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Talking about that little prick called Eagle. Eagle loves competition because for someone to win, someone has to lose. But the paradox is that true art, true individual expression as all the work of these incredible fellow filmmakers, can’t be compared, can’t be labeled, can’t be defeated, because it exist and our work will only be judged, as always, by time.

–     Alejandro G. Inarritu

Some favorites win, some favorites lose. Some actors have crafted their skills for years and don’t get recognition. Some shoot out of nowhere and take the stage, if not for good, then for a brief moment of gratitude. I’m happy and sad, it’s a bittersweet time for many of us movie fans, I guess. But after listening to a man, accepting his statue, I realized, that even if I might disagree with some of the winning choices, everyone who is making movies, creating characters, expressing themselves or telling stories, is a winner because they are doing what they love!

The acceptance speech by Alejandro G. Inarritu represents exactly how I feel about the award shows: the award itself doesn’t really matter. Inarritu makes his point by representing respect, honor and understanding, and most importantly, by complimenting everyone’s work. He initiates an idea that everyone is a winner, and there’s no point in placing judgment, as the only judge is time and only time will show, which movies will became timeless and which ones will fade. His win for Birdman is one of my favorites but though it matters a lot now, the true winner is awarded through time. Will it survive, will the young movie lovers, 30 years from now, talk about Birdman or will they discuss Boyhood? Will Inarritu’s work be listed among the greats or will Chazelle merge as a fine film maker instead? Time will tell. And even if time might fail a little, there will always be hardcore movie bloggers there to remind everyone that this movie is the best and that movie sucks, each referring to completely different movies.


I liked that Birdman swept the floor with the big three – Original Screenplay, Director and Best Picture but I especially loved to see Alejandro G. Inarritu on stage each time he accepted an award. Firstly because he deserved it, secondly, because he is a very smart speaker. I already quoted his speech after receiving Best Director but his response to Sean Penn’s awful outburst (getting to it later) was an even smarter choice of words.

The actor categories were disappointing in a way that only one win made me happy and it was J.K. Simmons taking home Best Supporting Actor. He deserves every bit of recognition for Whiplash, like everything else about this small little movie with a big message. Teller, if you ever read this, you were great too and I you’ll get to stand on that stage, not just as a presenter, but a winner too!

Another winning moment that was more of a surprise than a planned excitement (if that makes sense) was Graham Moore taking the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Now, that was a moment of a humble man giving a powerful speech and making a statement. He was genuinely happy, surprised and even though I hadn’t even paid attention to him, I’m sure as hell am keeping my eye on him now! Go, Graham!

As far as the show itself, well, Neil Patrick Harris is always charismatic.. even when the material fails him. And the presenters did mostly a nice job, the songs were lovely but I mean, did anyone see Lady Gaga coming because man, the woman can sing!  Though I didn’t really watch the entire show and I skipped through most of it because it’s too long for my taste, and I get to see the best parts as gifs on Tumblr anyway.


Sean Penn was on Graham Norton this last Friday and he was the most uncomfortable guest I’ve seen on that show, ever. Drunk Whalberg was better than him. He seemed mostly turned off, like unaware what was happening around him. He told the longest, most boring stories ever and he looked like he just came from a two week bender. Then he continues to ruin my week by making a comment like that towards Alejandro. Sure, maybe it’s an inside joke between them two, MAYBE, but even then, there’s a time and a place for such things. The Oscars, not being the place. Charlize girl, you need to dump his ass, like, now!

John Travolta tried to save his ass from last year’s disaster. He, like constantly tweaking his face with fillings and botox, made it worse. Maybe he was trying to take a closer look at her chin so he could ask his plastic surgeon to give a similar one. Idina Menzel tried to hold it together, I mean, everybody tried in that moment, but I just thought it looked a little too staged and awkward.

Eddie Redmayne, oh, poor guy. And the thing is, I don’t hate him, I kind of even like him but the man is just, he is so weak. His speech was almost as if he was almost about to cry.. and that’s just.. grow some balls, and don’t walk on all fours thanking everybody. Be a man. Listen to this, and be a man!


