comic-con-2016-ticket-badge-info-picSo many news from Comic Con happened last week that I’m not sure were to start. And since I was at work, I of course missed most of these news and got to catch up today.


Thank you all for your kind words in regards to my health! With all your wishes and hopes that my eyes get better, I really was hoping it would, but so far no luck. This morning I woke up and my allergic reaction was pretty bad, the ugliest I’ve seen yet – and I’ve been taking medication for almost three weeks now. My best guess is that I’m still in contact with whatever causes the allergy, and the only way to cure it is to remove that thing from my life. I just hope it isn’t what the eye doctor thought, which was paper – because books!


Many new things were shown during Comic-Con, and Doctor Strange‘s trailer was one of those things. It looks cool. Not sure about all that world-reshaping that’s going on, but I’m hoping it will look cool with 3D and won’t make me sick. Then we got a first look at Luke Cage.. who, for the life of me, I still don’t find appealing at all.

We heard some casting news as well. Michael B. Jordan will be going from the disaster of a movie Fantastic 4 to Marvel’s Black Panther, and Lupita Nyong’o will join him. And Brie Larson is our Captain Marvel, which is something that I’m quite happy about! She will be the one making the first female-lead movie special, I’m sure of it! And Daredevil comes back for a third season which is not surprising.

Netflix is throwing Marvel at as in full speed. We only don’t have Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, we also have Defenders and Iron Fist. And then FX got their foot in the door for the Marvel Universe as well with Legion. With all that, I guess I won’t be leaving my house in  2017 for anything except to see Marvel movies at the cinema and work because I will be glued to my television.

With all that Marvel going on, I’m surprised DC even bothered with their stuff. But I mean, not going to lie, quite enjoyed the Justice League trailer because Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller. But the humor doesn’t seem.. funny, which is what I’m afraid of. And then there’s the Wonder Woman trailer as well. What is Chris Pine doing there?

But let’s not forget ALL the panels that I’ve yet to watch through because work and there’s so many!!


Saw Hello, My Name is Doris and despite what I hoped, it didn’t deliver. I kind of wished for a little more from the script. It was funny, but the drama part of it was a little vague and needed a little more power behind it.

I also saw Star Trek Beyond and well, it was good! It was actually really good. I don’t want to say it was great because I had some small issues with it, but other than that, what a wonderful addition to the Start Trek franchise! And obviously, I felt sad whenever Anton Yelchin was on the screen, which he was quite a lot!, and I will miss him deeply as Chekov. It was lovely that the movie paid tribute to Leonard Nimoy and that it was For Anton.

On other movie news, I will most likely see Suicide Squad on its opening night here in Estonia – which is the 3rd of August! I mean, I can’t say that I’m not freaked out about seeing it because I saw the trailer and well, the more I see it, the more I’m excited about it.


I’m now watching the fourth season of Nashville and I think I’ll be finished by the beginning of August. I also started watching Animal Kingdom and I’m actually enjoying it quite a lot. Masterchef Australia is coming to an end and I’m behind with a lot of episodes, I’ll most likely spend a whole day watching all the episodes back to back after the winner is announced (hopefully my favorite!).

Then I’m a few episodes into Stranger Things which seems cool! I like the visual aspects, and the fact that it takes place in the 80’s. And I love that it features kids as main characters!


I’m still reading American Gods, but I picked up The Kiss of Deception and finished it, so I have read more than two books by the end of this month. With so many big books in my TBR, I think I’m going to slow down my reading next year and attack my huge books instead of reading a lot of books. But this year, this year I’m still going to power through like crazy – including re-reading all the Harry Potter books! But I also need to read all the books I bought this month, and the month before and.. well, I just need to read all the books!


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  • I just got out of Star Trek Beyond. I felt the same way, enjoyed it, but felt sad every time I saw Anton.

    I’m not really sold on the Justice League, but I’ll watch it for Ezra Miller. I love that guy.

    Thanks for the link!

  • An allergy to paper? It can’t be true! That’s the worst nightmare for a reader. But seriously, that sounds so weird… is it really not seasonal or something?! I get allergies from time to time, but to like dust and nature-y stuff. My eyes feel like sandpaper, all dried-up and itchy and red…. it’s terrible. I hope whatever it is you have goes away soon!

    And I’ll have my grandmother do a prayer for you, begging for it not to be books.

    • Yes! She suggested that it might be that but I have now removed all my pillows and my blanket and sleeping pretty much with a balled up T-shirt as a pillow, so I hope that maybe it was something else that is causing it.

      I have never had allergies, so it’s a completely new territory to me but I think it might be dust related too.

      So at the moment, wanting it to be anything but books as well!

  • Totally still have to see Star Trek: Beyond. It’s great to hear that you thought it was good! Suicide Squad is going to be so much fun – I can’t wait. I hope that your allergies clear up and so sorry to hear that you have to remove the thing causing your allergies from your life. I hope it’s not too painful to do so. 🙂

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