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This is going to be a quick one because I have Parks and Recreation to marathon and it’s pretty much all I think about all day every day. That and how I’m able to fit in enough sleep into 24 hours when I’m working most of it and wanting to watch Parks and Recreation for the rest of it.. it’s so hard to fangirl.


So my vacation is over, two weeks of not doing anything has ended and I’m back at work which will kill me this week because I’ll be hitting the office from Monday to Saturday. But working is not what makes me exhausted, it’s watching Parks and Recreation until it’s way passed my bedtime and I wake up tired, go to work tired, work while tired and then come home and watch Parks and Recreation. Can you tell what my week is going to be like? In this speed I’m going to finish watching all 7 seasons by the end of this week.


Finally, I’m back where I’m supposed to be – near a cinema! I already watched Ant-Man and liked it but now I have to wait until the first week of August because that’s when almost every other movie I want to see this Summer premiers. It’s going to be a difficult month for my wallet, I can already tell.

Ant-Man’s most positive side was of course the ageless Paul Rudd who is simply perfect. He can do no wrong in my book, no wrong what so ever. Man, I love Paul Rudd!

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the Daily Show and seeing him made me excited for Southpaw all over again. Hopefully it’s going to be a good little drama movie with a great performance by Gyllenhaal. Also, he is so pumped in that movie it’s actually scary.. yet, somewhat interesting.


I started watching, besides Parks and Recreation, which I won’t mention again because otherwise I would loose my cool, was UnReal. It’s pretty much like Bachelor or something but about all the behind the scenes stuff and it’s pretty cool for a Lifetime series. There’s some drama, there’s a ship sailing and I’m rather enjoying it.

Masterchef Australia season 7 ended but I’m cherishing the last episodes by not watching them all at once. It’s such a shame it’s over again, it has like over 60 episodes and yet, it feels way too short. For 60+ episodes a season, that show really keeps up the charm, I mean, I would watch it again if it wasn’t such a time consuming ordeal and I didn’t have Parks and Recreation to watch every single day until it will be over and I have to start with The Office.


I read two books I really enjoyed that I really liked called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and its sequel, Hallow City. I tweeted about the first book and it got retweeted by its author Ransom Riggs (love that name!) – it’s now my most popular tweet to date. Oh and it’s going to be a movie, so expect me to talk about it soon enough.

The only good thing to come out of Fifty Shades of Gray was its soundtrack, and The Weekend’s Earned It has been on replay for some time now. It’s just good, smooth and just great. Too bad the movie didn’t have such an awesome vibe as this particular song.


And this is it, I’ll talk to you guys later this week with an Ant-Man review!


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