Yes, it is Tuesday. Yes, I usually post Commercial Breaks on Monday but not this week. Partly because I totally overbooked myself on Monday and didn’t have time. Also because I didn’t have anything to write yesterday, but now I do!

There is not much to say. Last week was very work-focused and I didn’t have time to prepare for this week’s posts. This week I have less work days but I still can’t seem to find time. When I do have time, I try to spend it on watching movies, shows and reading. Or sleeping because I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, and I had a cold for a few days too. Plus, there is the added challenge of something else going on in my life I’m not ready to discuss yet. I will keep you guys updated though.

PS: I’m a proud owner of the Venom poster and I’m so happy to put it up soon! I also snatched the Love, Simon poster which is making me sad all over again, because it will be months before I get to see this film! Time, please go faster, but also slow down a bit because there’s so much to do!

We will record the next episode soon, and it will be about the newly released Annihilation. A day later and I still don’t know what I want to say about this movie but hopefully I will get my thoughts straight by the time we record. Until then, did you listen to our Oscar episode? It is very long but it is so worth it!

So as I said in the beginning, if I had posted my CB on Monday, I would have had very little to talk about. Why? Because I saw no movies from the 5th to the 11th of March. None. And it’s even sadder than it sounds. Then, to justify my laziness, I saw 3 movies yesterday. I rewatched Lady Bird, suffered through Gringo and then watched Annihilation on top of those two. Out of the three, I can only discuss Gringo because I reviewed Lady Bird already and the third is for our podcast. Sadly, I don’t want to waste more time on Gringo – that movie was awful! Everything in that movie was wasted, the cast, the plot, the slightly alright idea for a movie. I’m very very disappointed.

Today I will see Red Sparrow because why not. And if I’m lucky, I will finish watching Cowboys and Aliens this week too. Guess who’s in it? Yes, Sam Rockwell! I still have a list of movies I need to watch before I get to write his special post. But, I’m slightly beginning to think his special post will be pushed back further. Reason? I have one very special post ahead of me for April. And I’m planning it already.

Lately, I have had more luck with TV Shows because I seem to be craving for binge-watching. Therefore I caught up with The Good Doctor last week and I love it. It’s not the best show out there but it’s entertaining. Plus, ever since I quit Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve had a hole in my life – a hole where a medical drama should be!

The second season of The Good Fight also started and it’s good. Justin Bartha is really good in it, as are all the others. It’s safe to say I’m a big fan of this show. I’m a little behind on iZombie  though but I will catch up soon. Also, this seems to be the time to say that I have no interest in Jessica Jones (sorry), but maybe I will rewatch Daredevil’s second season and The Punisher. Can’t believe I still haven’t reviewed the latter. Which reminds me, I have two other Netflix shows I want to review. Probably in a single post. In other words, stay tuned!

I finally finished Children of Blood and Bone and it was so good! It’s a very political book but at the same time, it is put into a fantasy setting and you all know how much I love me some fantasy! I will most likely write more about it in my wrap up.

Now I picked up Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere. Reese Witherspoon has bought the rights to this book, so I want to get to it before it is a show and starts winning awards. Too hopeful? Well, I’ve only heard good things about this book so I have a feeling it will be good, as will its screen adaptation.

I have been listening to Love, Simon’s soundtrack on repeat for around two weeks now. And the more I listen to Walk the Moon’s Surrender, the more I love it.

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  • I barely remember Sam in Cowboys and Aliens, that movie was such a mess. I really enjoyed Annihilation and I wish I had the time to see it again this week, I definitely cannot properly review it after just watching it once. Thanks for the link! I cannot with the wait for Aquaman. It’s absolute torture.

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