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Is it Thursday? Or is it Monday? I can’t tell, I honestly can’t tell the difference because I’m too tired to keep track of time. And I only seem to function on  my own special time schedule that doesn’t care about what day it is – coffee, work, eat, coffee, sleep, work, eat, sleep.


I’m alive. That’s how I felt after Sunday when I was going home from work. Needless to say,  my first two weeks back to work after the vacation have been  crazy. Two Mondays ago, we had our company’s Summer Party and … alcohol. So when I had to go to work on Tuesday morning, I was exhausted. And then I continued to go to work every day last week (6 days)- super fun! Then I went to Tartu (I work in Tallinn, I’m originally from Viljandi, I lived in Tartu for 3 years – there, some Estonian  geography for you!), visited my best friend while going to two different doctors – this took 3 days. Then I came back to Tallinn, and have now worked 4 days out of 8… and now I’m not surprised I haven’t managed to write anything in two weeks!

But great news guys, I got an unconfirmed diagnosis in regards to my puffy eyes – an overactive thyroid! Now I’m waiting for a call to go in for  more tests, because clearly specific blood test about hormones isn’t enough, and then I’ll finally get medication that will make me healthy again. Fingers crossed. And hopefully that concludes my 2,5 month adventure where 5 doctors thought it was an allergy, and the last allergy doctor was like: “Why are they sending you to me, you clearly don’t have an allergy!” (By the way, I myself mentioned thyroid to the last doctor, and she said that it didn’t look like it, but look at me, diagnosing myself with Google – you just have to look past the cancer and the tumors!)


I haven’t watched anything to be honest. And this will be the theme to each subchapter of this post, I haven’t watched anything and I haven’t read anything. I do want to see Sully at the cinemas, because I’ve heard good things, and I think I finally need to watch Captain Phillips.

Plus, since the new Bridget Jones is getting positive feedback as well, I’m probably going to see that one soon. Maybe on Wednesday, because it’s already out here and well, I need some laughs. I’d watch the first two today but I have to work.

But, luckily, my second half of the month and the beginning of October is less work-filled, so I could see Snowden and Miss Peregrine and Deepwater Horizon! I’m excited for all of them, especially the last one, because it seems like a really good action thriller with Dylan O’Brien!


Okay, I lied a little, I have seen something, and that something is Donald Glover’s new series Atlanta! I liked the first episode, it seems very artsy and a bit weird, which is exactly what Glover feels like. I’m excited to see where this series is going to take off to.

Also, I watched a bit of The Night Of which is amazing! I think I watched 3 episodes, or maybe 4, but I haven’t had the time to continue, which I will definitely do. Riz Ahmed is so great in this! He stood out in the Nightcrawler as well, but here, he shines all on his own, which is brilliant!

Also took a look at Fleabag, which is a series that is based on a play by the same name and stars the creator Pheobe Waller-Bridge. It is awesome. It is funny, but it has a dark undertone that surprises you in the end. It’s British humor at its best, unapologetic, sarcastic and hilarious!

For some years now I have done posts about new TV series premiering either in fall or spring, this year, I think I’m gonna do it again. Though I’m going to be a little late with it, because, life. Maybe at the end of this week, maybe next week, who knows. I would want to have seen some of them though, so maybe even next month.


Alright, I’ve been slowly going through The Raven Cycle books, and I’m almost done with the third one. I loved the second one! but the first and the third are a little bit less great for me. Maybe it’s because the second one focuses on a specific character who I love and there hasn’t been enough of him in the third. Such a shame. I also purchased and finally received The Mistborn trilogy which will be my next read! The books look fantastic, and I have no doubt that I will love them because Brandon Sanderson.

Despite the mess Kanye’s runway show was, his new music video Fade is a great success! I love it, I have had it on repeat for a week now, and I still can’t get enough of it. I have it playing on the background now, I would listen to it until I’m tired of it, and who knows when that will happen!?


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