commercial break 13My recent trend of watching only good and/or great movies has lead me to a situation where I have too many movies to talk about, and not enough words to express my enthusiasm about them. So, obviously, to escape this unfortunate situation, I’m bringing you another Commercial Break because me needs to calm the fuck down, and get things out of my system before throwing out a review after a review in the upcoming weeks.


As you all know, I’m currently jobless with minimal plans for next year. Turns out, having so much free time is actually toxic because now I’ve entered the stage where I have too many ideas how to spend my days and I end up doing nothing instead. Luckily, I woke up today with some long lost energy and I plan to use every ounce of it on blogging, going to the cinema and then finishing a book I started a week ago.

This week I’ve played around with my camera though, filmed some clips and discovered that the sunlight can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. The idea is to put something together that actually looks decent until I get my project up and running. Practice makes perfect, hopefully. By the way, if any of you movie-enthusiasts know what is the best editing program for a PC that doesn’t require a lot of skill, let me know.

Got a bit bored of my washed out blonde hair and put some toning conditioner into it .. this was the result. I’m loving it! There’s just something about bold and bright hair that makes you happier and honestly, it looks a lot better on camera because it pops. Who knows how well it stays on, since it’s supposed to come off in 6-8 washings (red pigment usually stays on for longer though) and I’m guessing it also might go pink but I’ll own it anyway.


Since I saw Nightcrawler last week, you can read my review here, I have been all over Jake. I watched The Day After Tomorrow and End of Watch, one of which I had already seen tons and the other I had for some odd reason skipped. How good is End of Watch?! It’s probably old news to so many of you but I’m always a step behind with pretty much everything. What I loved about End of Watch was its rawness and the fact that it felt so realistic, since the vlogging style wasn’t overused, it still kept its quality and richness.

Speaking of Jake Gyllenhaal, how the hell has he become so good!? I mean, sure, I’ve always known of him and I never really thought he was a bad actor but man, he is on fire! It’s like McConaughey last year.. except Gyllenhaal has a romantic comedy Nailed by David O. Russell coming up net year with Jessica Biel and that just makes me sad. Despite of that mishap, he is becoming one of my favorites and it helps that he usually has some scruff on him that makes him almost irresistible. I mean, look at that man…

jake gyllenhaal

A day after I was blown away by Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Louis Bloom, I got blown away by Miles Teller in Whiplash. Wow. There’s just so much joy in my heart that I chose two movies from the Black Night’s Film Festival and they both ended up being amazing! Look out for that Whiplash review which I will have as many problems as I had with writing about Nightcrawler because I’m still emotionally crippled and amazed.

But that’s not all, I watched Still Alice and Predestination as well as Like Crazy, Begin Again and Starred Up. I’m telling you, I’ve seen too many movies lately and most of them were good. Really liked Begin Again but still mad that they didn’t end up together, Starred Up was down right scary and made me so excited for Unbroken that you have no idea! Predestination is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen and there’s no way I’d be able to review it with a straight face. Still Alice was mostly meh.. and reminded me too much of You’re Not You.

Saw Horrible Bosses 2 yesterday and well, didn’t get my hopes up about it but it turned out well. I love the cast, so there’s something about it I honestly enjoyed and well, there’s nothing that can stop me from loving on Jennifer Aniston either. Not even her apparent feud with Angelina Jolie who’s Unbroken tour next to Jack O’Connell is making me all kinds of emotional.

Speaking of Jack O’Connell though, because why not, and seeing so much of him in Starred Up. I mean, not going to lie, I was a bit excited when it happened in the beginning but even more thrilled when it happened again. Now I almost feel like I know him well enough to call him a friend.. a really good friend. No, but seriously, I appreciate actors who are willing to show all of them, O’Connell, Fassbender, McGregory… *here come the vivid flashbacks*


arrow the flash

With the cross-over episodes for Arrow and The Flash, I had to catch up with The Flash, obviously. There’s just something about The Flash that I’m still not certain about but I love how Arrow and Flash mash together. Arrow is all grumpy and angry at himself all the time, and the Flash is just happy-go-lucky running around in the city without a care in the world. Except for the love interest, which I’m not a big fan of at all… at all!

