I’m embarrassed of the fact that it has been almost a month since I uploaded my last post but guys, I’ve been literally either working or taking a break from working and it hasn’t been pretty. Needless to say, August hasn’t been the kindest to me so far, two horror weeks at work are behind me and with that pressure release, I’ve managed to catch a cold. Hopefully this six day vacation will bring me back to life and back on track with all the blogging.

The tiny little big break from posts doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching movies..  on the contrary, instead of writing posts, I’ve been putting on a movie for almost every evening. So far, I’ve seen Big Bad Wolves and The Purge, first of which I definitely want to review and the second I loved for the concept but disliked for the execution. Also visually interesting Only Lovers Left Alive and the utter pile of pointless cramped into a movie that is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Megan Fox.

Also seen Guardians of the Galaxy…. twice. I watched it for the first time alone and dragged my friend to see it for the second time. I definitely love it, I mean, who would see something twice if they didn’t love it! The soundtrack though, man oh man, that is my jam and it comforts me that the movie tied in the music so well with its plot.

Another thing I loved about GOTG was its leading man. There’s something about Chris Pratt, he’s just such a loveable guy and I can’t fault him in anything. His every appearance in relation to the GOTG has been giving us so many great moments and well, it’s nice to see him transform physically as well. I mean, I love him chubby but I wanna rip him apart when he’s ripped like that!

Watched Sex Tape as well.. and, just for the sake of not saying anything bad about Jason Segel I’m not going to say anything at all which means no review about it.. ever.

Speaking of reviews, remember how I promised to review each episode of The Leftovers? Well, that went well! The worst thing possible happened, I stopped watching it in the first place. The episodes I reviewed are the only episodes I saw because I got tired of it and I couldn’t care less. I’m enjoying The Lottery a lot more to be honest.. and Satisfaction (!) which is a mix of Hung and Californication.

Since it’s been a horrid month so far, there has been a lot of binge watching happening as well. MasterChef Australia was there a lot for me because it’s so nice passion on TV.


The second thing which I pretty much devoured in two days was The Mindy Project. What. A. Show. Ever since New Girl’s writing crashed from great to simply bad, I’ve been only loving one comedy woman on TV and it’s obviously Mindy Kaling. And since the show will premier its third season soon enough, I’m thinking about posting a 10 Things post about it just to get all my love out there.

Speaking of love, let me just take a moment and breathe through, what I can only describe as, a nose that hates me right now, and share my feels about The Maze Runner. I’m just, I can’t, it’s so close and I can’t wait and I just purchased the book set and if I had any strength in my arms to hold up that book, I’d be reading it right now!

From great things to sad things, I also just finished watching Jumanji and I just can’t. What a man he was, from comedies to dramas, from dressing up as a woman to breaking my heart in Good Will Hunting. There’s definitely a sadness in me but his passing only reminds me of my sadness when I heard the news about Ledger. To this day, Heath Ledger’s death haunts me and it is probably the only time I’ve cried real tears over somebody I actually did not know, though I came close to tears on Aug. 11.

But all of that makes me sad, and I don’t want to leave this post on a sad note because that’s just wrong somehow, so I’m going to rave about this British spy movie that has been capturing my attention with its trailer week after week. Not only does Kingsman: The Secret Service feature Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson but it also has a great trailer!

The thing is, it doesn’t give away much, yes, there’s a secret service thing called Kingsman but what exactly is this movie going to be about, is it simply how this rebel kid is going to become a spy or is it going to have a villain? The trailer definitely raises some questions, and since it’s Colin Firth, I’m very excited for February because that is how long I have to wait for it!


Katy from Girl Meets Cinema is excited about Interstellar and Sati from Cinematic Corner anticipating Gone Girl. I agree with both of these ladies!

 Love & Squalor reviews one of the most intriguing movies I’ve yet to watch, Boyhood.

Alex from And So it Begins… shares his favorite in character roles from the always beloved Robin Williams.

 Fellow Estonian Elina over at the Films and Coke has reviewed the Guardians of the Galaxy.



  • Thanks for the link! I think summer is a time us film bloggers can just take off. I’m doing it for the second year and it’s working out… well, it’s working out somehow.

    Was TMNT honestly bad? I’m so sad for Noel! He deserves better. He was awesome still, right? Right? Right!!!

    • I seem to take breaks whenever I lose the motivation, which is random at times..

      Noel was great, best turtle in the bunch.. but just the rest, man, it was hard to digest.

  • Thank you for the link, how awesome it’s going to be that movie?! I also cannot wait for the other 2 based on her books.

    I totally get your routine – work is hard for me too and after I come home the only thing I do is rewatching shows I love.

    • I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time now it seems and though I haven’t read her other books, I’m excited for thriller-type movies, they don’t seem to be as popular lately, or I’m just imagining it?

      This is the worst, like, I don’t even work 5 days a week, I work 6 sometimes, and I had like a 16h work day which is illegal obviously but I was the only one who could do it. Sometimes I feel like I’m working too hard for a company I don’t even like…

      But then I come home and watch Mindy Project and all is well again.

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