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Despite the fact that I have made big plans to celebrate the ultimate number 5 here on Mettel Ray with something great, the past few weeks have gone by without any progress. I’ve been mostly working, watching shows and movies or putting off watching Game of Thrones. In other words, I haven’t done anything remotely important or productive except earning money I’m reluctantly spending mostly on food and alcohol.


Long awaited vacation is nearing and I’m off to my home town for more than a week tomorrow. It will be great, I’d be spending most of my time either in front of my computer editing images, reading, cooking or helping my mom out by doing all the manly chores in the house. Wood chopping has pretty much become my part time job back home and I would complain if I wasn’t actually handy with an axe.

It’s still not appropriate leather jacket weather but I’ve purchased a new (foe) one none the less. It’s flashy, it’s a bit cowgirl-esque with its tassels but hey, one could rock anything if they put their mind to it. That being said, I’m still looking for THE one in terms of a leather jacket because there’s a certain one lodged in my head and I won’t rest until I get my hands on one!


Those who follow me on Letterboxd probably noticed a certain theme I’ve been gravitating towards – European gay dramas. Seriously though, it’s becoming a problem since there’s so many out there and I keep thinking, just one more, and by now, I’ve seen six! That’s a lot of gay drama and to be honest, it’s actually refreshing after so many years of regular boy-girl drama. My favorite so far has been Weekend though I liked Jongens as well.

Saw 5 to 7 in the cinema and despite the lovely French lady in the lead, the movie didn’t spark anything special in me. It was alright, it was typical and it didn’t move me – but the worst of all, I found the leading lady to be unnatural which almost never happens to me when it comes to French women. I’m placing the blame on the fact that I woke up half past 6 in the morning that day and that altered my perception to a point of delusion.

The most horrific thing will happen on May 1st, which is sad considering its Mettel Ray’s 5th birthday: I won’t be able to see Avengers: Age of Ultron!! I’ll be stuck in my lousy hometown, that has no proper cinema and I have to wait until May 4th to see it! This is an absolute tragedy at its finest considering the fact that I would have to read almost 4 days worth of tweets about it. I’m not sure if I’m going to make it out alive! Oh god, help me.


So… Game of Thrones is back and… I haven’t seen any of it. I’m sorry!? I know it’s stupid and I have no excuses for my behavior but I just haven’t started yet. I know that when I do, I’ll enjoy it and love it and want more right after but for some reason, these past few weeks, starting something, a series or a new season, has been rough.

Also, haven’t been able to finish The Walking Dead nor Sirens. The whole Sirens thing is very emotionalย  at this point. First of all, Michael Mosley favorited my tweet and REPLIED to it! That’s right, the guy who plays Johnny on Sirens has been in contact with yours truly. I must say, it was a great day.. one of the better ones this month. Secondly, the thing I’ll try to ignore, was when I found out that Sirens has been cancelled. I think I even shed a couple of tears and I’ve been sad ever since.

There are new shows on TV and I haven’t watched them. I haven’t even finished Daredevil which is still 50/50 for me. There are things I love, the cinematography is amazing, the action sequences are well made and brilliant – and yet, the whole plot is a bit wonky for me. I don’t know, maybe I’m so used to superhero movies that this prolonged plot line thing is throwing me off. I’m still watching it though, and I’ll keep watching it.. I’m just not in love with watching it.


Yet again I’m behind with my reading challenge 2015 but I’m half way through The Matter of Fate. SPOILERS ahead: Up until chapter 29 I was loving it, then it turned mushy and now I hate it. Partially because the whole plot somehow shifted from supernatural witch stuff to love stuff and then the main protagonist cheated! I can understand that YA novels have to have that love conflict going on and all but for the love of god, don’t write the female lead into a complete bitch by making her cheat. Magical connection or no magical connection – I can’t stand reading about somebody who does something like that.

For almost a month, I’ve been watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs religiously. The guy is a genius. There’s nothing else to say and for those who haven’t heard of him, I recommend checking out his Youtube page. He makes movies, has made adverts and is currently vlogging every day and his videos always have a point, a meaning and some really great life lessons for the creative minds.


And So It Begins… shares 97 things he loves about The Red Thin Line in part 1 and part 2.

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  • Have a great holiday and enjoy it despite not being able to see Avengers (thanks for the link by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Also started watching Daredevil myself and I love it…I think I only have four episodes left (and started at the beginning of the week)

  • I hate when you plan to see a movie on a specific day, and your plans get ruined and you have to wait. That’s the worse. I hope Ultron lives up to your expectations even though you have to wait a few days.

    I really need to finish Daredevil. I started it, really liked it, then haven’t gotten around to it the past few days. Maybe this weekend.

    Thanks for the link! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I hate that I keep finding these great movies and I put them off and then they pile up and I’m left with this enormous amount of movies.

      I want to finish Daredevil as well… and Twin Peaks.. and Jericho.. and so many others.

  • Don’t feel bad about Avengers. I may not see it until its second weekend. GASP. I’ll have a whole week of ignoring tweets, and reviews.

  • Yeah, I almost had a similar ‘I’m going to miss my movie’ moment this past weekend…but thankfully I bitched enough and made it happen.

    Weekend is great.

    Hope you have a great vacation!

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