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Some of you might have already guessed it but I’m putting it out there – May is Mettel Ray’s birthday month! That’s right, the whole month will be filled with posts and events and though I haven’t been preparing like I had planned, I’m still going forward with the whole idea. And trust me, I’ve planned quite the month for you guys starting with a fun blogathon!


Since it’s Mettel Ray’s fifth year, the whole month will be more or less revolving around the number 5. Tomorrow I’ll put up a fun blogathon, that I’ve yet to finish, and then next week will be all about Top 5 posts and then a week after that I’ll post a Coffee Talk and a Commercial Break again. So, it’s all planned and most of it is done and ready, which is nice and though it’s probably more fun for me, I hope you guys celebrate this big occasion with me.

I’m especially excited for tomorrow’s blogathon and compared to my two previous blogathons, this one doesn’t need that much work. It’s going to be simple and fun, and if anything, it’s a lot of work for me tonight rather than any of you guys cracking those brains of yours. No worries, the aim of it is FUN!


the age of adaline

There’s not a lot to talk about movies this week because I’ve only rewatched Take the Lead and some other awful dance movies because of no reasons really. I’ve been getting these weird waves of preferences lately which means I haven’t watched anything except gay dramas and dance dramas. It’s a weird time in my life, it really is.

I saw a trailer for The Age of Adaline and I kind of want to see it. It seems very Benjamin Button-esque and a bit of Forever (the TV show) thrown in but with Blake Lively. The thing that is going to bother me the most is Lively, I’m not necessarily a fan so I don’t know whether I’ll enjoy her performance. The performance I will love is Michiel Huisman because I mean.. that piece of tall, dark and handsome can just stand, say nothing and I’d drool automatically.


My TV schedule is still revolving around Jericho and Daredevil. Both unfinished, both enjoyable so I don’t really know why I’m going through them so slowly. Finally caught up with Game of Thrones and like always it didn’t disappoint. Though, I just can’t stand Khaleesi anymore and I need Gendry back! Seriously, bring him back now!!

In case you don’t know much about British TV I’m going to gush about a new show I stumbled on: The Delivery Man. It’s about an ex cop who is now a midwife and it’s hilarious! There’s so much sarcasm, humor and I’m already so addicted to it that it’s a shame it only has three 20 minute episodes so far. Also, I’ve slowly fallen in love with iZombie which had a bit of a rough start to me. I’m not saying Bradley James had anything to do with it but I’m also not stating he didn’t.

Though the weather is slowly becoming better and better, in the TV show world it’s dark skies everywhere – cancellation time of the year! So far I’ve shed a tear for Sirens but Forever and Constantine are still on thin ice. I love these shows which means they’ll probably cancel them because I can never have nice things! Why is it that some good shows have bad ratings, and then shows like Scandal butcher characters left and right, yet go on forever? I just don’t get it.


I read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda which was a gay themed YA book and it was pretty good. I laughed quite a lot and for a quick read, it was just the right amount of entertaining and sweet. Yet to finish the stupid A Matter of Fate book but I will before I start Miss Mayhem which is the second book in the Rebel Belle series. Also, I dabbled a little in comic books and read the The Wicked + The Divine series (5 volumes) and it was weird and quirky and I loved it!

My music taste has sort of found a stable platform. It is still a rather wide platform but it’s sorted by moods and I’ve been in a Lamar mood for days now. King Kunta specifically has been playing daily and I can’t say that it’s my typical mood but it seems to be ruling at the moment.


Digital Shortbread, Dan the Man and FlixChatter all review and praise Ex Machina.

Two Dollar Cinema gives his take on Babadook.

For your Game of Thrones recaps, turn to Cinematic Corner for 01, 02, 03.


  • Thanks for the linkage! Hope you see Ex Machina soon if you haven’t already, it’s such a good film! Michiel Huisman is the main draw for me to see ‘Adaline’ though right now, I can’t get excited for another guy as I’ve been so er, consumed by this tall, dark and handsome Frenchman Stanley Weber. He’s kind of like Huisman in a way as he’s got dark hair and piercing blue eyes, except he’s taller and more square-jawed and w/ a French accent. Oh geez, just describing him makes me weak in the knees [yes I need help!!]

    In any case, love that quote about Idris Elba and I concur!! 😉

  • Thanks so much for the links! So….where are you in the books? I’d actually advise you against reading now – come back after the show is finished. They are doing so many detours I didn’t even re-read them as I always do before new season because it was harder and harder to distinguish what was on the show and what was in the books.

    • I’m still in the middle of the third one and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish. I’m already a bit confused by the characters because I haven’t read the books for a while and I remembered the characters better while reading the books.

  • I’ve been enjoying iZombie from the start, even if I wasn’t writing about it every week I’d still be watching it. Lowell is an interesting character so far though I wasn’t a fan of his gay brain this week.

    • I loved his gay brain.. I mean, it makes so much sense that they will have these different personality traits and it makes more sense to get the gay joke out of the way before the relationship becomes more serious.

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