commercial break 12Get your beverage, coffee, tea or a grape Fanta, and sit down for possibly the longest ramble I’ve ever written! I know this is probably my own fault, I haven’t done a Commercial Break in a long time and things pile up, feelings pile up, emotions and also, a lot of movie watching – and destroying my nerves trying to think whether I should write a review for Gone Girl or not. So yes, a lot as been going on, and adding to that some other stuff I will discuss in an upcoming Coffee Talk, my life has been like a really weird scary movie.


* Firstly, the movies I have watched, want to review but can’t seem to find the time for, are piling up like pancakes on a Sunday morning. There are a lot, after some editing, I narrowed the list down to six and that already means some heavy writing and posting in the upcoming month. If I make it happen, if I review all of the six, I might abandon the system of posting 2 times a week to get them all up before it is irrelevant. Maybe not.

* Then there are the movies I watch and will most likely never talk about, except maybe here. First of those was The One I Love, which had the weirdest premise and I can clearly remember only the plot twist. I kind of liked it but it could have been so much better.

* Dirty Deeds would have been much more appealing if it was a 90’s movie, I’m sure of it.. because a teenage angst movie released in 2005 just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Though, if I had seen it 10 years ago, I’d probably like it a bit more because well, I loved Milo Ventimiglia in Gilmore Girls and I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

* Then there’s the movie everybody told me to watch, or maybe not everybody but at least couple of people: The Cabin in the Woods. I’m not fond of horror movies, so, I sort of liked its ironic take on the genre but then it got too crazy for me during the second half. It simply overflowed with everything and I would have much preferred for it to stay in the subtle stages throughout the movie.

* Another movie that sort of lost my interest in the middle of the movie was If I Stay. Firstly, Chloe Grace Moretz is my least favorite choice for any movie. I just don’t find her interesting nor appealing, so it’s just something I have to deal with. The movie was meh and well, only good thing was the fictional pop punk band Willamette Stone lead by Jamie Blackley! The band was created for the movie, the songs were written for the movie and I might have a slight crush situation on Blackley because of it.

* If anything, I loved the movie for that reason alone because it had such a great emphasis on the music.. until Chloe’s head was literally floating over another girl’s body when they wanted shots of her playing the cello. With an 11 million dollar production value surely there’s something left for good digital altering, if not, why would you even show her playing the damn thing!? PS: I read that Moretz practiced 7 months to play the cello and she still had to have a floating head for all the full body shots…. just saying.

* Forward couple of days further, I watched Rise of the Guardians because I’m feeling the Christmas season, people! I’m honestly getting the weirdest holiday feelings with the crispy weather and my fairy lights I have put up. Anyway, the animation was a nice change of pace and it is always rewarding for me to hear Chris Pine’s voice.

* In regards to new releases, I have seen none but I will see Nightcrawler and Whiplash at the end of the month and those two are the only movies I am able to see during the Black Nights Movie Festival. I’m a bit disappointed that I have to work this weekend because I’d definitely drag somebody to the cinema to see Foxcatcher or Birdman. Not to mention, Mockingjay Part 1 has its premier this weekend but I have to push that to December.


* While it seems I have seen a lot of movies, I have seen a lot more shows this month. The thing is, I do nothing except watch shows these days due to the fact that they are so good! I mean, can we just talk about The Vampire Diaries having like a second coming and it’s still going strong? Sure, it still has the regular clichรฉ moments but it feels refreshing somehow. Less messy. More fun. I’m fully enjoying myself and I might even start watching The Originals again.

* Another show that has returned and I love is The Newsroom. Sad and happy, that’s how I feel about it because it will be the last season I’ll be able to enjoy Sloan, the character that made me like Olivia Munn! That’s like almost an impossible task, cause I really didn’t care for the actress at all, but Sloan is the kind of character that just stays with you… for years. The final season hasn’t had its WOW moment yet but I’m still enjoying the show.

* Then there’s The 100 that I wait for each week like a crazy person. Why? Well, because it is entertaining and I’ve sort of developed very high ship-feels in regards to Bellamy and Clarke. Those two, my god, I can hardly contain the inner screams when I type this. Not sure how it will progress but I’m fully enjoying the new season that has a lot more action going on.. never mind the constant issue of looking more like The 20 than The 100.

* Also, I try not to address the crazy murdering that is happening in that show by characters who have, in the past, been the fans of peace and all. Yes, I’m talking about Finn going all crazy but then again, I might be alone in this and none of you even watch this show… or am I?

* With the shows on air at the moment, I can’t help to go back in time a bit and enjoy those old classics. I’m preparing to watch Twin Peaks and Quantum Leap soon enough. Also, I’ve been slowly re-watching Early Edition because that show is just adorable. Plus, if you remember a show you saw years ago because the premise is unique and memorable, the show is destined to get a rewatch soon enough.

