fassyThis week, for some odd reason, felt rougher than it should have felt. I only had four days where I had to go to work, but for some reason these days managed to train me empty. But I won’t let it phase me, and I’m excited to have three days off to catch up with my posts, and possibly read a book or two.


For this summer, I’m making it my mission not to be ghostly white! It’s literally a mission, because when it comes to sunbathing, I get bored super easily. But I will suffer for a good cause. If the weather works, because it’s my day off and of course it’s completely cloudy, with some rare moments of sun.

Also, another plan, which might not happen because I really like to ignore my plans, is to do a little renovation in my childhood room. All white, minimal and just simple – can’t wait to see what I come up with.


So I saw the new X-Men movie and.. well, I saw it. Fassbender looked great, so did McAvoy and his little humor bit with Rose Byrne was great. But the movie was too long, scenes were dragged, and the chemistry was lacking between characters who should have had it.  Then I re-watched the Guardians of the Galaxy for some really good superhero stuff, and started to wonder about Quill’s father. Apparently he is a bad guy, but who knows what the movies will make of him.

Considering the fact that most of the movies I’ve seen this year, have been new releases, I should really start focusing on those that I’ve missed out on over the years. I still haven’t seen Take Shelter, or Before Sunrise, or Hunger or all those other supposedly great movies I need to see soon!


Still on that Masterchef Australia high like no other. I have my favorites, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they make it far. Other than that, I don’t really have any shows I want to be on track with. Maybe, Game of Thrones, though, I’m behind with that one again! Then I thought about catching up with Suits but well, it’s been ages since I last saw it, and it seems too time consuming to get back into it.

Heard that Faking It got cancelled (apparently I’ve been living under a rock), and it made me sad, and then I remembered that somewhere I stopped watching its third season, so I finished it this weekend. I might do a post about it, but I guess there weren’t enough fans for it, which is why they decided to end it.


May was a good reading month, but not the greatest. I attacked my TBR pile and finished an enormous book which meant that I didn’t have time to read many other books. But I plan to get to many books in June. I have purchased so many new books these past months that if I continue with this speed, I’ll be sleeping on books soon.

Though this single came out in October, which just feels like a wrong month to release it, Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, is such a great track for summer! And though it has been out since last year, it feels like it’s getting a lot more attention now, which makes sense, because it works so much better as a May single.


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