102411_anton_yelchinWhat a difficult week. 2016, as many have stated, is turning into an awful year, and it’s difficult to keep yourself upbeat when such terrible things are happening to great people.


I’ve been feeling a little down this week, and this slump seems to be present in all aspects of life: work, movies, TV-shows and even reading. I could say that it started on Sunday, when we heard the news about Anton Yelchin’s death. He was my age, he was healthy and an all around amazing guy, and then something so stupid happened, and I’m still a little sad.

With six work days this week, I’m keeping myself occupied with work, but at home I find it hard to focus. I wanted to write a post about Anton, but so far, I haven’t found the words. It felt wrong to post a review of The Nice Guys as the first post this week as well, so that’s why there wasn’t a post up at the beginning of this week.


Moving along, I’ve seen some great and not so great movies these past few weeks. I saw both of The Conjuring movies, and I loved the second one a little bit more that the first. I also saw Now You See Me 2 and thought it wasted its potential. And finally, I rewatched Stardust because why the hell not!

Not long until it’s July, the best movie month this year I reckon, as there are so many promising movies coming out, iIncluding Star Trek Beyond which I’m going to see with a box of tissues. There’s also a Zac Efron and Adam DeVine movie out next month, which will hopefully be fun, funny and entertaining.


I’ve been trying to catch up with everything, and start watching new shows, but I’ve failed with all of that. Nothing seems to be entertaining enough except Masterchef Australia. As of right now, I’m currently staring at its Twitter feed because my favorite is in the elimination and I really don’t want him to get eliminated! (Update: He’s in! Yay! I should have never had any doubt about his skills!)


Picked up Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch but I’m still fairly in the beginning with it. I hope to finish it by the end of this week but I’m not sure if I will. It’s a massive book and I don’t have the need to read it as bad as I sometimes have with books. For instance, A Court of Mist and Fury, which I inhaled in three days because it was so so good!

Suicide Squads soundtrack list became public knowledge and one of my favorites is on it! Twenty One Pilots Heathens is pretty good, not my favorite song of theirs, but still good. Can’t wait to hear that song during their concert in Helsinki though, I bet it’s going to be epic after watching the movie!


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  • Oh man, I was completely heartbroken about Anton Yelchin as well. I don’t think I have even fully processed it yet…

    Also, are you going to see Twenty One Pilots!? I remember discussing that with you a while ago! In Helsinki too?! I’m so jealous. My dream vacation would be to travel to Finland, Helisinki especially! I hope you have an amazing time! I absolutely love Heathens and I can’t wait to see how it is incorporated into Suicide Squad! 😀

    Once again, great post! 🙂 <3

    • It’s hard to process indeed. I still want to write a post about his movies, I’m just waiting for that right time, when I’m accepted it, in a way.

      I’m going to see them in October! My first concert abroad as well, so I’m super excited! I remember saying that I would love to see them and here I am, going, in 4 months time. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  • Thanks for the link. It’s so sad about Anton, he’s the first actor I interviewed for a local film fest back in 2011. He was so shy and sweet, but it’s clear he was a committed and talented actor.

    • I read your post were you mentioned that. It is somehow even sadder to hear about this news because he truly was so so so nice and sweet, that it’s just unfair!

  • I was so upset about Anton. I don’t usually get too effected by stars’ deaths, but I took what happened to him hard. I’ve been having trouble getting into TV shows too lately. I’ve been rewatching Alias (logical choice, I guess, after finishing Lost) but nothing else is really capturing my attention. I have Shannara Chronicles and Killjoys out of the library. Hopefully, one of those will take.

    • I’ve cried three times now. Heath Ledger, Alan Rickman and now Anton Yelchin.

      I have those same series, and SO many others. Also couple of rewatches on my list.

  • Very sad news about Anton and what a terrible accident :/ Glad you liked Conjuring films! I also liked the second a bit more than the first

    • It was, and such an awful thing to happen.

      I read that many critics prefer the first one, but I think the second added so much depth to the characters, that it felt like an elevated horror movie – much more than just the thrills and scares.

  • Oh man, Anton. I was shocked, what a senseless way to die, and so damn young.

    I actually felt the opposite about The Conjuring 2… it didn’t scare me as much, I thought the old guy was kind of funny, and the nun was just… too fake. But then I do hate seeing the monster and lots of CGI, so it’s normal that I ended up not loving it as much as the first one. It ruins things for me bc then it stops feeling realistic, and just becomes a horror film, which would be fine I guess, but The Conjuring runs on being based on true events, so… yeah. :/

    • It was senseless, uh.

      For me, it was better because the actual characters were far more defined than in the first one. The monsters would scare me either way, and for me, to judge it just based on scares, would be pointless, because I’m equally afraid of those movies. I’m just more impressed by the second due to other factors.

  • Anton’s passing was such a shock, and I can’t complete it happened. Star Trek: Beyond is going to be so weird and difficult to watch.

    • It’s going to be heartbreaking. His presence in the movies, despite the screen time, has always been huge. So yes, it’s going to be difficult.

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