This week on the commercial break: explaining my failure to study AGAIN, watching shows I love, realizing I have stopped watching so many shows this season that it’s actually saving me hours and hours of time and random thoughts about nothing special really. And links, of course!

  • Needless to say, my thesis is not going so well and I think I have to power through on Monday to Thursday next week in order to survive, which is from today since I’m scheduling this post.
  • Has anyone noticed how well I’m doing with the two posts a week thing? I didn’t want to say anything but I’m so proud by now that I couldn’t hold it in. Scheduling is a really nice thing, I have stuff ready ahead of time and I don’t really have to worry that much. Plus, I have so many posts drafted as ideas that by the time I finish them, I will have an entire month scheduled – which would really help my studying!


  • Also, I’ve been doing sort of my own version of community building by participating in different blogathons – and digging up posts from the past to revive them (the post in mind is scheduled to go up later this week). Still need to get the commenting up to good standards though.
  • I realized that I’ve been so successful in blogging lately because I’ve literally stopped watching TV-shows. Even now, after most of them are back, there’s still not many shows I watch each week. For instance, I stopped watching comedies (2 Broke Girls, New Girl, all the new ones from this season), drama series (Bones, Homeland, Parenthood, Continuum, Arrow, The Killing), guilty pleasures (Carrie Diaries, Baby Daddy, Pretty Little Liars, White Collar) and skipped the entire season in order to marathon it through later (American Horror Story, The Walking Dead).
  • It doesn’t seem that much but trust me, it is saving me a lot of time – considering none (The Tomorrow People is slowly becoming a big let down as well) of the newcomers have made it into my weekly schedule.


  • That being said, The Mindy Project is a series that week to week became my most anticipated shows and the winter season finale just blew me away. I’m pretty sure Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal! She is doing what Lena Dunham will most likely never achieve in Girls, be charming and different and funny and totally gorgeous! Plus, that show has the greatest guest appearances: Bill Hader, Ed Helms, Chloe Sevigny, Seth Meyers, James Franco, Kevin Smith, Jenna Elfman, Seth Rogen and others!
  • And having Adam Pally from Happy Endings as a series regular is much appreciated, thank you, Kaling!
  • It’s hard not to talk about The Mindy Project just a little bit more because I’m now worried about the upcoming episodes in April. Will it become another New Girl disaster due to the relationship? Hopefully not, because Mindy’s writing is getting better while New Girl just ran out of jokes a long time ago.
  • The only movie I watched last week was Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and I’m was not happy about it. It just, no.
  • This week I really want to study but also see 12 Years of Slave and maybe Captain Phillips and Short Term 12. It sounds like an amazing line-up so I hope I’ll have a great movie week. And I wish all of you the same!
  • It’s finally proper winter in Estonia though, and since my life is a big irony festival, my woolen socks got holes in them right when it got too cold NOT to wear them. Typical. Thanks life!
  • Every day I’m more concerned and worried about turning 25 next month. Not because I’m afraid to get older, no, I’m afraid to be in my mid-twenties and have nothing to show for it. No solid career, no family, no savings. That being said, the big two-five – woop!
  • I’m really struggling to think of a great post though, any ideas? I kind of had an idea but that will definitely not help my thesis what so ever. Seriously, somebody please tell me an idea that doesn’t require hours and hours of work?!


Dan the ManΒ is probably the most consistent movie blogger I know, so many reviews, so persistent, awesome. His Top 10 of 2013 is awesome as well!

By now, almost everybody has seen The Wolf of Wall Street and I still have to wait until FEBRUARY 7th! Anyway, Karamel Kinema and Cinematic Corner loved it and now I’m in torture mode since I want to see it on the big screen SO SO bad.

Is everybody over American Hustle? Well, even if you are, it doesn’t do any harm to read Lights Camera Reaction’s review.

Big Screen Small Words watched the sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

Time for a Film listed Top 50 off 2013 films and made me jealous because I’m never able to make such lists.. like, ever! There’s 5 posts in total but here is the Top 10, the creme de la creme!


