tumblr_o3oc3wpm891qa6t6ho1_500Weeks and weeks go by, and I’m unable to regularly write Commercial Break posts. It’s like almost impossible for me, despite the fact that I do have things to share each week. And yet, every time I sit behind a desk and try to summarize my weeks, I draw a blank – either my life is a complete dull-fest, or I’m actually imagining all the stuff that’s going on in my life once I try to write it down. I’m thinking it could be my wild imagination.


Things are pretty much the same old same old. I have kept myself busy with work, reading and trying to catch up with shows, and failing miserably with the latter. Part of me is looking forward for Summer because I’m hoping to break my habits a little, but considering my vacation isn’t until at the end of August, I’m prepared for a very dull Summer.

Who knows though, maybe I’ll be able to travel a little, and most importantly, go swimming! I haven’t swam in a lake or the sea in such a long time, it feels like forever! I miss swimming, I’m good at it, and I even miss the salty water that hangs on your skin for what feels like days. Oh well, now I’m excited for this Summer.


I still have Bucky feels sometimes. I’d be walking, or working, and suddenly I’m thinking about how Bucky is doing. What will happen to him? When will he be free to be himself? Will he be able to eat plums, and will he finally be friends with Sam? I can’t believe how good Civil War was.. and I hope the next movies in the franchise are able to live up to it. Though I doubt it, unless Bucky is in every single one of those movies!

This month I’ve seen few other movies as well. I watched Neighbors 2, which I loved, and High-Rise, which confused me a lot. Since I’m behind with most of their reviews, and the ones from last month as well, I don’t think I’ll be watching any new ones. Plus, I’m very behind with my TV shows, and that includes Game of Thrones AND Outlander.


As I already mentioned, I haven’t had the time to watch Game of Thrones yet. But have no fear, Tumblr has provided me with enough information about it, to be aware of pretty much everything important that has happened. But so far, nothing hasn’t really captured my attention enough to steal me away from my reading.

The same kind of goes for Outlander as well, though part of my hesitation is due to the fact that the second season may or may not crush me. I’ve heard some things about the second book, which I want to read before watching the show (I think), and I’m afraid to watch season 2 because of the tears and feelings. At the same time, I don’t want to be spoiled when the time comes, so I’m either going to speed read the second book OR watch the second season instead.

Now, though I usually do some sort of a TV-series introduction post about the upcoming Summer shows, I’m completely unaware what is happening on TV at the moment. I might still investigate if I have the time, but I’m starting to think I’m … not a TV addict anymore!


Since I had such a great reading month in April, I decided to tackle my TBR and pick up a book that has been in there for more than three years – 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. The book is massive, the paperback edition I have weighs about  0,6kg and the biggest task is not to read it, it is the holding of the book, that makes the task difficult. I’m more than half way through though, so I’ll definitely finish it by this month. Which is when I’ll most likely pick up the Percy Jackson series because there’s a new book out, and I’m curious, and I want to be included.

Being from Europe, every May we have this massive international song contest called Eurovision. Most of you probably knew about it, and this year, everybody else must have heard about it as well because it has gone beyond global. Before, only Australia was watching (now competing as well), but this year China and USA jumped on the Eurovision train as well. Justin Timberlake even offered to perform, which he did and he was alright. So for those who watched, and for those who have no idea what it is about, here are a few of my favorite songs from this years competition.



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  • Yay! Thank you so much for featuring me once again! I love your commercial break posts! They keep me up to date! I love how many of us are all talking about Civil War! I’m seriously debating going to see it for a third time! 😀

    • You’re welcome! And even though they are the hardest posts to write for me, I don’t know why, I think I’ll keep posting Commercial Breaks. 😀

      I think I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD next time. Partly because I don’t have time, and partly because I need to catch up with my reading instead. 😀

  • I love these post 🙌🏾 I think Guardians of the Galaxy too will be able to live up to Civil War, if not better 😁 thanks for featuring me on your post as well, I feel honored!

    Game of Thrones has been incredible this season btw!

  • I never get sick of hearing people gush over Civil War, I loved it so.

    I’m actually kind of pissed I didn’t get a chance to watch Eurovision, I really wanted to experience that in real time.

    • Having had the chance to watch it every year, I kind of get tired of it sometimes but the Swedish throw a really good show every time, so I was kind of excited to watch it this year. It was okay. 😀

  • Thanks for the link! Ahah, I love your bit about Bucky, I love all the Captain movies and in a large part thanks to the Bucky & Cap storyline. Yeah, kinda sad we won’t be seeing more of Sebastian anymore, we need a standalone movie of Bucky, and Falcon too, love that guy!!

  • GoT is so far very good, but it’s never too late for them to screw up the entire season, as they did last year. I hatd High-Rise what a mess that movie was

  • Thank you for the link! <3
    That's so cute you still think about Bucky. I saw it for a third time yesterday and couldn't help but think of some of the tumblr memes I've seen about poor Bucky just wanting some damn plums. Of course the Russos twist the knife in our feels by picking a fruit that helps memory loss….

    • I hope he got to eat at least one, but it seems like he didn’t have time.. and now he is in deep sleep again and who knows when he will be able to eat the damn plums!

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