There’s no need to cheer or worry, also no purpose of reminding me my resolutions for 2014 (one of which was about not changing stuff on this blog) – this is not a brand new post series! It’s just a feature with a brand new fur coat – in other words, Linked is back but it’s decorating itself with strange things and has a different name.

Before I continue, why Commercial Break? Well, though there aren’t commercial breaks in the theater, these past few weeks I have been watching movies on TV and my god, there is a break after every 20 minutes or so – not to mention, the commercials are awful and as ridiculous as the idea of Paris Hilton being an actress. So I figured, commercial break is a great time to reflect on things and stuff and that is why I went with the name. There’s still going to be links, I mean, advertising is the main purpose of a commercial break so I’m definitely going to advertize some of the bloggers and their posts!

  • Currently drinking Irish coffee after 12 hour shift at work with 5 hours of sleep under my belt after a Friday night out (with beer) – I’m pretty sure this post will make no sense what so ever but I wanted to share these things before I forget them.
  • Keeping up with the schedule of posting two posts a week is becoming difficult and we’re only on the second week – I knew this was going to happen but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. The sad thing is that I’d have loads of things to post about, so many unwritten reviews and loads of new ideas from here and there. Finding time, that’s the problem and every time I sit down to write, I get this quilt-trip-thing with a very annoying song that goes like this: thesis, thesis, thesis, theeeeeeeeeeeeeesiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! It’s playing in my head right now.
  • And yes, I’m going to talk about my thesis a lot because it’s pretty much the main thing occupying my brain right now. Currently it’s very annoying because I have a lot of unfinished ideas regarding the basic thought and I need to have a really good brainstorming session with me, myself and my brain in order to come out of the deep hole I’m in.
  • Final thought about my school situation is about this thing which I NEED to share and it is this gif from Blue Jasmine I saw on Cinematic Corner’s post because this is so me (and probably everybody else) that it hurts:

  • The whole studying session hasn’t really stopped me from watching movies and I have seen 8 movies so far this year. It’s pretty good considering everything that is happening in my life right now.
  • Just an hour ago I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and it was beautiful. That’s probably the best word to describe it, a very beautifully shot film with a beautiful and sweet plot. Ben Stiller is great as an actor as well as a director. Plus, I have to admit, he looked kind of hawt.
  • I saw Her yesterday and thought it was good also. Same goes for most of my movies in my to-be-reviewed list (which is very long!) and I’m a bit worried. Am I gone soft or do I just watch good movies now? Obviously there’s nothing bad in watching good movies but it becomes quite boring to rate popcorn all the time.
  • Talking about ratings, from new releases, Dallas Buyer’s Club has my lowest rating this year and it’s 3,5 stars. That isn’t low, that’s close to popcorn and most of the time I edit 3,5 from Letterboxd to 4 here anyway. That’s if I review it. I want to though, it had a lot of good acting power.
  • Bought a new book couple of days ago.. not good, not good at all. The buying part, not the book itself because my reading list is longer than it should be. Still have to finish the GoT books and The Divergent series (2 down, 1 to go). So much to do, so little time.

  • Thank god most of the series haven’t come back yet, otherwise I’d be living on coffee and no sleep this month. Sherlock’s back though and my god, what a long wait. I think they are handling it quite well, a bit too comedy centered this season with all these inner jokes happening but hopefully the third episode will have some hardcore crime solving going on.
  • Talking about shows, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord has created a TV-show and it’s available on Pivot. I saw a clip with Elle Fanning and it looked so cool, I like the idea and well, I just appreciate the whole thing Joe has done. I’m no artist, but if I were, I think I’d be glad to share my things with him.
  • Don’t know what movie I should see in the theater on Monday… so many not so good choices until February when for instance The Wolf of Wall Street comes out. It’s one of those I-want-to-see-it-on-a-big-screen movies for me and I think it will be a great experience.
  • This post doesn’t make any sense.. my eyes are so tired I can hardly focus on this text right now… which means it’s time for some links!


  1. And So It Begins… has the best lists ever! All the lists are good but I don’t have room for all so I’m going to mention Top 15 Male Performances of 2013 – one of those very good lists he so awesomely makes.
  2. Cinematic Corner writes really good reviews.. even about bad movies, her reviews are a great read with any kind of weather. Blue Jasmine‘s review is no different, a good movie by the way, so I recommend.
  3. Karamel Kinema writes a lot of reviews.. I’m jealous because I hardly write any these days and I really should. Her review of one Short Term 12 makes me want to see it even more than I wanted to see it before…and I wanted to see it really badly!
  4. Flixchatter‘s post about 15 new-to-her-actors she wants to see more of is a really great post format. I expect to see many similar lists appearing soon, my own included – maybe not 15 but I’ll try to list at least 10!
  5. Dan the Man writes a lot of reviews also if one consider one review a day a lot.. which I’m sure everybody does. His take on Her really hits the right spots for me, and my spots are hard to hit.
  6. The Drama Llama talks about her take on The Spectacular Now and posts a very accurate gif image of a cat to describe the movie. I totally get it, I get the cat, even though it should be a llama.
  7. Lights Camera Action shows us that big names don’t make a good movie. One of those examples could be August: Osage County which has Streep and Roberts and many others.


This is it, the commercial break is over.. the movie’s back on in 3, 2, 1 …



  • For a moment I thought you were taking a break! Oh The Wolf of Wall Street is HILARIOUS, you should see it as soon as it comes out, seriously. It’s great to have Sherlock back, but I too am hoping for some more serious episodes of really clever schemes, which is my favourite thing about the show.

    Oh that gif was me just last week… I had two huge exams with only a day apart — I nearly died.

  • I finally saw Her and while i’m not joining the love fest, i get why the movie is so accessible to a lot of the viewers. I hope you’d get to watch Wolf soon, and enjoyed it as much as i did 😀
    Thanks for the links ray! hahaha i don’t write that many reviews but there’s just so many wonderful films i’ve seen and i just want to talk about it for a bit (despite writing posts in english actually took quite a long time for me!)
    That Blanchett gif is a perfect summary of me when i was finishing my thesis. Good luck on yours!!

    • Well, you do seem to write a lot of reviews in comparison to me for instance.
      I haven’t seen the movie yet but just seeing this gif makes me related to her character in the movie.

  • I totally feel your point about only watching good movies. I don’t know if it’s because there were SO many good ones in 2013 or if I am not giving movies that I am not specifically looking forward to a chance. I find myself rarely writing negative reviews.

  • Thanks for the link! 12h shift at work? Oh, Jesus, that’s gotta be terrible. My God I need to finish season 2 of Sherlock, it’s been a year and I still haven’t got around to it.

    • Yeah, from 12 to midnight.. being in the service business really sucks and the customers are rude and the paycheck is usually not worth it. Just earning my living so I won’t have to live at home.. though it would be easier to just live off my parents until I finish my MA. Sherlock’s second season was great, the third.. man, it was more humor than crime but the last episode was still epic.

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