This is it, the commercial break is over.. the movie’s back on in 3, 2, 1 …


  • I know how difficult it is to find time for blogging. : ( I’ve finally started scheduling the posts which does indeed help a lot! Now I just need people to write my reviews for me… ; ) If you’re interested in blogathons, I’m doing a John Hughes blogathon in March. : )

  • Thank you for the link! The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows (and I totally agree about the show having the best guest stars and keeping Adam Pally on the show – such a great addition!). It just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait for April; leaving the show with that scene is making a two month wait very long.

    Good luck on your thesis! πŸ™‚

    • Hopefully the show doesn’t fall into the trap of bringing the two main characters together.. I mean, it didn’t happen to Friends after Chandler and Monica got together so I hope it doesn’t for Mindy as well.

  • Aw, thank you for the link! Much appreciated.
    Glad you like The Mindy Project. One of the strongest aspects of the show is Kaling and Messina’s relationship and chemistry, I love how Mindy and Danny’s relationship has developed throughout. Season one was very rocky, but season two has been a huge improvement. Really loved how the winter season finale ended.

  • I’ll be turning 25 this year too – it’s a scary age just like you said “have nothing to show for it”….but I think that depends on the meaning of nothing to show for it. I try to look at it that I may not be married or have an official job, but I got friends, a passion for something, and try new things – that’s good so far. πŸ™‚

    • Indeed, the small things, I have those, I have lots of great people around me as well and I have finally established myself as a blogger in a way that I’m becoming more content about it. We’ll see what 25 will bring me, I hope great new things!

  • I was going to ask if you watched The Walking Dead because of the “Stuff. Things” part of your banner. That’s seriously the best meme to come from that show. I think I’m the only one that hasn’t totally retracted their love for American Hustle. Maybe I’m just stubborn.

    • I watched The Walking Dead up until now but I’m going to marathon the new season after it ends. I like to watch TWD like that, it’s too boring to wait for each week but all together in a row, quite alright.

      And I haven’t really said my opinion about American Hustle yet.. I feel like it will contradict a lot, I liked it but I agree with some, the script was so messy and the story didn’t really catch on.. but the performances were good.

  • Even if you have something to show for, turning 25 is a nightmare. It’s like ‘wtf where did my life go? WHERE IS MY YOUTH?’. It just sucks.

    “Lena Dunham will most likely never achieve in Girls, be charming and different and funny and totally gorgeous! ” Yeah, well she is different. About other 3 things? No no. There is not enough plastic surgery and personality swaps for her and alcohol for me to do that.

    • Tell me about it, I’m less than a month away and I’m already afraid of the big day.. what a nightmare.

      She isn’t different.. I feel as if she tries to be but she’s just a wannabe in my eyes. I don’t consider that as being different..

  • Thanks for the linkage! I’m quite happy to have seen that many movies last year but it did get a bit out of hand towards the end, wanting to see everything so I didn’t miss potentially great films!

    Love the name of this post series and good work on the two posts a week. I generally struggle to get more than 1 out (the last week being an exception πŸ˜‰ )

    I’m turning 23 next month, sucks we are getting old! Plenty of time to build up savings in the future though πŸ™‚

  • Happy Birthday…next week. You’re still in your 20s, which is fun. I remember that 25 felt different because I was going to be on the other side of my 20s (the end side). Now I’m in my mid 30s and I just want to have fun. Going…with…the…flow.

    I wish the Mindy Project had better ratings! People need to seriously start watching this show. It’s great. Friends don’t let friends watch ‘Girls.’ Just say no people.

    As for my spiritual guide, I think Jane from Happy Endings reminded me a lot of myself. I miss that show.

    • It’s luckily in two weeks.. but thanks!

      I wish Mindy got all the love, man, that show is great!

      Happy Endings was also a bit boring at one point, it just didn’t go anywhere.. it kind of had the same thing going on for a long time. I liked it though, it was fun.

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