I’m currently in Brussels, visiting a friend and enjoying my first holiday of 2016. With the tragedy that took place almost a month ago in Brussels still fresh on my mind, and my flight schedule being changed twice, I finally arrived and everything’s fine! But despite my hiatus from my computer for almost a week, I’ve still got posts scheduled to publish (including this one), and I’ll be back before you know it!


This long awaited holiday of mine was long overdue. I’ve been feeling a little down since March, and I constantly feel tired. Sure, I could be sleeping longer hours but even if I do, I wake up without any energy. So I bought myself vitamins, and hopefully I’ll be able to kick this constant feeling of tiredness away by the time I return to work at the end of April.

I’ve also tried to be more active, as if my work isn’t enough, and I’ve been going to yoga. I try to go as much as I can, but sadly, my work schedule hates me and I can’t go as often as I would like. Still, it’s a nice change of pace here and there, which is always welcomed.


Since I saw The Witch, I haven’t watched many movies but I have been waiting for the next Captain America movie! Civil War is going to be amazing, I know it, I have this feeling that it’s going to be better than everything else! Plus, I’m a little proud that out of all the franchises Marvel has thrown at us, Captain America seems to be the only one who’s evolving and getting better and better with each film! Going to see it on 28th of April, so the wait isn’t going to be that long!

I’m was also very excited to see 10 Cloverfield Lane which caught my eye with its really good trailer. I mean, they hardly make trailers like that anymore, the ones that make you wonder and are a little weird and raise tons of questions – which is why I’m super happy that the movie was as great as the trailer, and actually, even better! I can’t wait to tell you all about it in my review sometime next week.


I’ve turned into one of those horrible people who start shows and never finish them because my god, my list of unfinished shows is terrifying. Plus, I keep getting sucked back into shows I quit and then my list gets even longer. At this point I need to catch up to: Shameless, The Walking Dead and The Good Wife!

Also, I think I’ve been inhabited my an alien because I actually sat and watched the entire first season of Shadowhunters! Don’t get me wrong, I hated it and I thought it was so cheap and badly acted, yet, I sat and watched all 13 episodes and now can’t wait for season 2! Yes, there’s definitely an alien logged inside my brain somewhere.

For some reason, I started to watch One Tree Hill again and not going to lie, I still love the first season, a lot! It’s such a great mixture of angst and hope, and just, wisdom. I also wonder why teen shows nowadays shy away from making their characters interested in literature and art, or at least, minimize the importance of those elements. We had Lucas and Peyton, we had Rory Gilmore!, who loved to read, and now.. nothing.


Who knows what happened in the beginning of the month but I couldn’t stay focused. I almost picked up a Brandon Sanderson book, almost continued with the Outlander series and then decided I needed to read the The Mortal Instruments series instead. Then bought Illuminae and devoured that book in two sittings! So for my trip, I’m definitely taking my pad with me, even though I only plan to read at the airport, because I’m still definitely addicted to reading.

Music wise, I’ve been mercilessly listening to a remix of Zayn Malik’s I Won’t Mind on repeat for two weeks now. It’s good, I like it better than the original which I guess is an acoustic version. The remix is longer, with this smooth vibe that reminds me of summer and I hope I never get tired of it!


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