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Another week has passed, I’ve survived a cold (barely as I’m still suffering slightly), I’ve worked six days in a row (half of it while being ill), I’ve seen my second favorite movie this year (from 2014 though, but it still counts) and I’ve thought about making the Commercial Break into a weekly feature uploaded on Wednesdays (or Thursdays because I need a fallback in case I mess up). So.. pretty much nothing has been going on while a lot has happened.


I’m on a mission to save up as much as I can (which isn’t much because I’m bad at saving), and around February, I’m going to buy myself a new laptop. It will most likely be a MacBook but I’m still deciding whether going from a PC to a Mac is the right thing to do. But new computer is in the future because the one I have now already hates me and does these weird things computers shouldn’t do! I also want to believe that a Mac has a longer lifespan (right?) because I have had two PC’s in 8 years and that just seems a lot.

Funny-sad life story is that I have had a gym membership for a month now and I’ve gone exactly zero times. That’s right, I’ve managed to have no time what so ever and even though I have time today, I still feel weak from the cold. And in case you haven’t figured it out, I really dislike gyms and group workouts, so it takes a lot of willpower to eventually go and get myself into the habit of working out.


Though planned, I did not see UNCLE nor Hitman and it feels like it won’t happen this week either. I’m fairly certain I’ll watch Digging for Fire though which has an amazing cast list! I mean, Digging for Fire cast list is so great that it is pretty much set in stone that I will end up loving that movie. There’s no other way possible, and that’s that.

The trailer for The Martian has been out for a while now and I can’t wait! If I weren’t behind on my reading challenge, I’d re-read that book in a flash. Partially because I saw an interview with the author and he admitted that most of the science in the book is authentic, most of the equipment is either existing or could be built at this very moment and only a few things are a little off in terms of credibility. Which means most of what Andy Weir describes in his book is legit and that makes me so so excited for The Martian NEXT month!


Mr. Robot‘s finale was postponed due to the shooting that happened during a live interview, and I completely understand. Some people don’t, but I’ve always known there are stupid people all around me. Anyway, Mr. Robot will wrap up its first season tonight and I meanwhile have to force myself to watch the last two episodes because I don’t want it to be over.

On lighter news, Faking It started again and I must say, I still like it. There’s that kind of MTV lightness to it, yet the topics they are taking on, are quite serious. Which reminds me I’m behind almost an entire season on Finding Carter which will start again in October.

Also, I decided, on the day Hannibal‘s final episode aired that I was going to marathon it. Which I find, is the only way to watch shows these days – knowing when they are ending because then you won’t have the disappointment of loving something and finding out it isn’t coming back. That’s right, I’m talking about Constantine because IT STILL HURTS! But instead, I watched the entire first season of Grace and Frankie with my roommate and it was delightful! So much heart, so many feelings and a sweet series that reminded me of those Nancy Meyer movies I love so much. Oh, and Jane Fonda is AMAZING in it! I aspire to be like her when I’m 77, seriously, she looks so freaking good!


I finished The Accident Season last night and it was pretty good. There were some parts that didn’t really connect with the story, nor were they fully explained, which makes me wonder whether the book was a cross between fiction and paranormal fiction. It reminded me a lot of We Were Liars which I read little over a month ago. We Were Liars was a bit better though, more emotional and heartbreaking for sure.

Music wise I’ve been pretty tuned in for The Weekend lately. Loved his VMAs performance, and that song, and I even like his song for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which means I like something about that movie and that’s just… awful to be honest. But the song is really good!


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