Though this announcement comes with a bit of a delay, it also hasn’t been shouted from the rooftops yet but I’ve been silently excited for weeks – Mettel Ray crossed the 400 subscribers mark! In addition to that, Commercial Break has reached its 20th post, so I’m celebrating proudly behind my computer with a HUGE cup of coffee! Come join the celebrations!


I’m drawing a blank here guys. I guess there’s nothing to report which is sad but oh well. There are things, more serious things happening and have happened but I’m not going to share them here. Anyway, I’m doing fine, could be better but considering the circumstances, I’m fine.


Considering the fact that it has been March for a while now, the number of movies I’ve seen is actually scary – one! That’s right, I’ve watched Before I Go to Sleep and that’s it. I started watching Accidental Love but stopped because it is awful! And then I made an actual effort to list all the movies I need to see, and started to cry because the damn list is too long and I haven’t even scratched the surface with it.

Looking forward to seeing Chappie because I plan to crush it! Which is how the first half of the year usually is with the cinema-experiences, all the crap is pushed out before the award-hungry movies are released. I’m fine with it but I just miss seeing great movies, and it’s only March!

Everybody is talking about the new Avengers trailer and I’m literally surfing the Internet with my eyes closed. I haven’t seen it, I don’t want to see it and I don’t need to – I saw the first Avengers without the trailer and I enjoyed the hell out of it because I literally had no idea what the movie was about. That’s how I plan to watch the second one, not knowing anything about it.


With work, it’s hard to keep up with my regular scheduling, which is why I’m behind with so many shows. I haven’t watched Shameless for instance but since the newest season has been a constant roller coaster (up and down and up and down), I think it’s alright if I marathon it after it ends.  Also, The Mindy Project has sadly hit rock bottom after a very strong start, I don’t think it’s the relationship that is to fault here but the fact that the show has neglected the supportive characters completely. But no show has managed to destroy itself as much as Hart of Dixie, which is why I’ve said my final farewells (only to maybe glimpse at the episode where Wade is a baby daddy – that man holding a baby is going to make my ovaries explode).

Though it would be easier not to, I’ve still managed to add another show to my schedule but it’s a long lost favorite of mine so it’s alright. Elementary is fun, and since I have almost no other crime related shows on my schedule right now, it is a much needed weekly fix. Which brings me to House of Cards! No, I haven’t watched it but I’ve plan to watch all of it before this month ends.

March is also the month of very many newcomers, The Last Man on Earth being the first one I’ve tuned in to watch. Two episodes in and it seems promising, though I’m questioning how long the two characters can entertain us before it becomes tiresome. Battle Creek seems alright, nothing special but I’m going to keep watching because I need more crime shows in my life!

Obviously I’ve seen and binged the entire first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I love it! Now, I’m that stupid person who hasn’t seen 30 Rock YET but having a day full of Kimmy gives me a feeling that I need some Tina Fey in my life again. That being said, Kimmy was definitely the highlight of my week.


Had a embarrassingly slow February when it came to reading so I picked up four new books to say I’m sorry… to all the books in the world. That, and everybody gave me bookstore gift certificates for my birthday. Anyway, after my little splurge, I started reading 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out of the Window & Disappeared. It’s a fun little read, very educational in a way and it has some great laughs. It’s also the book my granny recommended to me so it has a sentimental value to it after I have finished reading it.

Music wise, I’ve stumbled on Childish Gambino and I can’t seem to part from him. One song particular, Telegraph Ave., has been stuck in my head for days now, it’s on repeat and I’m not the kind of person to listen to songs on repeat.


The topic of erotica fascinates me, and so does Film Flare‘s amazing write up!

Speaking of erotica, or the lack of, here’s Cinematic Corner‘s take on Fifty Shades of Grey.

If you haven’t watched Blue Ruin, Two Dollar Cinema will tell you why you have to see it!



  • What did you think of Before I go to Sleep? I thought it was really silly. Also what a waste of Mark Strong! I thought he was gonna bang Kidman at least, waking her out of that zombie state she was in during the entire film. I started watching Kimmy last night and it’s so funny right now, love that shih Tzu Krakowski has 🙂 30 Rock is fantastic. I rewatch it so much, mostly for Baldwin’s character.

    Thanks for the link!

    • I didn’t think much of Before I Go to Sleep. I wrote a short review on Letterboxd about it.. pretty much saying Strong was the strongest while all the others were wasted. And the whole twist in the end was so lamely delivered that it just bothers me. I bet the book was better.

      I should start with 30 Rock but then again, I have SO many shows to watch it’s ridiculous!

  • I’m torn on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I want to watch it because Tina Fey wrote it, but I really do not like the lead actress.

    The Last Man on Earth seemed funny enough and I turned Battle Creek off half way through. I tried. A for effort. lol

    • I kind of like Kimmy’s lead actress. I mean, I can’t recall her from anything else I’ve seen but I think I like her.

      Battle Creek is dull isn’t it? Like, it’s presence is questionable..

  • I recently started watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I LOVE it. And the 100 Year Old Man… was one of my book club’s favourites.

    • I’m always done with it and I’m speed reading today because I want to start reading this new book I bought. And then I have like 7 other books I want to read – man, I need more hours in the day!

  • I’m always reminded that I don’t watch enough TV, but like…I never see any of these new shows that people love…ever. I am finally watching Downton Abby, not that it’s like into season 5 or starting season 6 or whatever…I’m on episode 5.


    • Hahaha… That’s funny .. I stopped with Downton because blah, I don’t have time for that and I rarely enjoy those period dramas that much.. unless they are films with Keira Kngihtley in them. 😀

    • I’m behind with TMP now like.. 3 episodes? My god, this happened in the second half of season 1 as well but I caught up later. Now I’ve lost the fangirl move a bit so I’m getting worried….

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