tumblr_o4lpolGimV1qewrcwo1_500March has been a busy busy month, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve spent most of it working. But since my trip to Brussels, of all places, is slowly approaching, I literally need all the extra money I can have. Though I would like a little extra time so I could finally finish Daredevil’s second season because oh wow, it has been kind of awesome!


Lately, I haven’t watched anything except shows and therefore there’s not much to say here. I am going to see The Witch today though, so there’s something to discuss this week. Partially because it’s supposed to be really good, and also because I’m super bad at watching horror movies – I’m so scared that I hardly keep my eyes open.

April is going to be an excellent month for movies compared to March. I mean, we’ll get to see Captain America: Civil War in April, while March has shown us Batman vs. Superman which I heard was awful.. So thank god for Daredevil because otherwise it would have been an extremely disappointed month for superheros.


Daredevil has been great so far. Though I’m definitely not a fan of Elektra, I’m enjoying everything to do with the Punisher. And I’m not the only one who thinks Jon Bernthal is perfect for this role! I’ve still got some episodes left but I already can’t wait for the next season.

But the most bittersweet thing that happened recently – Mandy Milkovich is back on Shameless! and now I have to start watching it again. I had given up on it, it just wasn’t as great anymore and they messed up my favorite characters.. and Mandy had left. But I guess the show finally realized they made a huge mistake writing her off in the first place.


Still ahead with my reading, and I’ve read The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson this month. It’s quite the read and I’ve picked up the second book as well, which weighs 600 grams and I almost can’t lift it! But I also wanted to read something lighter, so I read and finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – big mistake: cried my eyes out during the last 30 pages.

This week I discovered a song that I can’t stop listening to, The Neighborhood – Sweater Weather. And though it’s a little different from what I’ve been listening lately, and I really really like it.


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