Grab a cup of coffee, or if it fancies your tickle, tea, and sit down for a long post of random rambles because I have a lot of stuff going around in my brain, heart and other organs. That and I’m heading for a long awaited vacation which could mean that there could be a shortage of posts and replies on Mettel Ray for a week.

* Since my last Commercial Break, over a month ago !, I’ve been rather stressed in my personal life but thrilled in regards to my professional one. In other words, I’ve got a new job. Obviously this has been the main focus of my life at this point, pushing aside all that negative stuff happening behind the curtain, so I’m happy-ish because I’m working better hours, and I’m finally doing something related to my education as well.

* But as excited as I am about my new job, I’m more thrilled about the upcoming vacation to Spain, Majorca, which I’ve been waiting for since last Christmas. Yes, that’s how me and mom plan things, a year ahead but to be honest, the actual plan in motion happened in February. Three days until the trip and my planning has been slowing down in speed, I haven’t even packed yet which is driving my mom crazy. She has probably made dozen lists of things she needs to bring but I’m sitting here like, I can manage with one pair of pants for a week, right?

* Looking even further into the upcoming month, I’m hoping to start experimenting more with my camera, making videos, editing and so on. That means I have to fix my computer, or, my cord to be precise. It has been broken for a while now and it really limits my laptop time in bed, which was probably the reason the cord gave up on me in the first place. For some odd reason, I just don’t tend to care for my laptops, which is ironic, cause it is the only true companion I have.

* Let’s now focus on the entertainment world, which I must admit, is rather challenging because I’m running around like a headless horse since it’s that time of the year again – TV shows are back on! And while my favorites are coming back with all guns blazing, there are A LOT of pilot episodes this year as well, like you might have gathered from my big new on TV post couple of weeks ago. Though most of them start in October, I’m already overwhelmed and it’s probably because I’ve managed to tone down my TV addiction over the past year or so, and I’m sensing I might relapse by the time November starts.

* That being said, I can already tell that I won’t watch Z Nation, nor will I continue with Gotham at this point, but also noting that I might binge watch it when I see something interesting about it on Tumblr. I’m enjoying Forever like I knew I would, and I’ll most likely give Scorpion a chance because it brings back Monk memories and I like the little kid. Madam Secretary has minimal chances of making it to my weekly schedule but Red Band Society has secured its place, even though the second episode didn’t live up to the strength of the pilot. The Mysteries of Laura remains a mystery, probably because my love for Messing and Lucas is clouding my judgment – the crime element of the show just isn’t cutting it. Which was the same case with NCIS: New Orleans but who knows, maybe it’ll pick up, I just won’t be there when it does. How To Get Away With Murder seems just as strong as other Shonda’s shows in the beginning… quite strong.

* But no new show has brought me as much joy as The Mindy Project because no other show has Chris Messina and his brilliant dance moves. The season 3 premier was just amazing and I applaud Mindy Kaling for making him strip in the end because just like Mindy, I was floored. Floored! There was so much greatness in one episode, just those tiny little moments and nothing ever felt like the magic might go away. Am I still fearing for the curse of bringing 2 main characters together, a part of me does, and the other part is saying that Mindy and Danny are the new Monica and Chandler, a couple who never even got close to THE curse. So as far as the beginning of the season goes, I’m fully on board and thrilled that Mindy is back to entertain us! Bonus link.

* Modern Family is back as well, and I’m more and more proud of myself for giving it another try back when I almost didn’t start watching it. Next to The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family is gold! Honestly, the nerds are back and I just can’t stand the show anymore, I’ve watched some episodes here and there for years now, mostly for Sheldon, but I’ve had enough. Can’t even imagine what they were thinking giving three of them more money, this show just doesn’t deserve it.

* That reminds me, has anybody been watching New Girl, has it improved since it pretty much flopped midway through second season? I sure haven’t and honestly, I don’t even care anymore. I haven’t even seen any good gif sets about New Girl on Tumblr which just goes to show that the writing isn’t as funny as it used to be. I do miss Jake Johnson though but luckily he’s doing quite a lot of movies lately so I don’t really need to go back to New Girl.

