Da weekend is here, y’all! I don’t know where that came from.. I just had a big cup of coffee, and I’m a little hyped, so, be sure to ignore everything unusually weird and awkward, and everything will be a-ok!


My workplace is filled with various possibilities for a person to accidentally hurt themselves. There are sharp edges, stairs, knives, sometimes slippery floors and burning hot surfaces. So it was just a matter of time until I accidentally burned my hand. Now a delightful wound, soon-to-be scar, illustrates my hand.. awesome.

Currently spending three days at home home, and I don’t mind the fact that the weather is crap, because of reading! That’s right, I brought A Court of Mist and Fury with me, and I plan to finish it this weekend. Can’t wait, I can already sense the level of fangirling I’m going to reach with this book.


Saw Me Before You and well, I cried like a baby. I knew it was going to happen, I knew it and I knew what was going to happen, and yet, I cried. And I loved it! Sure, it’s not perfect, but since I didn’t really get onto The Notebook band-wagon, I guess it was time to find myself my perfect romance movie which ends with tears. I’ll have the review up next week, and I hope I don’t cry while I write it. PS: Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke were perfectly cast!

Don’t judge but I’m very excited to see Now You See Me 2! I mean, I’m one of those people who liked the first movie, like a lot, and based on the trailer, I’m certainly going to enjoy the second one just as much.Β It seems fun, and exciting, and it has a great cast – what more could you want? Okay, you might want loads of things, but I mean, sometimes the simple things are enough.

Even though I’m not watching ton of movies a month, I’m still way WAY behind with my reviews. Seriously, I haven’t written about X-Men, The Nice Guys and Me Before You. And possibly others I can’t remember at the moment.


Finished with the first season of Nashville and I loved it! It was exactly what I needed and wanted, and I’m glad I chose to binge watch it. I hope they get a next season on a different network, even though I’ve just watched one season, based on that, I would watch five seasons worth of Nashville!

Can’t wait for Mr. Robot to return! A little less than a month left! July can’t come soon enough, and if I’m tired of reading (which I’m into right now), I might rewatch the first season before the second one starts.


As I said, I’m currently reading A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas and I love it so far! I re-read A Court of Thorns and Thorns just before, and I know that it’s not that great but I still love the first book of the series as well.

Also, in terms of book stuff, I started a book challenge this month on Instagram and it’s going well. It’s quite hard to keep the posts on schedule and preparing the images for days when I’m at work. But it’s an enjoyable experience!

Me Before You had a great soundtrack, in my opinion, but one song has been stuck in my head the most, and it’s Jack Garratt’s Surprise Yourself.


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  • Glad to hear Me Before You is good, I read some positive opinions and I’ll see it if only for Khaleesi and Tywin Lannister in one movie together!

  • I saw Me Before You with my girlfriend and didn’t expect to enjoy it but I did. So much so I felt the need to share my views on it so I unexpectedly ended up reviewing it which was nice. I also cannot wait for Now You See Me 2, I honestly don’t care how extra it is, the first film was a lot of fun and I think the second one will be as well!

    • If I hadn’t had any expectations, I would have loved it just as much as I loved with tons of expectations. And Glad to hear there are some Now You See Me fans out there. πŸ˜€

  • I wouldn’t say I’m “very excited” for Now You See Me 2, but I will definitely see it at some point since I did enjoy the original. No shame in being pumped for it.

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