commercial-break-58Another Friday is upon us and I’m at work and this post is scheduled, like every other post I have posted this year. Alright, I might be exaggerating a little, there might be a few I have written and straight up posted, but I love to schedule guys, I love it! So, from this random intro, let’s see what I did last week!


So, I went to Finland, got back, had two days off during which I met a fellow movie-lover named Stevee who you might know from Cinematic Paradox! And as far as meet ups go, it was my first, I loved it, and I kind of wished some of her writing magic would rub off on me, but I guess we can’t always have what we want. But as far as eventful weeks go, last week was great in so many ways I can’t believe it all happened. Too bad this week has been a boring work-filled-shenanigans-free-adventure-lacking-cousin of last week.

Anyhow, that was so random, so shall I continue with some randomness? Well, I didn’t have a sip of alcohol last month, and I might as well not have any in November either. Why? Well, at the beginning of the month I got myself a new tattoo which meant no wine, beer or cider for two weeks. After that, I was working a lot so, no wine, beer or cider. And now, now it’s like a personal challenge of how long I can keep this thing rolling. I’m thinking pretty long because I’ve always been a bigger fan of coffee and water than alcohol anyway.

On Monday though, I’ll be going to Daniel Sloss’s stand-up for the second year in a row… I know, I’m 100% certain, I will have an amazing evening! That man will not disappoint! This time, I’m sitting in the second row, so I will see him up and close throughout the evening.

By the way, I’m so behind with the times. Not just books that I really want to read, not just movies I really want to see, but writing posts and planning the end of the year posts! That’s right guys, it’s almost the end of 2016… I can’t really understand this, it feels like I did almost nothing this year (which is not true but feels like it). And is it me, or does 2016 feel a little weak in terms of movies? Stevee and I actually had a conversation about it because it feels like 2015 had so much awesomeness, and this year, well, Deadpool and Civil War.. and that’s about it.


Sorry guys, this is going to be a short one because that’s right, I’m still going nowhere with going to the cinema and I just.. this is making me quite sad now. Like, I’ve missed out on so many movies, and I feel like if I’m not going to see Doctor Strange in the cinema, something’s very very wrong.

I do feel like I will make it up during November because Black Nights Film Festival is happening, I’m on my vacation, and I plan to see at least 4 movies. Four because the tickets are quite expensive, and four because I’m getting a new tattoo this month and those things are a bit on a pricey side. But four festival movies, if I pick carefully, will most likely make my 2016 a lot better.


This fall I’ve been extremely good with keeping up with shows. The only ones I’m not caught up with are the ones I like to binge watch, which are The Fall and Scream Queens. Lucky for me, I work so much, I’m at minimal risk to see some major spoilers. Except that one I accidentally stumbled on, but I’ve already forgotten about it.. sort of. I’m also a bit behind with Westworld but I’m on it, I promise!

Since I posted my Fall/Winter TV schedule, I haven’t really found anything new but I have been enjoying Timeless more than I thought. Eric Kripke just has a knack for creating likable characters, though, this time, that character is portrayed by Matt Lanter – who would have guessed. I don’t care for the female character, there’s not enough personality at this point to really love, but the show is fun, and for now, that’s enough.


Since I could not finish Frankenstein – shame on me! – I picked up multiple easier books last month, and this week. I don’t even think I will count the last one part of my reading challenge because it was like 100 pages or something. But I will, this month, read Six of Crows and Empire of Storms! I just have to!! AND finish Frankenstein!

Still on my mind, Twenty One Pilots… I mean, I miss them already, I want to see them again and again, because I feel like I missed something. I missed a part of the show that was taking place in the pit, but I also miss the feeling I got during their set. Man, they are amazing live! Come back. Do it again! Let me see the magic happen!


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  • That’s so cool, meeting a fellow blogger! I wish Stevee still wrote at CP, I loved her enthusiasm.

    I could totally give up coffee, except my morning café au lait (not pretentious, just don’t know the english word for it??). Now, a good red wine? No way. It feeds *my soul*. And doctors say it’s good for you 😉 haha

    I want to thank you for recomending This Is Us in your tv post because I’m all caught up with it and it is AMAZING. TV needed a good family / love / diversity drama with a big heart, and This Is Us is pretty close to perfection so far. And the way they’re slowly revealing the connections between the characters is very clever, too.

    • It was awesome, I definitely would like to meet more. 😉 And I do too, but she has her hands full with studying and traveling, which is equally cool.
      If I had the choice between coffee and wine…. coffee wins, I can’t help it. The aftermath of wine could be so brutal and I feel like I’m not 100% me a day after a glass/a bottle of wine. It just, it’s not worth it. I had a bit of a party last Friday and now a glass of wine on Monday, but I feel like that’s it for this month. Don’t really need more.

      Oh that’s awesome! And it is very heartwarming and heartbreaking too, because I know Milo’s character can’t be apart of the real-time timeline and it just.. it breaks my heart!

  • lol “wasting my words” sounds about right. Therapeutic though, venting.

    I miss Stevee, I wish she still blogged. I loved reading her posts. At least she’s still on Twitter.

    Thanks for the link!

    • Well you did say you wasted too many words on it so I figured it represented the review the best. 😀

      Oh and I think we all do. Her writing was one of those things that inspired me to improve and look at me now, from 200 word posts to 1000 word posts, ain’t nobody stopping me either! 😀

  • So cool you got to meet Stevee! It sounds like you two had a wonderful time. I totally agree about your guy’s thoughts on 2016; there weren’t a lot of excitement with movies this year. Hope you’re able to stay on track with drinking less alcohol. What kind of tattoo did you get? I’ve always thought about getting one.

    • It was super cool! We were discussing this year’s lack of good movies for a pretty long time, we would have loved to hear your thoughts as well.

      Like I said to Sofia, I had a bit of too much to drink last Friday, then a glass of wine on Monday, and now I think I’m good. No need for more alcohol. 😀

      And tattoo.. uhm, a flower motive in a triangle. Has no real meaning but it reminds me of the concept “think outside the box”. I have now 4 tattoos and the 5th one will be on my body on the 21st.. I think I’m addicted. 😀

  • Aw I’m sorry that my writing skills didn’t rub off on ya! But to be honest they’ve disappeared to make way for my academic writing skills which is far more boring.

    Also yeah what the hell, how is it November already? Where are all the good films? Have a blast at POFF though! The programme looks great.

    • Academic writing, oh, I actually miss it a little. At least I had structure and rules to guide, here, I ramble and ramble and nothing makes sense. But I shall improve my skills, years later, I’ll still be improving them.

      There are no good films.. though…I’m seeing Manchester by the Sea this Sunday at the festival so…. I have a feeling my Best Movies of 2016 might get a pretty good contender.

    • Well, some have said it’s their favorite, so it’s hard to navigate through the classics.. I think it is alright but I mean, I wish I got through it. Reading everything else right now except Frankenstein!

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