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They should rename December to Awardcember because that’s all I have seen, heard and read about for the entire week. Don’t get me wrong, I like this time of year when nominations are revealed and the tiny little chaos it causes when wrong people or wrong movies get too much attention. Trust me, there will always be a movie, an actor, an actress or a show that doesn’t deserve its place, not to mention those who were wrongfully robbed from theirs!


Though there’s a long list of nominations to discuss, I only have a few thoughts that I’d share. First, Boyhood. Now, this movie will most likely receive a lot of wins because it has a lot of nominations – too many is the general opinion going around. That is true, Boyhood is over praised because its only exciting aspect is that it took 12 years to film. That’s it. The movie itself doesn’t have anything as remotely interesting happening. I saw it months ago and I’ve forgotten almost everything about it, there was no climax or excitement in its story what so ever. So, when a movie is getting so much attention for being made over the course of 12 years, why the hell should you dismiss a movie that was made in 19 days and raised emotions Boyhood didn’t even dream of? Now that’s unfair, and shame on you awardpeople!


For those who don’t know yet, Whiplash was filmed in 19 days and though J.K. Simmons is grabbing every possible nomination for himself, the movie itself hasn’t gotten any of the big nods. Now, is that really fair? For me, Boyhood is almost forgotten but I’m not sure I’ll forget Whiplash because there’s a definite chance I’ll watch it again, and again… and again.

Ironically, the very same situation where the actor gets important attention, and yet the movie doesn’t, is with Nightcrawler. But then again, it’s a bit more understandable given that a lot of the movie is held up by Gyllenhaal’s amazing performance so I’m willing to sort of let it pass.. but I’m not happy about it at all. Mostly because if not the director, if not the soundtrack, why not the original script that created Louis Bloom in the first place?

The disappointments continue, though Simmons and Gyllenhaal are the highlights for me this award season, with Moore and Streep. Still Alice wasn’t that good, honestly, it was alright but considering Moore’s ability, she deserves to be acknowledged for something far more significant. Same goes for Streep.. I mean, haven’t seen Into the Woods but I hardly think it is among Streep’s finest performances. It’s like DiCaprio reversed, she just gets nominated out of habit, while Leo, no matter what he does, gets nothing.


Finally, an Estonian movie is nominated for a Golden Globe! This makes me very happy and I’m surprised that I have even seen it, considering how few of my national movies I actually watch. Tangerines is a war-themed drama of an Estonian man taking in two wounded soldiers from opposite sides. It has some dark humor, fitting for an Estonian movie, and yet, it also has heart and political issues. Not to mention two very talented Estonian actors.


Nothing much to say about this topic but that I’m returning to my old job in January with fewer work hours than a full job would require. Reasons? Well, there are a few. Firstly, there’s nothing remotely interesting out there for me. Secondly, until waiting for that undefined perfect dream job I’m in search of, I need to pay my rent and eat at some point. I don’t think of it as a step backwards.. it’s simply the most logical option I could think of.

In terms of writing stuff, I think I have too many post ideas running around in my head because I’m running out of room to fit them all in December as planned. Though I think I have to leave some to January as well, like my lists of 2014.. I’ve drafted all of them, just need to edit them visually into something interesting and pretty.

Also, had a house warming party on Friday which is part of the reason this post comes to you on a Sunday – I had to skip a day to do absolutely nothing and revel in the fact that I drank too much for sure and yet, didn’t have a hangover!


The only movie I saw since the last Commercial Break was Point Zero, original title Nullpunkt. It was good, it was actually surprisingly good and after I had published my review, the official Facebook page of the movie shared it. Let’s just say my views skyrocketed this week for one day, which was nice.. I haven’t had a lot of traffic here on Mettel Ray for this year. Not that it’s my priority, it hasn’t been for a long time now but it’s just nice to think that something I write is interesting enough for it go trending. Though it really didn’t, probably because I don’t write in Estonian.


With the mid-season finals happening one after another, I’m watching Gilmore Girls instead. Yes, it’s that time of the year again, where I revisit my favorite mother daughter relationship and start babbling like Lorelai. I’m on season 3 and I’m glad because it means Rory and Jess is close to happening. Though, I’m waiting for her third relationship also, since only the first one is the relationship that’s too mushy for my taste. But there’s something special about Jess, who gives me some extreme fan-feels and I’m sure for those, who are avid Gilmore Girls fans, have the same feelings, right?

gilmore girls

Other shows that currently airing aren’t as exciting for me at the moment and others I’m mad at. The 100 made a stupid move with the story line but since I haven’t read the book series, god knows who to blame. The Newsroom is ending and I’m sad and disappointed to say at least – Don and Sloan should get a spin-off movie or something because it will be hard to leave those, now strongest fan favorites, behind. Plus, the last season has been underwhelming for me.

