My vacation is coming to an end soon, Monday marking its final day and I’ve been fairly productive. I’ve watched some shows, I’ve done some posting, and drafted many others. I read, I went mushrooming and I spend some time with the family. All in all, I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, put thrilled to get back to work mode.


Life’s going like it has been for the past week – slow and steady. My eyes are starting to look better which is horrible, since that means I’m allergic to something in my makeup collection or the makeup remover. So… I guess I have to start testing after my eyes are okay.

Since I’m planning to start saving for something new and shiny, I don’t really have the time nor the money to change my makeup around. Either way, I’m in a sticky situation right now, but at least my eyes are starting to look more human.


After watching Bad Moms at the cinema, I wanted something good and I watched The Fundamentals of Caring with Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts. I loved it! It is probably one of my favorites this year. It’s not very flashy and in your face great movies, but it’s this subtle, funny take on a relationship and both actors were brilliant.

Then I rewatched Brooklyn. Then tried to watch The Craft but got bored. So then I tried to watch a sports movie, When a Game Stands Tall, which was meh so I didn’t finish it. I started watching it for Matthew Daddario in the first place, so I figured it wasn’t worth it.


Everybody will get to see something mental tomorrow, which will be my wrap-up of Stranger Things. I watched the series in two days, it was amazing, and I when I sat down to write about it, I just couldn’t stop. So tomorrow, if you have seen the show already, you can read my long ramble about its characters and overall appeal.

Then I stumbled on Fleabag, which is a British comedy based on a play by the same name and it’s brilliant. It has heart, emotion but most importantly, the leading lady is a very compelling character. Definitely made my week better.


After finishing the fourth Harry Potter book I had a little reading slump. I picked up this YA romance book, and it pretty much made me dislike reading. I stopped and picked up The Raven Boys instead and now I’m back at it! I hope to get to finish the third book this weekend, and if I push myself, I might even finish the series this month.

I’ve been sucked into The Chainsmokers and Closer has been playing quite a lot considering I’m not a big fan of pop music anymore. A few plays more and I would be tired of it. But a biggest music event this week, Frank Ocean‘s new album is out and so far, Solo is my favorite song on the album!


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