* Speaking of unique, I remembered a pilot episode I watched in February and almost had a panic attack that the show wouldn’t provide us with any more episodes. No worries, it was a false alarm, The After does have 8 episodes coming next year and I’m so thankful because that pilot episode was amazing! Hopefully I’m not going to be disappointed with the rest of the season and considering the fact that I’ve waited so long, my expectations are high!

* I usually stay away of news and gossip in Commercial Breaks but I just had to – Luther remake in US…. no! I mean, sure, they succeeded with Elementary in a way because Sherlock is a character that has a vast background but Luther, no way. That character is unique, one of a kind and Idris Elba is Luther so I don’t see that show working as an American version.


* I figured I’d add this category as well, though I haven’t had time to read any books lately. I do have a post planned for next week in regards to my endless list of books to read but that list is growing faster than I can read – and I read pretty fast. There are few new purchases I have made that make me very excited and I figure I should share more book related things on this blog. Then again, I think about things a lot these days and well, I’m not sure my time management skills are good enough.

* That being said, anyone have a good book to recommend? I’ve been looking for Wool these past few weeks but haven’t seen it in the stores yet but I might order it online. Since I’m going home for couple of weeks in December I will have a lot of free time on my hands for reading and well, writing. Though I should do some planning instead but that’s a conversation for an upcoming Coffee Talk which will go up somewhere in the beginning of December.

* Music has been a big part of my days these couple of weeks. I usually don’t listen to music when I walk or just scroll the Internet, at least I didn’t for some time but now I’m at it again. There’s mostly random, alternative stuff on my Soundcloud but I’ve started to listen to The 1975 for the first time. Seriously, I’m so behind with music for the most part but I figured I’d catch up at least.. I don’t know why I turned to The 1975 first but I’m not hating it so, I guess it worked out well.


jack falahee

* I have a crush on Miles Teller. It’s a big one. It’s close to the crush I’ve been having on Daniel Radcliffe. In a way they are similar and by similar I mean cute! They both are so cute to me I don’t know what’s going on.. I’m all over the place with these things and it doesn’t help that Jack Falahee is slowly pushing himself into the mix.

* Falahee portrays the best gay character that television has had in years on How to Get Away With Murder and he is scrumptious! He might be the reason I tune in each week with excitement, that and the fact that Harry Potter alumni Alfred Enoch is adorable with his clueless expressions.

* Speaking of hot guys, the hottest man of the year is no other than Chris Pratt. Now, I approve but then again, it would have been epic to see Neil Patrick Harris take the title! But this is most likely the only time I have been conflicted myself due to the fact that both these men are amazing.


Alex (And So it Begins…) always manages to get me excited about everything he writes about, Whiplash is no different. Also, I have no idea when I will see The Disappearance of Elanor Rigby: Him/Her but I’m sure I’ll love the experience!

Black Nights Film Festival is happening and Elina from Films & Coke, because she is so awesome, is apart of it and already saw/loved Trash. Good luck with the rest of the festival!

These past few months have seen some great blogathon/post ideas going around, for instance, Cinematic Corner participated in Brilliant Acting Defined by One Look by Brittany on Rambling Film.

The always brilliant Sofia from Film Flare shared her thoughts on the controversial Interstellar.

Since I’m very excited for Whiplash, here’s another review by Cinematic Paradox to get your excitement levels up as well.

Gone Girl’s hype has passed, sort of, but here’s an in depth analysis by Sati of some of the main themes this movie has including misogyny and Amy’s characteristics.

Who knows when I’ll get to writing its review but here’s Karamel Kinema’s take on Boyhood.

Another great little idea for a post comes from Big Screen Small Words, a list of 10 Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day… or maybe a snowy day because winter is coming.


This is it, the commercial break is over.. the movieโ€™s back on in 3, 2, 1 โ€ฆ


  • hey ray i haven’t been blogging for ages its not even funny! i miss writing an actual well thought out posts *super sad face*

    Anyway, the one i love made me think that 2014 theme is double or doppelgaenger XD must be the fourth/fifth movie i watch with that kind of theme.

    Oh TV! the only thing i watched nowadays are the sitcoms, How To Get Away with Murder, Gotham, and Project Runway XD Now that you mention it, it finally click in my head about that Harry Potter dude, i kept having this deja vu moment but i just can not place it (too lazy to check IMDb as always)

    Gosh. I miss blogging >_<

    Thanks for the link Ray!

