Since I’m having one of those inner-need-to-write-kind-of-motivation feelings at the moment, I decided to sit down and chat about stuff in general before I loose this sensation! Reason why I’m worried about this is mostly because I’ve been really trying to finish up my thesis and that is, putting it lightly, exhausting my brain. It’s nowhere done though, which is the most frustrating part but for now, I’ll try to keep this Commercial Break movie/TV-show related as per usual.

  • So I held an event last week called Veronica Mars Week which meant publishing 3 posts about the show and finally a movie review. Since the movie just came out, I figured the topic is current, plus I wanted to test myself whether I can handle weekly events and turns out, if I put my mind to it, I can.. next time I’m gonna take a lot more time to prepare though.
  • I didn’t really advertise it because it was a very spontaneous idea but I’m definitely considering doing something similar in the future and maybe a bit more in-depth and serious, which is something I’m not at the moment, at all.
  • Like I mentioned, I’m in the process of writing my thesis, so watching movies and writing my blog is pretty much me taking a break from all that theoretical stuff. Therefore, I’ve been watching very shallow and stupid movies because it’s just a nice way to switch my brain off for a while.
  • It’s not something for everyone but it works for me and so far this has lead me to experience the following movies: So Undercover, Prom, Picture Day, Detention and Better Living Through Chemistry. First two where typical Disney flicks, Picture Day, starring Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black, was actually a great coming of age story but nothing beats Detention!


  • Whilst I gave Detention a very low rating, there’s just something about this odd, completely crazy and illogical horror style movie. I can’t put my finger on it, I disliked it pretty much from the beginning because it lacked structure and it felt messy throughout the whole thing, but it was sort of meaningful… I think.
  • Bottom line, Detention was weird but expect to see a post about it soon because there was this one thing that stood out and I’m sure you guys will appreciate it as well!
  • In between my studies and watching mindless movies, I also try to stay in touch with the outer world things which means getting on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. My number one source for everything Game of Thrones related is obviously the lovely Margaret but I do venture into the Thrones world myself sometimes.
  • Just the other week I read an interview, which is something I for some reason rarely do anymore, with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Details magazine (it took a lot of willpower not to stare at the pictures for hours instead) and may I just say, that man is just so lovely it hurts.. it literally hurts. Speaking of things that hurt, let’s all take a minute and appreciate this picture of Nikolaj for a minute.. or an hour.


  • I don’t know if it’s the hands or the seductive nature of that jawline or everything about his profile or even the fact that he’s on his tiptoes but I just can’t stop staring at this photo! 
  • Despite Nikolaj’s strong influence on me lately, my most passionate obsession has probably been everything to do with The Maze Runner! I’ve watched the trailer countless of times now and it just gets better each time.
  • I know what you’re probably thinking, yet again another dystopian young adult novel based movie, yes, I’m aware of the trend BUT it centers a male lead AND the author is a man as well – this kind of changes things, a little. Also, anticipating the lack of success that will fallow Divergent, I’m assuming The Maze Runner will be this year’s teen-blockbuster.
  • And though I’m definitely not a teenager anymore, I’ll be running to that premier because I’ve yet to mention the best part, it stars Dylan O’Brien! You all know how I adore him and it’s about time he got his big break because his work on Teen Wolf this season has been epic!
  • There’s also a lot of other familiar faces in The Maze Runner, the dude from Love Actually and Game of Thrones is there, the girl from Skins and that breakout star from We’re The Millers. But I seem to have developed a problem of only caring about Dylan at this point.

  • Speaking of problems, what the hell is up with this weather!? Now, I’m a big fan of winter because I prefer the possibility of layering up instead of suffering in the heat but this whole here’s spring, here’s winter, here’s spring again act is getting on my nerves.
  • The most frustrating thing about it is that I can never figure out what to wear outside in those rare occasions I actually venture out of my house. Whilst on my two week vacation (which was filled with thesis writing and not being productive), I constantly struggled with this and though it might seem a bit shallow, it’s just simply because my current mental state is on the verge of frustration.
  • I blame the early-spring-time-moodiness and my thesis.
  • Anyway, I did do something non-study related that was productive, I listed all my shows I’m currently watching on my tumblr and it turns out, I’ve been quite selective this year – only 23 shows and some of them will finish soon or haven’t even started yet.  This may seem a lot but trust me, this number used to be extremely high, closing in on 40!
  • Either the selection of shows is getting less entertaining (very few new shows from this year stood out) or I’m simply getting bored of shows running for ages now (Bones, Gray’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory).  Also, I’m considering a marathon with few shows I just haven’t bothered watching on a weekly basis (Suits, The Walking Dead, The Originals, Arrow).
  • Enough now, this posts seems to be going on forever and I have things to do, places to see… not really, but you get the point!



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This is it, the commercial break is over.. the movie’s back on in 3, 2, 1 …


  • Thank so much for the link! Writing a thesis is a bitch, but at least it’s something with structure to do, I have so much to read and write for my work I don’t even know where to start.

    Wait, you watch 23 shows and your schedule doesn’t have Parks and Rec or Veep? That’s not right 🙂

    GoT is a freaking endless well of hotness. Nikolaj is such a sweet guy, I love interviews with him – his Details phtoshoot is indeed….eye catching. Last year i was on Robb’s train, now I’m on Stannis’ (they cast waaay too good looking actors for all those parts), next year I’m probably gonna be on Greyjoy train if they cast Mikkelsen as one of those, fans really want this to happen.

    • I just found out my deadline for the thesis (something I was not aiming to know because now I have the pressure of maybe not being able to finish it) and now panic mode!

      I’ve watched Veep up until the latest season but I have yet to catch up with Parks and Rec.. I don’t know why, I’ve cut so many comedy shows from my schedule with just Baby Daddy (probably the most stupidest and yet lightest entertainments out there) regularly next to Modern Family.

      GoT has such great actors! I mean, I hate Iwan Rheon’s character but Rheon himself, I mean, yummy! And that goes for so many of them it’s crazy.. where are these hot people in my country I ask, because I can’t seem to find them!?

  • Love your commercial break posts! Nikolaj is a total dream boat. What’s your thesis on? I did one last year and it was a total drainer but the feeling of relief when it was all finished made the experience totally worth it!

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