it yet.

I know I’m late on the whole excitement-train-of-Game-of-Thrones-premier but I had a really long Monday, followed by an eventful Tuesday and I just didn’t have time to write down my thoughts. Besides, I knew I was going to take forever to get it all down which meant taking the entire morning to write this post. It will be filled with all of my Game of Thrones thoughts. In other words, get ready for a very specific Commercial Break guys, it’s going to be a doozy.

  • I know I posted something yesterday and I usually don’t do the two days in a row thing but I feel like if I push this Commercial Break any further, I’ll burst with feelings… there are many.
  • Firstly, Shameless finale was simply amazing and I can’t believe the things that happened! Though the season felt a bit shaky at times, I think the finale and Mickey story line made up for all of it. Plus, if you’ll read my upcoming Shameless season 4 recap later this week, you’ll know why I’m especially excited for the next season.
  • The major event everybody else is raving about is of course Game of Thrones premier and I loved it! There were some scenes that felt unnecessary and aside from the dragon scene, Daenerys didn’t really appeal to me in this episode. The change of Daario is also a bit confusing because he looks a lot hotter than previously and it’s harder to dislike a man with a bit of scruff.
  • I don’t know if  not liking Daenerys is because her character become a bit annoying in the previous season with her new politics and all but I’m not as excited to see her clips as I was in season 1. Obviously I’m thrilled to see some dragons fighting over a sheep corpse but I guess I’m more excited about other story lines this season.

jaime lannister 1 jaime lannister 2

  • One of which is of course the return of Jaime Lannister to Kings Landing – the new haircut is simply gorgeous and he’s sporting some gray hairs in his golden locks which suits his character so well. He had a rough season, with loosing his hand and all, but hopefully the friendship he developed with Brienne will be the best thing that happened to him.
  • Everything that is happening in Kings Landing is interesting to me to be honest, every character has something happening that is worthy to discuss but I can’t stop thinking about Sansa this season. She hasn’t been my favorite, she started off as annoying to me and then I simply felt for her and now, she’s slowly becoming more interesting and hopefully stronger. Hopefully some of that strength will come from Tyrion because though she has many reason to hate the Lannisters, Tyrion is definitely the exception.
  • I’m still super excited about Arya as well, she’s been my favorite from the start and her growth into a ruthless killer is some great character development. It’s scary, yes, but it’s also extremely thrilling to see her take lives but I was expecting her to say the words valar morghulis because that’s the part in the books that makes me shiver every time.
  • Also, the Hound is redeeming his bad qualities each time he defends Arya and even though the scene in the inn was brutal with all that stabbing going on, I loved every bit of it.
  • Though Arya is my favorite Stark, I’m sensing a bit of love growing for Jon Snow season to season. I never really disliked him but his adventures in the last season were very interesting and even a little bit funny at the times, so he’s becoming more and more essential. Hopefully he is united with Ygritte soon and there won’t be any wounds inflicted but more of that skillful kissing Snow is famous for.
  • There wasn’t any Bran in the first episode and I was surprised I was waiting for him. Bran’s supernatural skills make me extremely excited about his plot, I’m thinking he’s super important for the future but what do I know, I can’t seem to get past the third book but since the season started I’m itching to read instead of writing my thesis.. this isn’t good  guys, not good at all.
  • Finally, the big wedding is coming up and well, it will be epic as far as I’ve heard and like everybody else, I can’t wait.

oberyn martell

  • Last Game of Thrones thought – Oberyn Martell ladies and gentlemen! Now, as far as introducing a new character to the series, I think Oberyn did very well. Just the right amount of scary, appealing, interesting and hot for my taste. And I’m thinking he’ll be my favorite this season.. I don’t even mind if he is really bad, like a very bad man.. I like him a lot!
  • Since my last post, I’ve seen two review worthy movies – The Grand Budapest Hotel and Short Term 12. I can hopefully get my thoughts down soon because whilst I have a week off from work, there’s a lot of thesis to be written and well, I might take a break guys! Sorry, I know, I’m still considering my options but it might be the best thing to do…
  • Also saw the newest Captain America and though I love me some Sebastian Stan with a strong hand, I wasn’t super thrilled about the overall movie.
  • And how the hell can people leave before the credits end during a Marvel movie screening? This just goes to show, movie people and regular people are never on the same page and considering me and my friend were the only ones in the theater who remained in their seats to watch the final final scene, the regular movie people are everywhere!
  • The Mindy Project disappointed me so much! I get the fact that putting two leading characters together is risky but breaking them up as fast as they did… hurt so bad! I just.. I can’t think straight.
  • On a more happier news, I got a new book by Rainbow Powell called Fangirl. Talk about a book title that just hits all the right buttons. Her previous novel Elanor & Park was quite good except for the ending so I’m excited to read it during my shift at work this weekend.
  • The reason I don’t read Game of Thrones at work is because I’ll be too lost in it to even care for customers… so a simple young adult novel is a much better choice. It’s good enough for entertainment and light enough to notice things happening around me – there’s a lot of skill that goes into reading/being aware of your surroundings and I’ve mastered it with young adult novels.
  • There’s still no sign of Maze Runner coming to my bookstores, it’s available online and I guess I have to go with that option soon because I can’t wait any longer.
  • Speaking of things I can’t wait, Orphan Black’s new season starts soon and I’m super thrilled about everything that’s going to happen. I’m so glad for Canadian shows sometimes.. so glad.
  • There’s Remedy for instance, a medical drama that fills the void of Grey’s Anatomy in my life and it’s enough for now. Canadian shows also have a different vibe to them, a good vibe, the kind of vibe that is satisfying for some odd reason.
  • Though a lot of things might be happening in April I’d like to share, I guess my Shameless recap post will be the last one this month… or at least for the time being. I’m not saying this with 100% certainty, I might do a commercial break post now and then but I seem to be ignoring my thesis and focusing on blogging instead and like I said, it’s not good.
  • Will this be an official goodbye, I’m on a break post, probably not, if I decide to do this there will be an official announcement post next week but I’m just letting you all know so it won’t come out of the blue.
  • For now, I’m all out of news and ready to write my Shameless recap because that’s what caused me some emotional discomfort this week and I’ve heard writing about it helps.. hopefully it helps because these feelings are too painful right now.



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This is it, the commercial break is over.. the movie’s back on in 3, 2, 1 …


  • Oh,Oberyn isn’t a bad man! 🙂 I’m sensing focusing on the thesis and not reading the third novel may be very beneficial for both, based on your points here if you stay away from spoilers you’ll be very surprised and emotional this season 🙂

    Looking forward to your Shameless recap!

    • Well, for Lannisters he might be really bad! 😀

      I’ll try to write it up for Sunday or something but maybe sooner. I have work this weekend and I plan to write my thesis tomorrow (hopefully) so I don’t even know when I’ll be able to gush about Shameless.

  • Love your Game of Thrones thoughts! But I hate Jaime’s haircut..give me shaggy haired/bearded Jaime any day.

    Danaerys really did peek with “Dracarys” her story IS pretty boring from here. I too, love Sansa. I thought she was so annoying in GoT, but once I started reading CoK, everything changed immediately for me.

    • I like him cleaned up a bit.. though I do enjoy some scruff… I guess a lot of characters have great character development.. besides, their teenagers which I keep forgetting so I figure Sansa is only now growing into a woman she will be.

  • I love all the links here, thank you for including me! I loved your GoT discussion (and the premiere itself!) and this Oberyn dude? Interesting, to say the least… 😀

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    before but after going through a few of the articles I realized
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