my little helpersIt’s evident that Internet has changed the world.. look around, it’s changed! So with the vast availability and the growing need to constantly be connected, come the websites, databases and apps that help us navigate through the massive amount of stuff and things that are out there! While I was making my coffee today, I thought to myself how lucky I am.. I’m so lucky because I can go online, Google my favorite actor, read trivia facts about him and then blog about it and share it with you guys! Therefore, I thought that today I’d give a little shout out to some of my go to little helpers that keep my thirst for movie knowledge at bay on a daily basis.

iTunes Movie Trailers

Before I started purposely avoiding trailers, I was going to this website almost every day. I saw every possible trailer out there, drama to horror, action to comedy and for a certain period of time, I was so aware of all the coming soon movies. Now, I’m not so on top of the release dates and trailer contents, I’m more relaxed and less keen to keeping track of every teaser and trailer that is out there. That being said, when I got the idea for this post, I cheated just a little and spent some time on iTunes trailer page again.. oh, the good old times.


I might be late to the party but I recently discovered Short List and I absolutely love it. There are many lists, I love lists, and my brain loves these small little facts that I can’t really use anywhere else than here on my blog. There are all kinds of movie, TV-show related posts but there’s also random stuff and I’ve been browsing on that site ever since I discovered it.


Should I even talk about it? Is there a point to even mention this because it is so self-evident that Tumblr is THE site for everything related to fangirling ever.. Plus, I appreciate the fact that it allows everybody to create and man, some of these people know their stuff and I wish I could have those skills of editing and gif-making.


Another very obvious app-website is Bloglovin, which, ever since Google Reads retired, became my go to place to keep track on all the hundreds of blogs I read. Seriously, the number of blogs I follow is actually painful.. I try to keep up with all but a girl has to make choices, and sometimes it makes more sense to filter through them and Bloglovin helps me with it.


Then there’s the mother of all databases for movie and TV-show lovers, the one and only, my true love, IMDb. We all use it, we all look at it daily and I myself like to go into its deepest corners to find out about things I don’t really need to know about just because. I like to look at the score because it comforts me. I’m also one of those people who will most likely never be the Rotten Tomato or Meta Critic person, I’m sticking with IMDb.


But IMDb was never a site where I felt comfortable tracking the movies I watched.. rating them and once in a while, commenting. Enter Letterboxd, a similar website that helps to navigate between the movies through directors, actors and actresses. You are able to see visually what movie of your favorite actor you have yet to watch and so on. I love it, and my life has changed ever since I started using it.


This brings me to Episodes, the app for iPeople to track their TV-shows.. I myself haven’t been able to use it because I’m an Android person through and through, but I want something similar in my life. I’m definitely lacking the website for TV in my life compared to all these movie related ones. Any recommendations, I could really use one!


What are you go to little helpers when it comes to blogging and would you recommend me some? I’d really like to get my TV-shows all sorted out as well…


  • Love Letterboxd, too! Recently I’ve used it in the same way I’ve used Goodreads for some time now: actually reading a couple of reviews to decide wether or not I want to see a film. Also it is GREAT for lists! And they’re a great way to find new films, too.

    My spoiler paranoia has subsided to the point where I can watch about 1min of each trailer, so I’m gonna give the iTunes website a try, it looks really well-organized.

    I’m glad I don’t own an iPhone because Episodes would ruin me. And someone should definitely make a Letterboxd for TV shows!

  • Letterboxd is awesome, I don’t rate all of the films I’ve seen there, but I just use it to track the number of film’s I’ve actually seen, and I’m in the 1600’s. lol

    Tumblr, I love Tumblr. I feel like I’m too old to be there some times, but it’s addicting.

  • Haha, great idea for a post here! I actually discovered Letterboxd through my blogging friends and I love it (although I don’t update it often enough). I also am a Rotten Tomatoes person (it totally helped me get into reviewing films, I can’t help it!). And yay for IMDB! It is a must-need site for any movie geek.

    I also have certain critics whose reviews I read before (or often after) I see a film. Having been a Chicago area-born resident, I have been all too biased towards Roger Ebert (RIP), and I used to read every review the guy got out there, even though I often disagreed with his score (but that’s what makes it so interesting!). I also really enjoy Richard Roeper’s reviews (another Chicago film critic).

    I’ve never hard of ShortList, so I’ll have to check that out. Sounds interesting!

  • I also quite like Letterboxd, I haven’t used it, but I have seen a lot of people that use TV Tag which used to be called Get Glue to track their TV watching, but I don’t know how well it works.

  • Letterboxd! I keep using it, it works as a backtrack agenda. I started rating and reviewing there this year, but what I love most is: I can track all movies I have seen—it’s still going but I love this site. I wish it has a mobileapp…

  • I use tumblr the most because I post there the most and it’s my source for everything really, I post on imdb too but I don’t really have much time to watch trailers and those 4 shows I do watch I’m somehow able to follow 🙂 but when some unexpected hiatus comes? Well I probably won’t notice anyways, because lately I’ve been watching couple months worth of shows I watch.

  • Such a sweet post! I love watching trailers, but I too have neglected it recently — without trying to, though. 🙁 I’ve never really gotten Letterboxd, though, I used it but it just… disappeared, I forgot about it. Maybe I should take a long night to add all my films and I would start liking it then, too haha.

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