Last week was mental to say at least, and the end of this week is all about recovering for me. Recovering, and trying to sort out a few blog stuff before the year ends. And even though I know I won’t be able to go to the movies this weekend, I’ll hope to see some movies at home.


I did some extra hours last week so I could have a bit of a simpler second half of the month. For instance, I only had three work days this week – and yes, the extra hours were worth it. I’m back at my hometown for the weekend, and going to the theater this evening with mom. Other than that, I’m sitting here, drinking my coffee, and wondering where has this year gone?! It’s October already!

Me and my roommate gathered our movie-smart friends and went to a film quiz – we sucked! I mean, we got 17,5 points out of 40 so we achieved something, but still, it was so difficult! And we couldn’t answer Saving Private Ryan because in that moment, your head is a blank.. I did get Sin City right, which is weird, since I saw it ages ago, and I don’t recall it that well. There’s a new one in November and it’s like a tournament – we’ll try to participate and not suck next time.

Also, I’ve contracted a cold.. so that’s fun.


Like I said in my post in the beginning of this week, I haven’t been in the cinema for so long that I’m having withdrawal symptoms. And I’ve been trying watch movies at home but that hasn’t worked out either. I just suck. Oh, but I did watch The Ghostbusters remake… and it was blah. The reason it was blah – I almost forgot to mention it. But Hemsworth was great, so dumb, I loved it!

I do want to see a lot of movies, like Captain Fantastic and It Follows because it’s October and I should watch at least one horror movie. And something like The River Thief caught my eye. So I mean, there are a lot of choices, just.. no time, or no motivation at the moment.


Now, TV shows are on to a better roll at the moment. I watched Westworld’s first episode, loved it. The Fall is back, I’ve seen the first episode only though. This Is Us is great, two episodes in! And I’m contemplating to finish watching Nashville before the new season begins – I only need to watch some episodes from the 4th season. So yes, I’ve been watching something, but not all of it though. So room to improve for sure!


I finally finished a book, and it was a YA one because I haven’t been able to pick up Frankenstein at all, so I thought, YA will help me out. Holding Up the Universe was okay, I think I appreciated more than I loved it because the diversity of the characters. What I didn’t appreciate was the romance because I’m so sick of every boy-girl relationship turning romantic. But oh well, the diversity gets a big plus!

Lately I’ve been repeat listening Anderson Paak’s Malibu album, and I’ve got a few favorites from it. Am I Wrong and Silicon Valley are up there, but the whole album is just a smooth and enjoyable ride. But I should start listening to Twenty One Pilots soon, just to get myself ready for their concert on the 25th! OMG, it is so close!!


 FlixChatter discusses Bridget Jones’s Baby that I want to see even more now

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Big Screen Small Words saw Swiss Army Man

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  • Thanks for the link! I’m thinking of watching Captain Fantastic too; I haven’t watched a lot of movies released this year. I heard a lot of good things about Westworld, I’ll be giving it a go soon, hopefully I like it as well.

  • Film trivia is so much fun but omg, they can be tough to think on the spot. You guys did great!
    I can’t wait to see The Fall; haven’t checked out the first episode yet but crossing my fingers it’s good. Hope you have a good October checking out horror movies! 🙂

    • We were all movie lovers and we did not do so well! I mean, it’s supposed to be fun and a bit competitive so I mean, go for it! It’s like those games where you have to do something during a limited time, and your brain just gets empty, no matter how much information it holds usually. It’s fun.

    • Yes! It’s like one of the few shows I’m on track. I’m.. confused. And I can’t wait for more things to be revealed. I bet they will leave us with a major cliffhanger at the end of season 1 though..

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