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Relieved, I sit at my old room, typing away while the smell of coffee lifts my spirits as the first day of my five day weekend has been going extremely well. I’ve typed up three reviews, started with the fourth and now aiming to finish this Commercial Break in less than an hour. The motivation is running high, my spirits are even higher and I’ve got an amazing weekend planned with movies, books and the dreadful moment of finally finishing Parks & Recreation. If this is not bliss, I’m not sure what is.


As some of you might have noticed, I hit a rough batch a couple of weeks ago. No posts, no motivation, no enjoyment for blogging and I was a mess. When I’m not blogging, I know something is wrong, and it’s not a great place to be at. I wasn’t watching any movies at home, I wasn’t catching up with my summer TV and I almost didn’t watch Parks & Recreation. But that time is over now, and I’m back and I feel great!


Since my last quick recap of movies I’ve seen, I’ve pretty much lived in the cinema. Saw Magic Mike XXL which I managed to review against all odds, saw Mission Impossible Rouge Nation, Trainwreck, Fantastic Four, The Escort, The Gift and finally Southpaw. Most of them were actually good and I plan to review almost all of them, except The Escort which was just okay.

Next week I’ll probably see the new Hitman movie and U.N.C.L.E because it has been way too long since Guy Ritchie has come out with something new. And since Cop Car has been getting great reviews from fellow bloggers, I have that on my watch list for this weekend as well. So, if I do end up reviewing most of these movies, I’ll be done by December… or I have to boost up my post amount for couple of weeks in order to get myself on track.

As a side note, I saw the trailer for American Ultra and thought it looked awesome. Though it isn’t getting the warmest welcome from the critics I think I’m still going to enjoy it. I don’t know, it looks weird and wonderful at the same time. But well, I’m only basing this on the general plot, who knows how well the whole movie will play out in the end.


There’s nothing much to say about TV shows because I’ve been off my game lately. The only thing I’m watching is Mr. Robot and even now I’m an episode behind. The other thing I’ve been watching is Parks & Recreation and considering I’ve devoured through 7 seasons, that’s still a lot of television for somebody with a full time job and a vastly growing reading habit.

This lack of interest does not mean I don’t plan to do a New on TV Fall 2015 post because I’ve been doing this thing for years now. My research has begun and I’m excited as always. Though I guess I’m more critical as well since I plan to limit my time with television shows this year and only the crรจme de la crรจme will get my attention.


Goodreads has informed me that I’m three books behind on my schedule and it’s probably because I read an enormous book this last month that took me a while to finish: The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker. It was a crime novel about a writer searching for the truth and I liked it a lot because it was interesting and the ending surprised me even though I sort of expected something similar to happen.

Ever since watching Southpaw I’ve been listening to Eminem’s Phenomenal. So what the scene this song was featured is considered a clichรฉ – the song is powerful and I liked that scene!


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