Supernatural has become a part of my week again and to be honest, it’s gotten rather alright recently. It’s still hasn’t got that magic but that has been gone for couple of seasons now and it is probably due to the fact that they have pretty much killed off every supporting role they can afford. I miss the heart that the show had back in the day with supporting characters reappearing every now and then.

Accidentally stumbled on The Walking Dead spoiler and apparently I wasn’t the only one. The official series page on Facebook published the spoiler even before the West Coast saw the episode – time difference in America is pretty annoying I’m guessing. How does that even happen? Anyway, I woke up, the thing was on my Facebook feed and I haven’t watched the episode yet. Most likely will keep it for the next year anyway, since I heard as a midseason finale, the episode wasn’t good at all.

girlfriend's guide to divorce

Even though I did some extensive research, I still got surprised by a new show this winterseason – Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. It stars that lady from House MD, Lisa Edelstein who looks banging for a 48 year old!, and tells a story about a published advice author going through a divorce. The pilot was rather satisfying, nothing special but decent enough for me to continue with it. Pictured above, the cougar-esque scene, was priceless by the way – awkward and priceless!

After discovering that, I also stumbled on The Librarians which hasn’t come out yet but it looks weird so I’m going to watch it. It will premier next week and since I have nothing better to do with my life, I will most likely enjoy it too because when I’m bored, I like almost anything. Which is why I caught up with Scorpion even though I wasn’t a big fan and still don’t enjoy it to the fullest but at least I have something to pass the time with.


The book I plan to finish today is Nullpunkt and as you can tell, it’s Estonian and I picked it up because the movie came out this week. Zero-point (not sure if this is the actual translation but I’m going with it) is a YA novel that tells a story about an unpopular kid going through various problems in his life. It seems to be building up to a breaking point, which is something the title might be referring to, but hopefully it will have a sort of happy ending.

Some Youtube related news is that Zoe Sugg now has a book. Girl Online is the title of her debut novel and though I think the whole Youtube-culture is getting a bit too brand-oriented and the authenticity is somehow lost, I still have to give her some credit. I had the chance to read the first chapter and it was rather decent, nothing special but considering her demography, just right for young girls struggling with similar problems. Plus, some light reading never hurt anyone and I’m sure it won’t hurt me when I get my hands on that book.

Taylor Swift is everywhere but I don’t really care. Though her song Blank Space is so god damn catchy I hate it. Why do I always stumble on these single songs by artists I don’t like and think, oh, good song – typical! Though, I should specify, I only like the song if I start listening past her annoying voice. Which is why I went for a hunt for the perfect cover which hasn’t turned out that well.. this would be the most decent one I found but I still think it can be so much better.


As far as fangirling goes, Cinematic Corner is the best in the business, you’ll love everything she loves so obviously, we all love Mark Ruffalo now and with good reason, he is awesome!

Keeping it Ruffalo-style, here’s And So It Begins… review on Foxcatcher which I sadly haven’t seen yet.

Stay away from the penguins (read it Cumberbatch-style), or at least that’s what Rambling Film recommends in regards to Penguins of Madagascar.

 I totally agree with On the Screen Reviews statement about Whiplash – one of the best!


  • I like that color! I love having red in my hair, but it always fades so quickly on me.

    The Walking Dead was very underwhelming as a mid season finale goes, and I didn’t really care about the character they killed off, so meh.

    I want to see Whiplash soooooo badly. Ugh.

    • I like it too, hopefully it stays on well.

      Well, I guess I will skip it.. but I did care for that character a bit.. sad for Daryl though!!

      You should.. it is amazing! 😀

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely on a roll lately. I’m not even mad he’ll be in a romantic comedy because I think David O. Russell is a more than capable director. After all, I really enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook which is really just a rom-com.

    And yes, the color pops.

    • Well, I disliked American Hustle a lot and not the biggest fan of Jessica Biel, so I’m not really looking forward for Nailed. Plus, the premise sounds a bit.. off.


