Quite a lot has happened since I posted my last Commercial Break and most of it isn’t really worth the mention. Then there are the things that deserve to be written about after a 10 hours shift at work in the middle of the night because one just can’t hold it in any longer. That one being me of course. But before I get to that ridiculously overwhelming fangirl mode, I just wanted to thank all my new followers who have decided to press that follow botton over these past few months. Yes, I mean you, thank you and welcome!

  • Since I need to summarize almost a month worth of stuff that has happened, I have to really rattle my brain in order to remember it all and sorry if this is going to be completely out of order in terms of not being in a chronological order because the first thing I have to mention right away happened this week and it is the new season of My Mad Fat Diary !
  • When a show airs only 6 episodes and then disappears for a year it’s really hard on people, especially people like me who really really loved the show! And now, on Monday the new season hit the screens and it didn’t disappoint what so ever.
  • Without giving away spoilers about the first episode, I’m just going to mention that I really appreciate how they handled the cliffhanger in the season finale. Not too much, not too little – just perfect and right amount of emotional. I also want to appreciate the nudity… yes, I’m THAT kind of a  fangirl.

Episode 401

  • Whilst we’re on the topic of TV-shows why not mention another favorite of mine, Shameless US. Now, I’ve not seen the original UK version and somehow I don’t really want to either. I feel that US got it really really right with this remake (not like Skins for instance!) just by looking at the casting differences – William H. Macy is Frank and I can’t really see anybody else portraying that character better.
  • The great thing about season 5 (SPOILER ALERT) is that Fiona is a mess! While it’s painful to watch her struggles, it’s somehow so right – she just broke down whilst she had dismissed her father so strongly and never saw her own demise coming. And let me just say that the new bad boy in down has that something something I really don’t mind.. brown eyes included.
  • It’s a shame that there hasn’t been enough of Mickey and Ian this season (yet), because I really enjoyed their relationship throughout the previous seasons. Constantly evolving and developing into something really great and then all hell broke loose and now we have to wait just couple of more days to see them together again.
  • And since my life has been more about shows than movies, I’m quickly going to mention the amazing True Detective that is just.. no words people.. no words. You all know I loved the intro the minute I saw it but I love the show itself as well. Just right amount of everything. Sadly I haven’t seen the latest episodes because I have been exhausted and it’s not the kind of show one can watch while being mentally tired.
  • Aaaaand, I’m sorry but Teen Wolf! Yes, it’s a show on MTV, yes, it’s teenager style and yes, it has a lot going on sometimes but it is amazing. I’m very impressed with Dylan O’Brien this season because of his character development and I’m just.. it’s my guilty pleasure, okay!?

wolf of wall street

  • Movie wise I have been watching stuff like Jurassic Park, Nymphomaniac: Volume II, Date and Switch, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Thor: The Dark World and of course The Wolf of Wall Street. All except Nymphomaniac: Volume II and Date and Switch were quite good and I can’t believe that Jurassic Park was made 21 years ago! It looked so good!
  • Saddest thing that has happened lately is the passing of Philip Seymore Hoffman. When I heard the news I was extremely sad and shocked. I didn’t post anything on my blog but reading the thoughts of other bloggers just made me sad all over and to be completely honest, it still hurts.
  • BAFTA decided to give out awards… as they do every year and well, I’m just too lazy to even keep track of the bad decision making this year.
  • Most disappointing for me is that I haven’t really voiced my opinion about American Hustle here but I did rate it 4 out of 5 on Letterboxd. Why? Because I was so excited right after I saw it, it was fun, fast, crazy and all of that. But as time went on, I didn’t even want to review it because when I tried to figure out what the movie was about, I couldn’t really remember.

