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With the amount of time I’ve spent at work, I’m actually surprised how much I accomplished throughout the weeks. Within two weeks I held a birthday event, went to the movies twice a week, read a few books, reviewed three movies in one sitting, watched Casey Neistat’s vlogs religiously and all that while I actually managed to have clean clothes. Then again, I’ve did all of that and more due to the fact that me and sleep aren’t best friends anymore.


Not much to report in regards to the life situation just that it’s going well. I’m either at work or trying to be as productive as I can be during the days I’m not at work. This may include all sorts of activities but mostly working on the blog by drafting as many posts as I can for the weeks where I’m mostly working.

Also, looking forward for the summer because there are some new challenges ahead. Plus, a two week vacation that I plan to spend by not doing anything blog related = I have a lot of planning ahead. Though that’s all for next month because my vacation is in July but I mean.. time flies when you work 6 days a week.


pitch perfect 2

Like I said, I went to the movies four times in the last two weeks which is pretty good. I saw the Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Age of Adaline, The Voices and Mad Max. Out of the four I loved Mad Max he most which is surprising because I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

There are three movies that will be in the cinemas by the end of the month that I’m kind of looking forward for Royal Night Out, Pitch Perfect 2 and Tomorrowland. If all goes well I might even see both of them before the month ends which will conclude May to be my most successful movie month this year yet.


finding carter

I’m giving up on TV shows because seriously, everything is getting cancelled or ridiculous. We have Sirens US, The and Forever that are axed – I like all of them. Then we have some shows that are cancelled that I gave so I don’t care anymore – Revenge, The Following etc. Constantine remains in limbo between cancelled and having hope, by now I have no idea what to expect but I’m gutted that they have even uttered the words cancelled in regards to this show in the first place. Luckily The Mindy Project got picked up by Hulu but I’m not sure, the last season was weak and that’s coming from me, a fan of the show!

And don’t even get me started on The Good Wife! That show threw away a character that was potentially the best thing to happen to it ever. It’s worse that Shonda killing all of my favorites, though luckily Finn is not dead, but still! No romance with Alicia, no shirtless reality scenes? No, they make him run back to his ex-wife because Alicia doesn’t deserve love and only her stupid, cheating husband remains. Hate it!

There are already new shows being mentioned in regards to the 15/16 TV year and I plan to write another New on TV post before the new television year begins. At the moment, I only see couple of shows in the list that might interest me. That being said, I haven’t researched the summer newcomers yet which makes me hopeful that there would be at least something thrilling for the next three months.

After I finished Daredevil I was looking for something a bit lighter and stumbled on Finding Carter that is a drama series revolving around a kidnapping victim returning to her real home. The end of the first season sort of disappointed me but I’m going to stick with it and keep watching because there aren’t many shows on my regular schedule anymore.


imagine dragons

A couple of Commercial Breaks ago I wrote that I was trying to finish A Matter of Faith. Well, I didn’t but I’m finished with it. I’m so done with that book that I think I’ve never felt so much hate towards any other book in my life. It actually frustrates me that I picked it up and enjoyed it in the beginning because it is awful.

After that horrid experience I picked up To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (as you can see I’m really into these easy YA reads lately) and it was lovely. It was surprising and fresh and I can’t wait for the second book that comes out at the end of the month.

In regards to music, the only news I have is related to 2016  because next year I’m going to see Imagine Dragons live. It will be rough to follow Ed Sheeran, as it was probably my favorite live concert I’ve ever been to, but that’s only when I don’t go to any concerts in between. Which is very unlikely because I’m not particularly a fan of large groups of people.


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