The Fall on the other hand has been on fire! It’s flaming people, FLAMING! Jamie Dornan is giving me these feelings that I really shouldn’t have and I’m so mad at the stupid person who decided to shave his beard for 50 Shades of Gray. Surely they are going to change things from the book, why not make the leading character 100 times more desirable by letting him have his scruff. That scruff is god’s gift to women.. but there are other reasons why I love The Fall too, I swear!

jamie dornan the fall

The wait for Shameless is coming to an end people! And that means, though I’m already in a middle of a marathon, that I should re-watch it. I mean, this is some hardcore series watching for me and I wouldn’t take that kind of responsibility if I had something to do.. but the only thing stopping me is this blog. Oh and maybe some housework here and there back at my hometown, where I’m heading today…until 2015. I’m either going to go insane or insane.. there are no other options – the closest cinema would be 70 km away!


Still in the middle of at least 3 books, I should really finish at least two of them because I might receive more for Christmas and then it’s just stupid not to read them. I’m constantly adding to my list as well, so I have like 100+ books that I want to read and I keep buying them, but the reading part is not happening.

There’s no musical knowledge I could give you guys except maybe listen to the Nightcrawler’s soundtrack because damn, that is amazing! Listening to it, I could almost image Lou driving or getting his freak on, which is comforting. Me and men with psychopathic tendencies go hand in hand – so the soundtrack speaks to me on so many levels it’s actually scary!


Dan the Man liked Still Alice a little bit more than I did.

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Finally, for a better overview of Golden Globe nominations go over to Cinematic Corner.


  • Thank you for the link! What got me baffled for the awards nomination was Naomi Watts got one for St. Vincent. She was good, but not awards good. I think Streep is an immediate nominee when it seems like spots need to be filled. Didn’t she have something similar with August: Osage County?

    • Oh I hated August: Osage County.. so yes, there goes my Streep love too a bit. So I’m not sure how this Into the Woods nomination things works out for her.

      Haven’t seen St. Vincent yet so I can’t comment it.
      Thanks for the comment!

  • Thanks for the link! My contract where I work is up in few months and I decided I’m not renewing it. It’s a hugely psychologically damaging job and I saved up enough to go without work for several months, while I look for something else. Happy to read you’ll have less hours!

    • You’re welcome!

      I agree with your decision.. I think working too hard and not enjoying it is not worth it in the long run. I do have money saved up to keep my unemployment thing up for couple of months but I decided not to dip my hands in that fund.. I think my laptop is almost at its end and it would be “hell” if I wouldn’t have money for a new one.
      And less hours might save me some brain cells.

  • Thanks for linking my post, hon!
    I have so many feelings towards The Fall. The second season hasn’t come out yet in the U.S. and it’s torture. Jamie looks so strange without his scruff in 50 Shades. He looks bald. lol
    Oooh, Gilmore Girls – that’s on my Netflix watch list.
    There aren’t too many movies this award show season that seem every exciting to get nominated. I’m hoping the anticipation amps up a little. 🙂

    • If you start watching Gilmore Girls, be sure to skip the final season as it is bad! The creator/writer who was the best about the show for sure, wasn’t apart of it.. also.. give it attention so maybe MAYBE my wildest dreams of having a reunion project for Gilmore Girls take place in the near future 😀

      And he does look bald!

  • I just started watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning in order now that it’s on Netflix. Before I had seen only a few episodes here and there out of order. I LOVE the show! I’m in the middle of season 3, and I can’t stop watching. Talk about addicting! I’m dying for a reunion, and I’m not even halfway through the show yet!

    • Be aware of the side effects – coffee addiction, babbling and conversational points that lead to nowhere and get people asking whether you’re drunk or high.. or maybe it’s just me.

      I’m on season 5 now.. I like season 5 a lot.. But I will forever and always miss Jess.

      • Haha, it’s totally not just you! After I watch an episode, I end up talking really fast to my husband or friends, and I always get these weird looks. It’s hard not to after watching back-to-back episodes.

        Ooo, nice! I’m almost finished with season 3, so I’m excited to go from there. I’ve still sided with Lorelai in that I’m not a big fan of Jess. I actually don’t get the appeal, haha.

        • Hah. I get the appeal of Jess, you’ll see that in the long run, he is Rory’s only boyfriend in the series who sort of understands her. He makes some bad decisions, and he has the wrong ideas sometimes.. but it’s probably because he wasn’t as sure of himself as she was about herself and he envied her in that way. Oh man, I could discuss for days! 😀

          • Ooo, that’s awesome! They definitely have a connection, I’ll give them that. I will be interested to see how their relationship progresses. I’m up for discussing Gilmore Girls any time! 😉

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