    • See on mingi Venemaalt sisse veetud tooniv palsam Viru Bussiterminali all olevast ilupoest. Seal on igast kahtlaseid asju, aga need palsamid on sinises pudelis ja igas toonis seal saadaval ja ma täitsa soovitan. 😀

  • YES!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for mentioning Blank Space!! So it’s not weird I’ve been listening to it on repeat for four days straight?

    Wait, what?…Still a bit weird? Uh. Think of Mickey & Ian while listening to that song, I dare you! There is nothing, I tell you, nothing better!

    I can’t wait to see Nightcrawler and Whiplash! I regret watching Foxcatcher instead of one of them, because Foxcatcher was average, but these two seem like incredible films.

    Are you doing the Estonian film vlog thing? I’m still looking forward to that one, you know! 😀

    Also, forgot to say before, but I watched all of A to Z in one go last week or so, and I loved it!! Thanks for the rec!

    And finally… I love the hair!

    • I just hate her voice soooo much.. I don’t know why but it just scratches my brain. 😀

      I’m trying to do the Estonian film vlog thing but I’m failing at the moment. 😀

      THANKS! Now you can’t miss me when you see me on the street or something. 😀

    • How’s red not classy? It’s always classy, I think! No? 😀

      You will get to know O’Connell very well.. I mean.. you see all of him and that constitutes as knowing somebody very well. 😀

      • Well… because it’s such a strong, unnatural colour in most shades, it can be hard to find the right one for your skin/eye colour, in a way that looks as natural as possible. Also makeup is an issue if it’s too strong. I guess the same goes for every hair colour, but red seems trickier.

        Anyway yours looks amazing, it’s a very beautiful and rich shade of red, and I think it complements your golden tanned skin very well. Also, that eye makeup is just gorgeous!

        • You might be right about the hair.. but I think I’ve had too many colours on my head to fall for those silly mistakes that make your hair colour look horrid.. hopefully. 😀

  • I’m currently jobless too, girl. At least degree-jobless 🙁 So I’m on the same boat as you. Don’t fret….we’ll find our path.

    You’ve got amazing hair! That color is tremendous!

    Gyllenhaal is outstanding in Nightcrawler. I would say that this is HIS year, but I doubt the Academy will agree. It’s been a kind of meh year all around…no performances have really WOW-ed me out of my skin except J.K. Simmons. Thanks for the link 🙂 !!!

    • Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to work next month.. just because.. money and well, I can get back my old job with better conditions and I will figure out my path while working my ass off, hopefully. 😀

      Gyllenhaal’s year!! But I think Unbroken is a lot more Academy-type-movie and O’Connell seems like a great guy to get a nomination as well so I’m conflicted.. I’ve heard that the movie isn’t that amazing than Nightcrawler but I mean, it seems like the typical hero-esque-Oscar-movie and I mean.. Jolie, she’s amazing!

  • YEY, thanks for the link! And btw Mark shows all of him in In the Cut if you are interested 😛

    YES IT’S SO AWFUL THEY DIDN’T END UP TOGETHER! I feel we should protest in front of Carney’s house, this was just sadistic. I’m still not over that heartbreak and the fact that the lovely Lost Stars plays in that ending and other than the content it’s actually an incredibly well made scene makes my thoughts on that sequence all schizophrenic.

    Your hair looks great! I’m dying my shit greying hair next week, so I wonder what the hell is gonna happen to mine.

    • Oh god.. I’m not sure if I can handle another naked man on my screen this week but I might change my mind tomorrow. 😀

      It is, isn’t it!? I mean.. what was the whole point of those god damn sex filled looks if they won’t get together… god damn it!

      Thanks! It was a surprising outcome considering it was a 3€ bottle and I still have half left for a second usage! 1,5€ for this hair.. super ! 😀

  • Your hair looks amazing! You could totally rock it if it turns pink too.

    I have been into Gyllenhaal since I first watched Donnie Darko when I was in middle school. He’s been my #1. It’s awesome how big of a year he’s had since Prisoners. I am down with him doing a David O. Russell rom com except the plot sounds ridiculous.

    I keep hearing great things about Starred Up. I need to check that out.

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