rg,jgfgrLast week’s absence from the blog was unexpected but in a way, a break I needed to recharge my thoughts and ideas. I’m not sure what happened but every time I sat behind my computer to write, everything went blank. I guess it happens every now and then, but every time it does, I’m still a little surprised.


Two weeks ago I decided to clean out my closet which ended with me packing up four big bags of clothes. It’s not surprising that I decided to throw away so many clothes, but it’s unbelievable that it all had fit into my tiny room. Next step, I need to sort out my shoe collection. What an interesting life I lead.

Aside from work, and visiting home, I started to make small plans for my trip in April. I still need to find the perfect backpack for it, because I’m only allowed 8kg on the plane, but other than that, I’m all sorted out.


I have rewatched some unhealthy amount of romantic comedies these past few weeks, including New in Town, Down With Love, 27 Dresses, In Her Shoes and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Though it doesn’t seem like that much, it has been too much for me. To balance out the gooey stuff, I also watched The Big Short which was quite good.

There’s nothing good at the cinema at this time of the year in Estonia. It’s the time between the award seasons and the summer blockbusters where nothing good ever comes out, so I haven’t been to the cinema for a while.


There haven’t been many shows I’ve been excited about this year, but I’m pretty thrilled about The Real O’Neals. I think it’s a good comedy with an interesting premise and I really like the lead actor Noah Galvin. It’s a fun little show and I hope it stays fun for a while.

The other show I’m excited about is Thirteen – a British TV series where a 26 year old turns out after being missing for 13 years. It is awesome! There will be a post about it this week so stay tuned for more of my thoughts.

I also tried to get into Flaked, Will Arnet’s Netflix show, but it was okay instead of great. It is categorized as a comedy but it feels more like a drama infused with a little humor which is okay, but I just don’t understand why it’s a comedy.

This week I started to watch The Family as well, which is similar to Thirteen and has also potential but I’m sure they will mess it up soon enough. I wish the detective aspect was a little more professional. The lady who investigates the case just isn’t believable as a detective which cheapens the effect.


I picked up Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings Part 1 n February and finished it in the beginning of the month. Then I picked up Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box and I’m stuck with that. Though I’m still ahead of schedule, it feels like my reading has slowed down for March.

The music at work is pre-selected by the company, but the selection has had more variety lately. They even added Adele’s Hello to the mix but I was more excited about Leon Bridges’ Smooth Sailin’.


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  • I tried to record The Family when it first premiered, but then my DVR was like “Nope! Hot in Cleveland” then it moved to Sundays where my night is already crowded. I’ll have to check that show out on demand. The premise sounds really interesting.

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