jennifer lawrence american hustle

  • Apparently a hazed plot is worth awards (not thought provoking views on our technological society as written in Her) but all I got from American Hustle was good performances and whilst I did enjoy Jennifer Lawrence, yes, I’m not going to hate her just because Hollywood is trying to make her into a Queen or something, I wouldn’t say it was acting greatness.
  • That is why I tend to be a bit hesitant in commenting the awards because I see two different sides to everything, I see the fangirl favorites and then there’s the best performances. And it’s a constant fight between these two.. and I feel like award shows have fallen into the fangirl mode and whilst I do love my hyped celebrities, I wish there was at least some kind of justice towards those who actually give out the best performances.
  • But it’s hard to tell the difference because whenever I read somebody defending their favorite, I want to root for that person too. We all are so great at defending performances based on our own opinions that we forget that people choosing the winners for those awards are probably doing the same thing… defending their own choices.
  • Anyway, I’m tired of awards. No winner can make everybody happy and there will always be somebody who will be mad, disappointed or outraged.
  • That being said, I’m still trying to go through all the Oscar Best Picture nominations and so far I’ve yet to see Captain Phillips, Nebraska and Philomena. I don’t have a lot of time and I’ve fallen extremely behind with my thesis but I think I will manage.
  • Probably not going to review all of them though, I already didn’t want to write about American Hustle and well, though I loved Dallas Buyers Club to bits and pieces (and I’m on team Matty campaign for the Best Actor), I won’t be able to find time to review it.
  • And I have a feeling I don’t want to review 12 Years of Slave either.
  • That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting something about that category before the Oscars. I do have something planned but it all depends on how well I will manage my time this week and frankly, working 6 days this week doesn’t really leave me enough free time but I’m most likely going to cut down on my sleeping hours – just like I’m doing now!
  • Finally, there’s a small addition to the sidebar with my Blind Spot movies for this year but I still haven’t seen one in February, it’s all planned out though, no worries. Also, I’m excited to do this 2 movies at the time because I really can’t afford any more time this month… I have a two week holiday from work that will help me a lot but who knows, I’ve been super lazy with school because I love blogging more – damn it.


Everything Game of Thrones related for me comes from Cinematic Corner’s site and she already is making me excited… it’s such a long wait though!

Lists are my enemies but for And So it Begins… it comes naturally. His latest most important sex scenes post has been one of the more intriguing ones for me.

What’s a movie without its soundtrack and The Wolf of Wall Street was definitely elevated by the music on the background and Film Flare brings back the feelings during the movie.

It was Valentine’s Day .. I didn’t care but I did enjoy reading The Drama Llama’s list of 5 underrated romantic couples – especially because of Heath Ledger!

And since I seem to be all about lists in this time around, Heart of Cinema’s top 5 director and actor pairings is also a great read for all movie lovers.


This is it, the commercial break is over.. the movie’s back on in 3, 2, 1 …


  • I’m in the same boat with American Hustle. I absolutely loved it, and I still do, but I get why so many people are hating on it. Especially compared to WOWS and Her, which WERE better films. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is overrated. I thought Amy Adams was 10 times better, but no one seems to talk about her.

  • Huh, nice feature, I never saw it before. True Detective is uh-mazing, I just watched the first 3 episodes and fell in love with everything about it. Weirdly enough, it has a lot of parallels to True Blood in my opinion… kinda… Anyway. I liked Lawrence in American Hustle too but yeah, not really award worthy.

    • It’s a re-named Linked feature kind of.. I think Lawrence was the entertainment factor in that movie and it worked in that movie but in general, the movie wasn’t as good after I saw all the other great movies from last year.

  • Thank you so much for the link! That is so lovely of you, I really appreciate it.
    I’m also hooked on True Detective at the minute, I can’t get over how good it is

  • Thanks for the link! Oh Captain Phillips and Philomena are great, but I didn’t care too much for Nebraska. I saw 3 episodes of Shameless this week, just started the series and it’s awesome, very funny and the acting is amazing I cannot believe it didn’t get any major award love.

    • Shameless is so underrated.. it has so many story lines that everybody can find their favorite. So many twists and turns, each character gets their own crazy plot and the actors get better with each season. Especially the young ones!

  • I’ve only got Nebraska left, but I’m not particularly excited for that one. I’d watch Captain Phillips if I were you, to make you appropriately mad about Hanks not being nominated. Thanks for the link!

  • The only Oscar movie I haven’t seen yet is Philomena. Captain Phillips didn’t live up to my expectations nor did Nebraska. Both good films, but not great. 2013 was kind of a disappointment for me 🙁

    • 2013 was pretty okay for me, some gems, some let downs but all in all, quite the year I must say. Better than 2012 Best Picture list.. but probably because I don’t appreciate singing and Lincoln was too long.

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