* Speaking of movies (subtle transition right there), I haven’t been watching as many movies as one would think but I’ve seen some decent ones. I did get into an indie mood and watched Palo Alto, Coldwater, Boyhood and Hateship Loveship, where I’ve yet to review the last two. I liked all of them to an extent, I think I was most thrilled about Boyhood but it’s been a while since a movie made me feel like Hateship Loveship did. Frankly, they all seem just as good when you think about it, all a bit different and they all, for some reason, make me exited for Skeleton Twins which, next to Gone Girl, is second on my anticipation list.

dylan* Yesterday was probably my most favorite day of the week so far because I got to see The Maze Runner! Now, I feel as if this statement is misleading in a way because while I did enjoy the movie, I was let down by it just a little. Then again, a part of me doesn’t care because it was an hour and a half of Dylan O’Brien in tight fitting shirts and nothing will overshadow that! I also was positively surprised how well the movie began – the opening sequence was thrilling and brilliant! The downside was, after only reading the first half of the book, the alterations the movie had made and the misleading interpretation of certain emotions and completely dismissing some.

* Dylan was great though, I might not be the best judge in the matter, as I’m a fan, but I do think he is able to show a lot of emotion. He was confused, sad, angry, scared and it was all very believable. Plus, did I mention the tight shirts because, seriously, that was the best decision the costume department could have ever made!

* All that Dylan O’Brien makes me think about his hands, which in turn reminds me of last weekend when me and three coolest girls in the blogging world got together to record a podcast. That’s right, me, Mettel Ray, lent my voice for a whole episode of Across the Universe Podcast: ep 33 where me, Sofia, Nikhat and Mette discussed which actors or actresses we didn’t necessarily like. It turned out much better than I thought, the banner looks fabulous and I’m still smiling because of it. Thank you girls for having me as a guest, it was truly a wonderful experience! Also, I had no idea Nikhat was almost as crazy about Dylan O’Brien as I was, but sadly, you’ll never hear about THAT excitement which is probably a good thing…


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PS: Listen to the Across The Universe Podcast as well, and share the actors/actresses you are just not that into.



  • I am so glad to find someone as crazy about O’Brien as me too! It was awesome having you on the episode!
    Oh and I’m going to give Gotham a chance. New Girl has sorta begin anew in season 4 so you could try it out.

  • Dear God that scene in The Mindy Project almost gave me a heart attack. Mindy tweeted that this scene is why every woman should get her own tv show. I wish!

    I liked The Maze Runner quite a bit especially because of Dylan O’Brien. I still need to start Teen Wolf but I really liked him. The book changes all sat well with me and I thought they improved the story.

    Can’t wait to check out your episode of Across the Universe!

    • I would get a TV show just for that reason and fund it and pay for everything.. true, it will most likely never run because I have no money but a girl can dream.

      The movie actually improved it.. now I know, I finished the book and while the first half of the book was strong, it just crumbled down in the end.

  • Thanks for the link! I only watch Modern Family and Big Bang now, to be honest they do deserve the money – the cast always delivers and the show is hugely popular. It’s so fashionable to dislike it but I love it, it always makes me laugh. I still haven’t had the time to see Boyhood :/

    • I haven’t liked Big Bang in a long time, long before it was “popular” not to like it. But who knows, I’ve been off humor in so many ways these past few years that I just might be dead inside or something.

      You should watch Boyhood.. it’s a very good film in many ways.. but subtle good, not in your face good.

  • Congrats on the job!

    Just saw The Maze Runner and had similar thoughts. I thought Dylan O’Brien was great as the lead, but I felt like they skipped over too many plot points from the book, and didn’t include enough explanation in the film. That being said, I still thought it was pretty good!

    Also, I think I need to revisit The Mindy Project just to see the scene of Chris Messina dancing!

    • Thanks!

      Ironically, now as I’ve finished the book, I have even more mixed feelings because I actually think the movie made the book a lot better. In the end.. the beginning, now that’s a whole other conversation.

  • I just saw The Maze Runner too (and just started on the book now), Oh my dear god why is that film so deliciously intense?! I kept thinking who were that Thomas… I think my focus were solely on Newt. 😀

  • I gave up on New Girl a couple of seasons ago. Feel like it’s lost its way. And after 2 episodes of Gotham, I to am out. Not much on network TV is really floating my boat these days.

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