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TWO WEEK VACATION! And as it may show, I’m super excited about it. My original plan was to schedule everything for two weeks but since I left it to the last minute, I’m writing this already during my vacation. Though it’s still going to be scheduled, so if I don’t reply to comments, it may be because I’m literally not doing anything with my time and being NOT productive – just the kind of being I’m very good at. But here are some of my thoughts about the last couple of weeks and there might be some short reviews about my latest book reads.


Why I even have this section is beyond me because I rarely have anything to say. Work, work and now being on vacation is pretty much all life worthy news I have. Only news I may have will be that I’m going to the hairdressers this week and I think I might change it up a bit.

Change, it’s a great yet terrifying thing, isn’t it? We are so afraid to make changes as it may influence the quality of our lives but mostly we wish to better it anyways, don’t we? So why do we find excuses for changes and then whine about our lives as if we don’t have control over it? And this is the kind of thinking I do on my vacation, isn’t that nice.


Watched a completely pointless teen movie called Staten Island Summer with that kid from The Good Wife. The movie wasn’t impressive nor nostalgic and reminded me too much of everything else that I’ve seen in relation to summer and first love. Pointless, and yet better than that Entourage movie.


I’m getting more and more addicted to Mr. Robot which is a good thing. I think I haven’t mentioned it here which is odd because there is so much to gush about it. It’s interesting, it’s well made, it’s amazingly shot with an emphasis on the framing in scenes. There are well written quotes, it’s a little odd and well, then there is the Fight Club theory about it which is actually kind of awesome. But the biggest success story is its casting choice – Rami Malek is ridiculously good!

Now comes the question in everybody’s mind, how would one occupy a vacation? Well, how about 9 seasons of The X-Files because that’s what I’m aiming at. Though I doubt I make it far because I also plan to read a lot. Plus there is going to be socializing during this vacation, which is much needed. So, I only might finish the first season by the time I’m back at work. The reason I’m catching up with The X-Files is its reboot, obviously. I do remember watching it as a kid but I can’t recall anything specific, I just remember that I thought Duchovny looked cute! (He does!)


26 of 52 books read! I’d show some of my happy-dance-moves if they weren’t so awkward because that’s what I’m currently doing – dancing awkwardly to celebrate. It’s the most books I’ve read in a year and I’m just half way through. This is going to be my year, I will finish my reading challenge, just watch me!

Last night I sat down to read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and it broke ME! It was devastating and it wasn’t like I wasn’t expecting something like that to happen. At first it was a mystery, then I slowly started to realize the end game but I was still in complete denial and well, then the waterworks started. Seriously emotional read you guys, I mean, I’m heartbroken and happy about it because it was such a good read in a way.

Started the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness and well, that book broke me as well. There’s just this one thing that happens and it’s completely unnecessary and yet, I understand it’s necessity. It’s stupid, it’s emotional and I was a complete wreck afterwards. I don’t know what is it with books lately, they keep making me cry.



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  • I still have to get past the first five pages of the first book of the Chaos Walking trilogy; I like the story but I have a hard time reading books with different fonts! We Were Liars was a great read.
    Have a great vacation!

    • I was very put off by the style of writing at the first place. I was like, what is this, but the different font type wasn’t an issue for me, I was reading the ebook version, maybe it wasn’t so apparent there?

      We Were Liars was so heartbreaking.. reminded me a little of The Others in a way. It would make an interesting movie. Like I can imagine how the characters get more ghostly throughout the movie and the realization is visually shown more and more before the actual realization. I was totally imagining it while reading it.

  • I haven’t seen Mr. Robot, but I like Rami Malek. He was in this mostly terrible sitcom years ago called The War At Home, and he was the best part of it.

    I had planned on buying Go Set A Watchmen to read this week, but now all the bad reviews scared me off. lol

  • Thanks so much for the link! How did you get so many days off? I only have 20 days total for a year, so I’m saving it all just to have one lousy week of freedom in August. That’s not even enough for me to catch up with Conan :/

    I really hope I finally manage to find time for Mr Robot but it looks less and less likely, it’s been like two weeks and I didn’t even check out PennyD finale yet

    • We have 28 days off a year, so we divide it into 2 weeks during summer, and a week at the beginning of the year and the end.

      Well luckily once it’s out there, you can see it when you finally have time. So may it be this year, the next or the one after that. And who knows, maybe you don’t like it and just have to find the time to watch the pilot episode. 😀

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