    • Well taking a break is also a good thing sometimes.. but for me, I can’t imagine not writing each week at least something. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Hah, I recognized him right away but then again, I might have read about it from somewhere first. And Project Runway has ended for this year, hasn’t it? I have now started watching X Factor UK again because Simon is back and he makes it good again.

      • I guess you are right XD I have all this unfinished drafts that i’d ended up throwing away by the end of this year *sigh* anyway i’m already hoping for a better time management so i can properly blog next year *crosses fingers*

        Yes the season 13 has ended but there’s the 4th All Stars season ray! Dun dun dun!! XD Oh is simon back? I miss that man!!! he just make everything’s better.. I wish AI would have him back too ๐Ÿ™

        • All Star already started? Damn. Must get myself to watch that one asap!!
          And yes, Simon is back and Cheryl and Mel B is on the pannel this year as well.. that’s a very nice combo of personalities.. too bad Walsh is there to ruin everything as per usual!

          • yes!! XD i did not even know they started too! when i started they already on episode 2/3! (there’s only 4 eps so far). And there’s a new spin off called PR Threads.. but i skipped it because its filled with tween and they are just not as refined.. (and no drama! hah!)

            Lol they just add him because every panel need a wet blanket XD

  • Awwww thank you for that link and the kind words!

    I absolutely share your excitement for HTGAWM and Connor but dude, no way is he better than Mickey!!

    By the way, when are you seeing Nightcrawler? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • You’re welcome!

      And you know what.. I want to argue that because Mickey still is the stereo typical gay guy in a sense that he was strongly closeted in the start.. he has had the best character development for a gay guy, I’ll give him that.
      What I think makes Falahee’s character better.. just a tiny bit, is that he is gay and seems to own it from the start. Sure we don’t know what his childhood was like or anything like that but he has known who he is from the start and has no problem showing it.. that’s my sort of argument. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Have the tickets for the 29th!

  • Thank you for the link! ๐Ÿ™‚

    How to Get Away With Murder is finally getting interesting again, but I really wonder how they’re going to go with the next season. Falahee does play an interesting character (one of my favorites), but I’m hoping he’s given more content and story to work with.

    For books, if you haven’t read Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple, it’s a good read! Another would be The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles by Katherine Pancol, and I am Having So Much Fun Without You by Courtney Maum.

    • He does feel like a filler at this point but considering he is fan favorite, Shonda will most likely give him a bigger story line next season. And maybe the show will follow a ONE BIG murder a season theme or something…

      Adding to my list.. man, I really like to add things but I seem to suck at actually getting to them! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hope you like Nightcrawler, I just saw it yesterday and it was very surprising. Gyllenhaal is great in it, really.

    So TVD is good again, huh? I’ve read somewhere about a bloody Elijah and was so close to pick it up again; but I’ve been binge-watching The Good Wife, and that is really time-consuming…! I stopped watching How to Get Away with Murder, but I agree about Falahee. And that scene in the copy room some weeks ago was HOT.

    An american remake of Luther? Please don’t.

    • Elijah is not on TVD anymore, he went to The Originals and we haven’t had a jump off this season on TVD at least. And The Good Wife gets so much better this season compared to the last season’s second half. My god.. but I disliked that partly because of things that happen.

      Why did you stop watching How to Get Away With Murder?

      And agreed, please don’t even though Idris himself is producing.. it just feels wrong.

      • Oh you’re right, I misremembered the article’s headline. All I got from it was “shirtless, bloody Elijah”, so you can’t blame my brain for freezing.

        I’m still in the first half on the fifth season of The Good Wife, so it’s all good for now. A mess, but a good mess. I know Will dies, I had that spoiled before I started watching the show. But idk how nor when, so at this point I can’t see how that’s coming. Anyway… I’m really liking the show, it has a way of making me hate and love every character in it, often at the same time.

        About How to Get Away with Murder: I was never really invested in it, but around episode five I lost all interest. I liked Annalise, Laurel and Bonnie though, so maybe I’ll give it another try, now that it’s getting better.

  • I’ve really enjoyed those first two episodes of The Newsroom. More Olivia Munn is never a bad thing on that show. She’s easily my favorite character. Also, if you can only see two new movies this month, I promise Nightcrawler and Whiplash are fine choices indeed.

    • And your comment was hidden among the spam section for some time but yes, your movie recommendations couldn’t be any more on point – they were awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • “and destroying my nerves trying to think whether I should write a review for Gone Girl or not” ma olengi mรตelnud, et huvitav miks Sa selle kohta pole midagi kirjutanud.. whyyyy?

  • Thank you for the links! That whole Luther remake thing is just such a horrible idea. To top him would be near impossible but to top HER? Impossible. Only Ruth can be Alice.

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