To end this post why not go through in some red carpet magic. Though, to be honest, I only loved one complete look and then some dresses / make-up looks here and there. Emma Stone being the winner of the evening, effortlessly glamorous from head to toe – she was perfection! I did like Scarlett Johansson as well, sort of, the necklace was too much in my opinion. Also, did anyone else thought there were too many wishy-washy dresses? I liked Jennifer Aniston‘s the most out of all the nude dresses but I would’ve loved to see her hair in messy ponytail instead.

emma stone oscars 2015

best dressed osacrs 2015

And of course, all the men looked dashing…

oscars best dressed men 2015

…even in whitey tightys.



  • I didn’t think I could dislike Penn more, ugh he’s just an awful human being. Poor Graham Norton, his show is way too good for him. On a cheery note, YAY for Birdman, though I wish Keaton had picked up an award as well. LOVE him!

  • Sean Penn is an idol of mine because he doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks. In this profession, that’s thats

    • Impossible to come by. For those very reasons though, I understand why he has his critics. He’s a porcupine to be sure. He and Alejandro are very close friends though.

      • Indeed..but like I said, even as an inside joke, you don’t say these types of things on stage. There’s enough bad things said about people anyway, as a joke or not, we should focus on saying good things.

        His attitude for me comes off as not caring about it but being too good for it. Like he’s above all others.. Like Johnny Depp, now there’s a man that just doesn’t seem to care at all.. Penn just seems mean.

        Saying that, still, Mystic River scene, still haunts me and I’ve got nothing bad to say about his ability to act!

        • Right on. I can get behind that. I’ll admit he does become a bit mean-spirited. And you’re 100% right, the Oscars ceremony is no place to be a holier-than-thou kind of public figure. Ihaven’t seen his appearance in that one show, but I don’t think I’m in a hurry to. It’s a constant struggle for me to always just see the actors as they are in their movies. I think it becomes a bit dangerous when we start judging their real world personas. And I’m totally guilty of that mmyself. Lol

          • Hah! You know, I have to admit, Graham’s couch brings out the best and worst of people! It’s my fav talk show because it feels very candid and it’s nice to see celebrities together, talking to each other and the British comedians always add a bit of spice!

            Two couches definitely to watch are Will I Am with two Brits, I can’t recall the names.. and Adele with Jack Whitehall and Miranda Hart. Priceless! Oh, and Michael Bubble , his ones are always good!

            I think I have to write a Graham Norton post now.. 😀

  • Yeah, that Sean Penn joke didn’t sit well with me either, even after learning about the inside joke/shared humor. I don’t see Penn getting all worried about it, though.

    And I also thought Johansson’s necklace was too much. And the color was not the best. But damn, did it show off her curves!!

  • Penn is a good actor, but he’s kind of a terrible human. He was so awkward.

    I too am only happy with J.K’s acting win, I would’ve swapped the others out.

    I do think more people will talk about Birdman in 10 years than Boyhood. At least I hope they do, it was a masterpiece.

    • I think you can write books abut Birdman and not just story wise, but technical aspects etc. Boyhood.. I mean.. there are thousands of literary works out there, fiction and non fiction, that could technically be called better than Boyhood’s story.

  • Inarritu’s speech was truly great! Perhaps I’m not a crazy-passionate fangirl but as we all know when performances and movies get snubbed, the Oscars represent a few small part of the whole. When people lose it because an actor they like didn’t win – I just don’t get it. Why put so much negativity on something so small that’s really not going to be remembered by next year’s ceremony except for hardcore fans. (Sorry, end rant!) I hope this Travolta and Menzel business doesn’t carry over into next year – I didn’t get the hype the first time around. :/

    • I’m with you on the fact that the Travolta thing needs to go away and fast. Luckily I guess it hasn’t been this popular as the wrong name but considering they dug up something that was a thing a year ago, they sure seem nostalgic about Travolta and his mess ups. 😀

  • Oh Sean… if he wasn’t such a good actor, no one would be able to remotely tolerate him. I agree that his joke was in poor taste, but for what it’s worth, he and Iñárritu are really close friends. Still, saying it in front of a billion people…?

    • Not everyone will know they are friends so the comment came off rude as a whole. Sure, Inarritu didn’t maybe find it rude at all but I did.. despite knowing they were friends.

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