My two week vacation is over but there’s not much to talk about it. I spent most of my time writing posts, watching Netflix and reading. For me, the time spent just organising my life and getting on track with things, is vacation worthy. I’m just really good at doing something, while seemingly doing nothing at all. It’s a gift, I know.


Today I woke up to another set of devastating news, and by that I mean the allegations and statements regarding Kevin Spacey. I just can’t imagine how far this will go, but the way Spacey handled the situation? Oh no, that’s not what you say, that’s not how you divert a conversation that’s extremely important at the moment, to your own personal life by coming out. We knew, alright, everyone sort of knew about him being gay, but since he flat out said it, he pretty much decided to mislead the conversation to a whole new path. If it was planned, it was a disrespectful and idiotic decision, if it was accidental (which I highly doubt considering how many years Spacey has managed to stay away from this obvious statement), it was a very disrespectful and idiotic choice of words. So in other words, no matter how you may spin this statement, it remains one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever read! Nothing he will say or do will ever justify any of his actions. Past nor present.

This all brought back a weeks worth of feelings and emotions in regards to sexual harassment. It’s clearly something that has been swept under the rug in Hollywood and so many big names are now trying to hide their guilt. Everyone is doing a shitty job by the way, because there’s no way anyone can come out as a winner. There are no winners in these situations, nobody feels like they’ve just won by coming out with their stories, and nobody can wiggle their way out from under the rug with their “well-prepared” statements. There’s nothing anyone can say that will make this better. Even if Spacey would have admitted his wrong-doing, he would have been met with anger, because forgiveness can’t be earned with a statement. But the question remains, can it be earned at all? I for one, don’t know the answer. One thing’s for certain though, this is a very difficult and painful time for Hollywood, and it’s going to take a lot of time before things are finally set right and the rugs are thrown out.


Like I said I spent most of my vacation watching Netflix and this weekend wasn’t any different. Since Stranger Things 2 premiered I thought that I should watch the pilot one more time, to refresh my mind… Well, I ended up watching the entire first season that night and continued with the second one the next day. Then spent half a day typing up my very long post about the sequel, as they are calling it, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I just can’t help but to need more now though, and the wait for the next season is going to be brutal. I need to see more Mike and Eleven, I need more precious Will, I need to witness Jim Hopper awesomeness. I just need MORE! And everyone just has to accept that I will be going a bit crazy with the upcoming Stranger Things themed posts on this blog because it might happen.

Also thought about watching two movies, both which I need to watch this week, one for my Thursday Movie Picks post and the other for Across the Universe Podcast. I might watch both on Thursday though. Other than that I’ve read a few books, including reread some YA because I wanted to catch up with my reading challenge and easy breezy reads are perfect for that. Now I’m currently reading an adult novel Dear Aaron, which is alright but the whole novel is put together with e-mails and instant messages and I don’t like that.

Oh and The X Factor UK is back, which I mentioned a while back, but the live show format is changed and I HATE IT! There are two nights in a row with only 2 categories performing each night, and two acts leave weekly… The disappointment is of course the fact that I can’t bother watching the entire show if my favourites aren’t performing, and I will probably skip most of the shows because of that. Plus, the acts get like weekly wins for their performance, like concert tickets to see P!nk. I think that’s ridiculous. Oh, and Simon Cowell fell off the stairs on Saturday and he wasn’t even judging this whole weekend, which made the show dull. Simon’s like the best part because he is not afraid to say what’s on his mind.


This was purely an accidental discovery thanks to a co-worker sharing it on their Facebook page,  but oh man, it has been on repeat while I’ve been typing this. So, seems fitting to name it this week’s song!


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  • I never saw X Factor and never will. I loathe Simon Cowell as a person and as a man of taste. The air of smugness in him just makes me want to punch him. He doesn’t know shit about good music. I also despise Nicole Scherzinger as someone who used her sex appeal for success and is never really talented. She made a fucking label spend millions and millions of dollars on a solo record that never came out and forced Interscope to drop several bands just to fund that crap album that ended up becoming the second Pussycat Dolls album.

    • I think he has humbled since he became a father though, honestly, there’s a change in him and I like this new side to him. But I mean, it’s hard not to like him when Louis Walsh is the most annoying guy ever. And I would argue against Scherzinger not being talented, she has a really great voice and have you heard her Fantom of the Opera performance? I mean, she has skill, in my opinion but I agree on that her own album wasn’t that good. She just is better on stage with other material I think.

      • I haven’t seen it and I’m not interested. I did see her on Dancing with the Stars and I found her to be smug as I knew she was going to win as there was no one that was going to compete with her since many of the other contestants didn’t have any formal dance training.

  • This Kevin Spacey thing is so gross. I can barely find the words for it anymore.

    Stranger Things S2 was excellent (except for episode 7, IMO) I enjoyed it so much.

  • Omg, I’ve really liked the second Stranger Things season too – which is not how I pictured it at all. There’s been a lot of mixed reviews,so I anticipated not liking the story or development…but it’s a lot better than I imagined.

    The Hollywood allegations are devastating – it’s so hard to wrap my mind around HW, the other two directors and Kevin Spacey….The only upside, I can fathom, is that victims can finally come free from any wrongful shame or guilt they’ve been holding onto or tried to bury. But that’s incredibly difficult and brave especially in the age of social media and internet where anonymous a-holes troll them. The whole thing is terrifying and heartbreaking.

    Thanks for linking my review, and thanks for linking my Walking Dead post too. I think I forgot to add that in the last comment. <3 <3

  • I liked the first season a bit more but I still thought the second season was amazing as well!

    It’s awful. It’s like a never ending horror story but instead of being fictional, it’s real life.

    Oh thank you and you are welcome! 🙂

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