Last week was another successful blogging adventure, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I had a short work week, but I did have to do other work-related stuff on the weekend, so I still didn’t have much free time on my hands. That’s were my newly found organisational skills come in handy. Girl has been scheduling posts like a madwoman, and honestly, I’m more surprised that you are, that I have pulled it off for two weeks now. I’m surely going to mess up soon.


We have started the year on a high note, everything seems to be going according to plan, including publishing our first podcast of 2018. In this episode we looked back to the year 2017, more specifically, movies we watched for the first time that were not 2017 releases. Each of us picked three very different films, and we had a fun time with this episode, so I hope you like it!

Go listen to the episode here or download and listen on iTunes.

As said, last week was pretty great in terms of getting all the posts out on time, and having an easier work week. I also had a chance to go to a film quiz thing, which by the way, is a second film quiz we go to, and I’ve gone to all of them as of this moment. Really proud of that! Though, we aren’t doing as well as we could. But it’s all for fun! We also have our own film quiz event coming up so it’s becoming a little difficult to arrange my time according to all these events. That’s were organisational skills come in handy – good thing I have some!

My back is still giving me a little trouble, and getting out of bed is not as smooth as it should be. Right when I felt 100% again, I started to overestimate my mobility and pulled it a little again. So now it hurts even more. I should be going to work on Tuesday, but I’m not sure if I can at this point. We’ll see. I’m using these things called pepper-batches which is basically like a bandage you put on your back but it starts to burn and heat up. Sounds cool but man, it actually hurts. All for a good cause though.

On to happier news, since my birthday is coming up next month (bad news is that I’ll be starting my last year in my 20’s), I made a huge birthday present from myself to myself. I got a new laptop. I know, I know, I have a perfectly good computer at the moment BUT, I felt like I needed to have the option to have a mobile writing device. Because sometimes I feel like I need to get out of my room and sit down somewhere different to write, and now I finally have the option to do so. And now, it will be fun to start saving again for that trip to London I have planned for this spring. Oh, adult life, you are fun.

Watched a few movies last week, two of which was an unplanned and the other a pre-planned movie. So, for my unplanned movie, I watched Okja, which I missed last year but finally got to this year. I’m going to be honest and say that it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I enjoyed some of it, but mostly, there was something off about the whole movie, and it felt a little weak at times. The casting was strong, but it wasn’t utilised well, and the ending threw me off. Not sure if I even want to write a review of it.

I also watched, for the first time, Seven Psychopaths and I loved it! I liked it actually more than Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, because I feel like I can watch it more often. Sam Rockwell was his usual self and I love him for it. Colin Farrell was surprisingly funny as well, and well, the rest of the cast was just as strong. Weird movie, weird and funny and definitely the kind of humour that appeals to me. Now I should watch In Bruges, right?

Oh, and well, as you might sense a theme, I plan to rewatch Laggies soon too (first rewatched movie this year), and I will love every minute of it. I’ve already seen it twice, and I’m not yet tired of it which only rarely happens. Everyone in the film does a wonderful job but man, I do wish there was more Rockwell in it. Just a lot more.

Anyway, we’re getting off track here. Like I said, I pre-planned to watch a movie, and it was for my BlindSpot series. So I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey! For me, it was definitely an eyeopening experience but like always, it was a bit too long for me. But that’s what classics usually are to me, so I’m not surprised or naming it as some sort of a negative towards it. Definitely not what I’m saying. I will have more thoughts on it in my review at the end of the month.

Oh and today I will see The Greatest Showman, which I plan to hopefully enjoy because I don’t have super high hopes for it. I just want some good songs and great dancing, it’s all I want.

This week I saw two trailers that caught my eye, and I actually thought about watching both of these movies when they’ll come out. First was the second trailer for Red Sparrow. It looks promising, and yet, I know I might be very disappointed by it, because they will surely keep the training scenes to a minimum. And for me, the training is usually the most interesting. Oh, and the accent, not sure about that either, but we’ll see.

The second trailer is for Beirut, which stars Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike. It seems to me like a mix of Argo and Sicario, but with its own twist. Maybe it’s the setting of the movie that gives me this vibe but I’m still curious. Mostly because Pike is such a wonderful actress, and it’s a shame we don’t get to see more of her. So now we have our chance, though I doubt it will be a success she deserves.

After a very long TV-show marathon binge I seemed to have from December to January, I slowed down a bit. I stopped with 3% for now because I suck at reading subtitles. But I did finish watching The End of the F*cking World, which I didn’t love. It was weird, mostly in a good way, but for me, it didn’t click. It’s the same situation I had with Glow, I like parts of it, but overall, I’m not a huge fan. PS: There’s cruelty towards animals in this show, and that’s a trigger for many of my readers, and hence, I don’t recommend this for them at all.

With nothing to watch, I also started with Under the Dome, which I knew was shit, but I just wanted to have something on the background while I scrolled through Tumblr. All it did was making me miss Jericho though, so I stopped. Then, since Jericho is not on Netflix, I decided to start with iZombie again (I stopped somewhere mid season 2), and that’s what’s happening now. The iZombie, though it’s moving on a slower pace than my usual binge’ing.

Last week I was very lazy with reading, and I got like 1/4th done with two books on my TBR this month. I think I’ll be able to finish one of them today but things aren’t looking rosy. The books currently being read are Queens of Geek and The Bear and the Nightingale. With the second, the usage of Russian names and phrases is throwing me off! As you might know, Estonia has quite a lot of Russian natives and speakers, so I hear that language a lot at work, and for some reason, that in the book just feels weird. I’m sure I’ll get over it though, I just need to get back into reading it.

Okay, so I stumbled on this my accident, but not because I haven’t been a fan of Troye Sivan before. I’ve featured his songs here a few times I think, or if I haven’t, I sure should have. His new single My My My is so much fun, and energetic and just, a great dance track!

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  • Ah! I love these posts so much! I kind of stopped writing my weekly wrap ups but I’m thinking of getting back into it again! Yours are always so inspiring! I aspire to watch as many movies and tv shows as you haha!

  • Yep. We’re almost 30. If I wake up and nothing hurts I start wondering if I died or something. Dude this is amazing with you posting so much. I work on Rf entire week so if I manage to post anything else on the website, it’s a miracle.

    Seven Psychopaths, especially Sam and Christopher Walken were so funny. Farrell’s reaction were hysterical. You haven’t seen In Bruges?! It’s the best out of McDonagh’s movies!

    • I know right!? Being pain free would be a miracle. And this 5 times a week posting is actually quite a task, but we’ll see how long I can keep it up. If all else fails, I’ll do it after every other month but so far, so good.

      I haven’t seen In Bruges yet! I’m going to do it soon though, since I’ve heard only good things.

  • I watched Seven Psychopaths before I really got into movies and didn’t get it at all, now I know I need to rewatch it!
    I’m part of the almost-30 club too! When did we get so old!

    • I feel like the older I get, the darker my humour gets and the more I appreciate black comedies.
      I know right!? It feels like just yesterday I was in high school without a care in the world!

  • Hmm yes, Okja was sadly underwhelming. I don’t think it will break my top 20 of 2017.

    I loved Three Billboards but it’s definitely not the kind of movie I rewatch! Seven Psychopaths is such a fun movie. Weird too, that’s right 😂 Oohh I also want to see In Bruges.

    • It wouldn’t break mine either, it was just meh.
      I wrote exactly the same about Three Billboards in my review, I don’t know if I’ll ever rewatch it. Even for Rockwell.

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